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New Painting – First Stage « Paint and Pleasure: Yay Beth

robotfindskitten - The identi.ca experience: [trumpet fanfare]

GameSpot Forums - Secret Agent Clank - Activate Chalice of Power board:: There appears to be an RFK minigame in the PSP game Secret Agent Clank

: It's a doubly-revised business plan for a new startup, kttnr.net

http://jcreed.livejournal.com/1117296.html: "all robots are just looking for kitten"

Robot Finds Kitten on purevolume™: rfk wtf

kittay: the search for robot in Launchpad: New to me

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robotfindskitten: Fame is mine

http://www.finnie.org/software/rfk-megahyperdeath-1.0.patch: Not as successful as robotfindskitten 2, but it's a start

ShinyLemur - robotfindskitten: Robotfindskitten transcends story. Robotfindskitten is *myth*.

http://robotbee.org/~st/midlets/robotfindskitten.jad: Is this a new port of RFK or the previously existing Java version?

http://www.livejournal.com/users/pdx6/120833.html: ACCESS DENIED


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