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Composition of RESTful Services: Very clever, and starting to happen

Numbers API: I like this a lot

Gilt Public APIs | Gilt Groupe Developer Center: "Get out of the cold and into these great blah blah blah"

Mobile API Design - Thinking Beyond REST — Stereoplex: XMLHttpRequest is the most popular, and worst, web service client

http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2011/12/uddp/: Yes, "Although framed as a new protocol...", good

WebSockets versus REST… fight! « Nathan Evans' Nemesis of the Moment: My gut feel is there's a category error here, but I am interested in Web Sockets and this is a good place to start

draft-nottingham-http-new-status-02 - Additional HTTP Status Codes: I like it

http://readthedocs.org/docs/restful-api-design/en/latest/forms.html: For reference; I don't think it will catch on

Classification of HTTP APIs: Maybe TABLES will convince you!

pubsubhubbub - A simple, open, web-hook-based pubsub protocol & open source reference implementation. - Google Project Hosting : Also for work

Open Data Protocol (OData): After looking at this for about 1:30 it looks great

Shopping for APIs - O'Reilly Radar: Hmm, that doesn't sound good: "The unique thing about Etsy is that the products available through it are handmade. We see the world of APIs in the same light."

InfoQ: REST and the Web as a Platform, with Subbu Allamaraju: Another random namecheck

ifttt / About ifttt : Plumbing

http://www.developer-support-handbook.org/: I should probably start learning this.

All sizes | The URI Is The Thing | Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Outsider art

mca blog [i have an experiment; will you help?] : I don't have time to do this, but it's a really great idea

Webcast: Netflix and the Second Coming of the Internet: As I try to figure out what is in peoples' heads when they say "API"

Adam Parrish · Social network APIs: A revised lexical analysis: Adam Parrish is the linguistics arm of my RESTful propaganda operation.

mca blog [The H Factor for Media Types] : The many faces of hypermedia.

http://www.infoq.com/presentations/RESTful-Web-Services-Orbitz: Not as much hypermedia as I'd hoped but the kind of presentation I would have loved people to be giving in, say, 2006.

Open Data: Reddit useful for something?!

Accessing RESTful information efficiently « Labix Blog: I have opinions on this but, objectively speaking, not the time to formulate them

The Echo Nest : The Musical Brain: I'm about 60% sure I'll never look at this again, but someone else might realy need it

Twilio: Twilio REST Web Service Interface: "To make a call, you perform an HTTP POST to your Calls list resource" Looking good.

Welcome Robot Sea Monsters: early REST thinking

Leonard Robinson at #qcon. He's funny and good. on TwitPic: Clever and kind, *and* funny and good?!

: CouchDB lets you post multiple documents at once in one http request--no multi-request transactions

http://developer.nytimes.com/docs/movie_reviews_api?authChecked=1: Has links, but no forms (and not site map)

: REST goes well with Ajax because the client can accumulate more state before making a request (compared to a web site that doesn't use Ajax)

http://bitworking.org/news/373/An-Introduction-to-REST: That's pretty good, but I think the deal was that you would _play the fiddle_ against the devil, not talk about REST.

JSON » Blog Archives » Standardizing RESTful JSON: Strikingly similar to what I hacked up

AtomServer 2.0.1 - : Probably mention this in my talk

Bloog: Mindchildren

Inside Facebook » Live Notes from Technical Overview: The MySpace Developer Platform at GSP East : Huh, did I cause OpenSocial?


Open Rob Sayre’s Open Mozilla Open Blog » Blog Archive » RESTful Partial Updates: I'm doing something like this at work, in case anyone cares

Access Control for Cross-site Requests: People have been solving the problems I wrote about

A Year in O'Reilly Books (2007): Apparently I'm a best seller

» RESTful Thoughts on a Web 2.0 Python Project - DevChix - Blog Archive : The dialogue approach to RESTful design

YouTube - The Web That Wasn't: for Leonard: Alex Wright on the heritage of the web

Sinatra : Classy web-development dressed in a DSL: Not bad.

ERDDAP: My writings infiltrate the lowest levels of government

C++ and the RESTful Web - O'Reilly XML Blog: Lots of overlap here with my generic talk that explains REST in terms of ordinary programming

IANA | Atom Link Relations: Friends and relations (you can also use a URI)

hotgiraffe: иа Рби Риадоном: GET, PUT, GET, PUT

qwantz.com - dinosaur comics - July 31 2007: REST For Dinosaurs (Sorry, my qwantz RSS feed broke so I'm catching up)

Open Parenthesis » O’Reilly OSCON keynote highlights: for Leonard

http://cmdrkey.com/cbm/geosinfo/geos.html: We don't think of all GUI applications as working "the same way" in any meaningful sense, but early on GUIs were perceived that way. Evolution of uniform interfaces.

