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http://www.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/~cziegler/papers/A4-Thesis.pdf: Fricking awesome (via waxy)

del.icio.us/leonardr/bs?recommended: This makes me think that the del.icio.us recommendation engine is a lot like the Gleeper, sans IRPP

Gnod - The global network of dreams: The new FIG

BlogBridge: Looks like it has a recommendation engine

City of Bits Usability Blog | Usability & User Experience UK | Louise Ferguson: music recommenders have it pretty easy compared to books or movies

spid.ero.us: take it apart, see how it works

PwnResearchNotes - Internet Systems Research: pwned

Letizia Home Page : Robert Larson pointed this out to me

irateradio.com - free and legal music: It makes me irate!

What to Rent - The Tenuous Marriage of Science & DVD Movie Rental Recommendations: what torrent?

Recommendz FAQ: It's another mob! (w/paper)

musicmobs.com :: music intelligence: It's a mob!

HubLog: Gatherers of the Month: yes, this is perfect. bah to the 'too much free time' commentor. forgive us for not allocating our time to the tasks and entertainments you have ordained, commissar!

Audioscrobbler :: Home: Should be discussed as a second-generation recommendation engine


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