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http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003917VCM: The hazards of untyped data

Penny Arcade - The Usurper: "my job is to be noticed"

Bible verses from The Life of the World to Come « Against Acedia: THANK YOU

Andrew Jackson's America - National - The Atlantic: "They claim to fear the immigrant clinging to his language. No. What they fear is the immigrant learning theirs."

http://alyse.org/home/2010/03/30/passover/: asking Jews & non-Jews what about the seder speaks to them

Dr. Rivka - Life and Death Situations: "My job, when I meet a suicidal person, is uncomplicated. It is my job to stand with the part of the person that wants to live.....Why is it that there is literally no disaster, no tragedy, no collection of problems so severe that our society argues that a person ought to be allowed to die rather than suffer them – EXCEPT for physical degeneration?"

Your hands tell your story: on hands

Foy? Are you there? | Real Live Preacher: I snorted out loud at the Jung reference.

Hivelogic - An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation: Step n to Leonard & me turning insufferable

GCU Dancer on the Midway - Pullman, plots and stories: God, The Plot, stories, fanfic

http://www.ftrain.com/baltimore_conversion.html: in 2003 this piece moved me to tears and fanmail

Consafo Publishing: preorder

Catfishing - Dutch philosophers and Dutch educationists?: I had no idea

soupablog: Franciscan Retreat Blogpost 2.01 - Friday June 6, 2008: remembering the retreat

soupablog: Franciscan Retreat Blogpost 3.01 - Friday, Saturday, Sunday: remembering the retreat

GCU Dancer on the Midway - Myers-Briggs corrective pills: Rachel Chalmers, you might enjoy these more than I

Nina Paley: America's Best-Loved Unknown Cartoonist » My Chanukah Miracle: cell phone battery charge as the new lamp oil

Hindu Threat to Christians - Convert or Flee - NYTimes.com: NO! Ay, Rama. WTF.

Cleaty: War, What Is It Good For?: The war comes home

Communities Directory: Fire of the Firstborn: Leonard laughs whenever he hears this community's name.

soupablog: Franciscan Retreat Blogpost 2.01 - Friday June 6, 2008: Paul retreated - and treated me to a print design review

Real Live Preacher: Gordon embarrasses me by singling me out

Complete and Utter Nonsense: I'd best go to sleep. Matins is at 3:00 (2:00 Eastern time): Lisa from the retreat shares her experience

Real Live Preacher: "Words are rusty, jagged, pig-iron tongs fumbling for purchase in the liquid silk of her soul."

Did You Hear the One About the Christian Comedian? - New York Times: A female comedian who's incontrovertibly making it. Thanks to YouTube, a supportive family, Christianity, and singing. How much like RLP?

Religious Education Archive: 19th Century Mormon Publications : Browse: For Mom.

http://www.oldradiofun.com/Christmas/Theater_of_Romance_The_Messiah.mp3: This is the radio play I mentioned in NYCB 12/24/2004, and inevitably it's not nearly as funny as I remembered it.

slacktivist: You're not the pope of me: Clark's version of "Luther solved that problem for you!": "I told him I preferred my postmodern crisis of authority to his premodern one."

"Nothing Better" by tyler page : I love this chapter

GMT GAMES: Here I Stand: Better than Credo/A Mighty Fortress?

The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism. : A topic of interest to me.

Dubious Quality: Superhero Chloe Saves The Day: Kid cuteness for Sumana--now with Jesus!

Skeptic: eSkeptic: Wednesday, July 4th, 2007: Reading TGD now thanks to Ben, but this makes sense from what I've heard before of Dawkins' approach to the utility of religion

GCU Dancer on the Midway - Your pragma ran over my dogma: Strong skeptics just don't grok people who are fine with irrational rituals

Muslims’ Veils Test Limits of Britain’s Tolerance - New York Times: I'm leery and conflicted about various veils, but that bit near the end where she feels empowered because men want to see her and can't - that I like

Spire Christian Comics: For Jake. Includes "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" and a comic adaptation of "God's Smuggler"

Mister Rogers might've even been a nicer person than you thought (reddit.com) : Mr. Rogers makes Redditors (and me) cry at work!

Malaysian court refuses to recognize Muslim's conversion to Christianity - International Herald Tribune: How could she get kicked out of Islam without also incurring a fatwa against her? Saying some sort of anti-shahaada in the public square?

How the World Works - Salon.com: note to self: read the letter to Sumana

GCU Dancer on the Midway - Your pragma ran over my dogma: The God Delusion, and the trouble atheists have distinguishing religion's beliefs and practices

Real Live Preacher Communion Taste Test - Google Video: As in Michael Crichton's "Travels" maternity ward scene: the more you pay, the worse experience you get. Also, why does RLP not have a talk/variety show?

slacktivist: All you need is: Western Civ's advice for Leonard and me as our marriage approaches the 1-year mark

Crooked Timber » » Trees, flowers, mountains, stones: Fascinating surname history from around the world; includes insulting names purposely chosen to inconvenience tax collectors

Crooked Timber » » Living With Darwin by Philip Kitcher: Dawkins/Time Lord joke, plus religion is a crutch but we're all cripples

"Johnathan Miller Atheism Tapes": Are these just documentary tapes? Are they interesting at all?

http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liber_notarum: Anywhere on the web?

The Reality Club: BEYOND BELIEF: From malcalyps

SOF: Ethics and the Will of God, The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer | [Speaking of Faith(r) from American Public Media]: My dad, the theologian - how much does he know about Bonhoeffer?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel%27s_share: No wonder angels are so useless--they're friggin drunk all the time!

Atheism Tapes from Jonathan Miller (Rough History of Disbelief) | The Rational Response Squad: Some weird non-downloadable Google Video voodoo

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenrikyo: Here it is

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: I think this has all the really old stuff

Scripting News: 4/20/2005: Dave Winer Invents Discordianism

gods_page.gif: Hanuman is awesome

Modern History Sourcebook: Index Librorum Prohibitorum: Publication stopped in 1966. It seems I was totally wrong about how accessible the list should be made. Also: Defoe? Gibbon?!?

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Index of Prohibited Books: Describes the laborious process by which only truly heretical books were put on the Index, preventing bias or personal opinions from unjustly condemning a non-heretical book as heretical

The Worcestershire Soldier - World War 1- Jack Parsons' Collection: Biblical literalism: the good kind


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