Wheaties for Your Wallet » Blog Archive » Your bank has a REST API now (shhh! — don’t tell them): "As a result, we’re not just providing an API for our own site, but also for all the bank and credit card sites that Wesabe supports, as well."

FeatureServer: REST and maps... in the hands of domain experts!

Web Services Middleware: All Grown Up: Apache, Axis2, new middleware, basically I am bookmarking this so Leonard can learn about a competing architecture

this is totally gonna work… » Blog Archive » Why Can’t Web Apps Be REST-ful?: A lot of the reason RESTful web apps are hard is that by definition "web apps" run in a client (a web browser) that has standardized features in ways we don't like (such as auth handling)

jsonstore - Google Code: Acronym city

JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon: Stalk Leonard's JavaRanch posts

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Do we need WADL?: Joe argues for a small number of APP-like applications, a view which I have sympathy with. But tying workflow to mime types gives the impression that a given media type is only good for one workflow. PS: I'm tired of writing about this for a while.

Rest-cookbook-discuss Info Page: This looks promising.

Oh! XML: Implementing REST Web Services: Best Practices and Guidelines: Needs reformatting

APIs at BookMooch: Useful!

Rhonabwy » WebServices Core: what Apple should do

SOA's and Drunk Driving - Enterprise Integration Patterns: the pendulum of architectural style

Interface User - Enterprise Integration Patterns: Programming interfaces

Digital Digressions by Stuart Sierra » Blog Archive » How Ruby on Rails is Making Me a Better Programmer: MVC, OOP, writing code for human legibility, DBs, & good habits, e.g. unit tests

http://scripting.wordpress.com/2006/12/20/scripting-news-for-12202006/#comment-26223: The world needs your book, Leonard!

Adding Simplicity - An Engineering Mantra: The REST Dialogues, A Real eBay Architect: for Leonard and his cohort

Labnotes » Yes it’s REST, yes it’s a service: Sumamry: First half: I agree. Second half: I disagree.

Blogging is great | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs: But where does he stand on motherhood, apple pie?

PORK.iframe Submitting forms with hidden iframes and a callback: From someone who delicioused the REST book. Yes, that looks even hackier than Javascript On Demand(tm)

BBC NEWS | Technology | Web inventor fears for the future: To make a web it takes a Berners and a Lee

SOA Facts: Hilarity. A new genre has been born to the world!

Mike Schinkel's Miscellaneous Ramblings - Well Designed URLs are Beautiful!: "Can you feel my anger? Well Designed Links do NOT trigger JavaScript." plus links to 22 other URI rants

manuel: Buckybase microprotocol: closer to the REST-metal: Not totally sure what's going on here but it looks good

Semantic XHTML: Can your website be your API? - Using semantic XHTML to show what you mean: THE ANSWER IS YES

From the Editor -- Web Apps, Issue 2 Mar/Apr 1997: Don't know if anyone else has seen this. "It seems to me that the part of the world that's changing too fast for object technology and tools to help is the small fraction of the 80/20 rule. The bulk of most applications is not novel,'

The Cafes » Why REST Failed: Problem: "In 2006 browser vendors still don’t support PUT and DELETE."

Amazon Web Services: The S3 documentation, right where it's impossible to find

AIM Presence Services: Your honor, people's exhibit A, the URI, where it actually says "SOA"

Sound advice: This is really excellent; peoples' thinking about REST is starting to cohere into a consistent philosophy

whither crud? :: evan weaver: I'm not tied to crud but I need to let this twist my mind

Multimap API v1.1 : Introduction: To inspect

Ajax and REST, Part 1: Ok, this is heavy

What's New in Edge Rails: Simply RESTful Support - And How to Use It: Still hoping S is keeping an eye on this so I can work on other things

robubu » Blog Archive » Http Caching (not as easy as it first appears): I'm starting to realize this

recipe-examples - Microformats: I really should impose my opinion on these people

Simple Analysis of Google Map and Satellite Tiles - An Unnamed MoinMoin Wiki: I need to fix Dada Maps

Names and addresses: properties of names - for book

ProgrammableWeb: API Dashboard: I can't say enough good things about this site. Especially since I'm getting my vocabulary from a web service that charges me by the word.

