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M&M: Historical documents!

Indie RPG List: When RPG... go indie! This fall on CBS.

Free RPG Games: Endless role-playing

Andrew Getting :: Pen & Paper RPG Database: Hey, I knew this guy on *Prodigy 15 years ago.

Dungeons & Dragons - Original Rules: The original 1970s D&D rules, edited for clarity. "Just the fact that the original artwork is missing is an improvement."

Kenzer & Company HackMaster: A game as complex as the URI you use to find out information about it!

Index Page - Download The Classic Heritage Dwarfstar Boardgames For Free: DWARF.... STAAAAAR!

History of role-playing: A gopher gem found while doing book work

Metal Öpera - A Harlekin-Maus Game: Eventually each cliche on earth will have a corresponding rpg

Lego Fantasy Roleplaying Game: two great tastes, a la Claydonia: "When the Lego People use their cute little weapons to harm each other." (from kevan)

http://www.indie-rpgs.com/viewtopic.php?t=14371: read

Dungeon Generator: I know I bookmarked this already, but what the heck

Critical Miss: The Magazine for Dysfunctional Roleplayers: fun

Beyond Role and Play: Theory, possibly useful for other things

FRPGC - History of roleplaying games: "the impenetrable rules forced players to invent their own rules and interpretations"


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