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Snacksby is a really neat recipe site. For serious! | Snacksby: Could become a recommendation engine for foods

Yahoo! Groups : Lots of papers

SpicyLinks - jmason.org Wiki: jmason's mini-gleeper

ExploSiv: Web Recommendation Sieve: Looks like it suffers from serious early adopter problem--but it looks like just a shell to build data for a real recommendation engine

Collaborative Filtering Research Papers: Reccomendatious

CleverCS Improved Recommendation Systems: Sounds great

Gibberish, Mike Sugarbaker's home » The robot and the echo chamber: Gee, everything I see seems to fit into my pet theory for looking at this problem!

Steve Krause : Blog: Pandora and Last.fm: Nature vs. Nurture in Music Recommenders: More stuff for NYCB entry in future

EasyUtil Recommendation Service: Rent-A-Gleeper

Exploration vs. Exploitation Challenge: I'm interested in any kind of "exploitation challenge" (this is a thing I explored with the ultra gleeper a little)

Jon Udell: Collaborative filtering with del.icio.us: Try adding a high-pass filter too, John

http://hugo.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~yjhsu/courses/u2010/papers/Amazon%20Recommendations.pdf: Read this--amazon recommendation paper

Koranteng's Toli: On Recommendation Systems: Apparently I live in the glue layer

http://www.ics.uci.edu/~pazzani/Personalization/ali-kdd04.doc: Maybe it's so lame *because* it uses minimal server resources?

MIT Media Lab: Software Agents: Projects: in general, a gold mine of academic projects

Beyond Personalization 2005: wow, this looks really good


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