Google Data APIs (Beta) Developer's Guide - Using the Google Calendar Data API: A use for GData

Park Place, the Amazon-S3 clone: When the book gets into S3 territory

Sound advice: Good stuff, esp about transactions

A Search for REST Frameworks for Exploring WOA Patterns -- And Current Speaking Schedule: I agree with distobj: a good web framework is a rest framework

http://www.sklar.com/blog/exit.php?url_id=358&entry_id=101: To read, from yoz

XMLHttpRequest HTTP Feature Tests: You *can* do a PUT or DELETE from a web browser, by using the browser inside your browser: XmlHttpRequest

Abusing Amazon images: For reference: an excellent example of an accidentally restful web service

ProgrammableWeb: API Listing: As previously, but less monetized

Bart Stewart -- Systemantics 0: Illustrates my main problem with systems theory: that system failures always seem to reinforce your preexisting preferences

mnot: Python HTTP APIs: Use at your own risk

http://www.xfront.com/REST-Web-Services.html: From Zack

http://www.ics.uci.edu/~rohit/Khare-Thesis-Duplex.pdf: how did I miss this before?

MetaCarta Labs: GeoParser API: yes so awesome

XML.com: Atom Authentication: About WSSE

Discovering a world of resources (Loud Thinking): Some good best practice ideas

Noelios » Restlet 1.0 beta 15 released: A REST framework for Java

WebDescriptionProposals - ESW Wiki: Here's the big list

Ken MacLeod: A RESTful Web Interface: Aaaand another

ongoing · A Web Interface for Web Publishing: Another approach

RestEchoApiDiscuss - Atom Wiki: High church REST

RestEchoApiDiscuss - Atom Wiki: High church REST

HTTP/1.1: Method Definitions: Guess the verb!

RESTLog Interface Specification | 2003-01-06 | BitWorking: RESTLog 2: Actually Called RESTLog

ongoing · A Web Interface for Web Publishing: RESTlog 1

STREST (Service-Trampled REST) Will Break Web 2.0 | What Not How | http://duncan-cragg.org/blog/: What not to wear. "if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you can try submitting an 'eat this bread' POST"

mnot’s Web log: Another

HTTP Authentication with HTML forms : Paul James: Kind of weird that REST+usability is killing accessibility

Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Version 2.0 Part 3: Bindings: An important part of the inevitable WSDL example

The 2006 'What Now How' Awards for REST Protocols | What Not How | http://duncan-cragg.org/blog/: Some well-regarded REST services

Web Application Description Language (WADL): This should be better known; it's like WSDL but optimized for REST and not insanely complex

XML.com: How to Create a REST Protocol: First in a series

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking: Joe Gregorio's weblog

"Just" use XML: Can't navigate this damn thing

Sam Ruby: Common Feed Errors: Ugh, Robert, your feed errors are so unbearably common

ETCON: ETCON 2005: Sam Ruby's presentation "it's not that simple"

Fielding Dissertation: CHAPTER 5: Representational State Transfer (REST) : Needs to be re-delicioused

Inspirational Technology: 10 things to change in your thinking when building REST XML Protocols: OK, let's get this started (this one is more about not being an XML jerk than REST per se)

http://edgeperspectives.typepad.com/edge_perspectives/2006/04/soa_versus_web_.html: For book

Google Data APIs Overview: Evaluate for crackpotness and put into book

Main Page - Microformats: dig it

http://gbiv.com/protocols/waka/200211_fielding_apachecon.ppt: Fielding speaks

RESTLog Overview | 2002-11-20 | The Well-Formed Web: it's a resource (for the book, that is)

Koranteng's Toli: A REST Intervention: "if something doesnt have a URL, does it really exist?"

uploadr.py: Nice starter script. I guess I should use flickr instead of my own, abandoned photo directory

Roots of the REST/SOAP Debate: "Furthermore, this pattern is re-invented over and over again."

Common REST Mistakes: Need to think about 3 and maybe 4

O'Reilly Network: Hacking Books with Safari Web Services: They're like mushrooms

Yahoo! Search Web Services: Doing what I've been wanting GWS to do for forever (images, news, etc.)

Adam Bosworth's Weblog: Learning to REST: Roy Fielding speaks

api.creativecommons.org: Just in case

Yahoo! Groups : yes, this guy gets it

WebserviceX.NET :: XML Web Services solution provider: the rest version

RestWiki: Front Page: research

http://www.prescod.net/rest/: more rest stuff

Common REST Mistakes: Now you know... the REST of the story. Ha! I slay me!


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