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RESTful Web Services: A Review - O'Reilly XML Blog: Thought I'd posted this already. Caution: includes "at the end of the day".

The Third Bit » Blog Archive » Managing, Reviewing, and RESTing: Another rave

World Wide Webber - No REST for the Wicked in Noo Yawk City : One of our competitors likes RWS

The Object HTTP Mapper: Ian Bicking Presents

rest-api-code-gen - Google Code: Worth watching

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | REST Tip: Deep etags give you more benefits.: Good detailed howto for generating etags

The Cafes » PUT is not UPDATE: Reconcile

ROA Maturity Model: The fourth column is the one to watch

RESTEasy - The Site: Turns beans into resources

Gary Bernhardt's Blog: Introducing Another Wildly Ambitious Database Project: This *has* to go in the book

Insights » Is “REST API” an Oxymoron?: Preaching against my milquetoast support of connectedness

Megginson Technologies: Quoderat » Blog Archive » REST: the quick pitch: via Jeff Atwood's Coding Horror blog

muellerware.org: hieroglyphics: More pre-REST stuff

REST Search Engine - Indexed sites: Search me!

The Java Community Process(SM) Program - JSRs: Java Specification Requests - detail JSR# 311: Or, "Hey, That's My Lunch!"

XML.com: Introducing RDFa: RDFA? ROFL!

Existing MicroApps - Microapps.org: They live!

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Projects | Atom Publishing Protocol Test Client: Just what the doctor ordered

A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Tag Metadata: Use this when you add categories to the delicious clone

Flickr: Flickr API: Got a machine tag

Pragmatic Service-Oriented Architecture: Introducing the WOA/Client: I need to look at this for real

Ethical Software by Alex Bunardzic » Replacing Service Oriented Architecture with Resource Oriented Architecture: In case I didn't delicious this already

Business Functions | The REST Dialogues | What Not How | http://duncan-cragg.org/blog/: "Resource-Oriented Architecture" is catching on

Web Forms 2.0: At last my desire to have PUT and DELETE as the targets of HTML forms is vindicated!

The WHATWG Blog » Blog Archive » Proposing URI Templates for WebForms 2.0: Yes please.

servicereg.com Search : Napoleon Dynamite sez "sweet!"

Playing Together Nicely: Getting REST and SOAP to Share Each Other's Toys | dev.aol.com: Could this be the FIRST use of SOAP as an envelope format for a RESTful service?

A RESTful Web service, an example : Paul James: Almost exactly what I implemented; in fact, it's more RESTful

Alex Faaborg : Microformats live!

http://www.mnot.net/drafts/draft-nottingham-http-poe-00.txt: AN INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT

Pete Lacey’s Weblog :: Reinventing the WS Stack: So good

: REST Is about avoiding implicit or unnamed state. resource state is named by URIs

http://home.ccil.org/~cowan/restws.pdf: An excellent summary

Sound advice: REST goes better

http://onautopilot.com/oss/rails/rest_controller.rb: A RESTful Rails controller that does conditional GET

unAPI.info - for all your unAPI needs: I'l unAPI you!

REST - The Better Web Services Model - Parleys - The Belgian Java User Group: The Parleys multimedia player IS FOREVER OUT OF YOUR REACH!!!

OpenStreetMap: I'm intrigued by this plucky service

Roots of the REST/SOAP Debate: So much good stuff I can't even quote it

Stu says stuff: RESTful security: The question is -- why did we need to build these in a SOAP/XML stack that broke the semantics of HTTP and treats all other forms of data as second-class citizens?"

Web Services: yesterday's hype or tomorrow's promise?: Future of Promise, Future of Peril

Pete Lacey’s Weblog :: RESTful Security: SO MANY of these arguments are just category errors

XML.com: Putting REST on Rails: By Dan Kubb

Blinksale | Blinksale API: From Scott Raymond

RSSBus - A Really Simple Service Bus : Gent Hito wants to talk about REST

http://www.newsgator.com/ngs/api/NewsGatorRESTAPI.pdf: I'll NewsGator you! (or something)

Reconsidering content negotiation « Noelios Consulting: I'll reconsider content negotiation when you pry it into my cold dead hands!

Nelson's Weblog: tech / bad / whySoapSucks: Almost criminally well-suited to my purposes

Setting Data | The REST Dialogues | What Not How | http://duncan-cragg.org/blog/: Probably a little less controversial than The Vagina Monologues

Lost Boy: He too might be usefu

Lost Boy: He too might be useful

Restlet - Tutorial: Polyglot partisans rejoice!

CouchDb Project Website: According to Jan Lenhardt (one of the developers), has a REST interface

Pete Lacey’s Weblog :: SOA Nomenclature: Next entry I'll need to cut some terminology down

Pete Lacey’s Weblog :: REST and SOAP and all that: Throwing down the POST gauntlet

What Object Does SOAP Access?: Gonna need this tomorrow

Feathers, Rangers, and Ivory Towers: A good guy to have on our side

REST Web Services: My original announcement

Taxonomy of the Programmable Web: Enter the diagram

Sam Ruby: REST Web Services: Sam's original announcement

Adam Trachtenberg » Blog Archive » REST Web Services, the Book: A fan of HTTP status codes

Sam Ruby: POX and SOAP: Sam being heavy

Adam Trachtenberg » Blog Archive » REST vs HTTP+POX vs SOAP: Includes my comment


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