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The Kingdom of the Blind by Maureen F. McHugh | Lightspeed Magazine: Short scifi story from the perspective of a female programmer facing marginalization

Anti-Bullying Starts in First Grade - Portrait of an Adoption: women who like Star Wars and boys who are fine with girls liking Star Wars

INTERKOSMOS | a film by Jim Finn: Leonard, did you already know about this?

If You Build This, Magazines Will Come | K. Tempest Bradford: manybooks.net should hook up with this

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Stories / The Office of Shadow by Matthew Sturges: Like "Declare" only good?!

http://www.sfwa.org/registration-for-nyc-simulcast-of-nebula-reception/: Leonard, you interested? Nora'll be there

garran: March novel-reading: I need to think about what it is to be Hugo-esque, plus a welcome reminder of Walton's note on magical realism vs fantasy

garran: March novel-reading: I need to think about what it is to be Hugo-esque, plus a welcome reminder of Walton's note on magical realism vs fantasy

British Fantasy Awards 2010: the Longlist: We're on the longlist for Thoughtcrime Experiments! resiak, is that you?

http://aqueductpress.com/newsletter/newsletter-win09.pdf: Aqueduct Press newsletter interviews women writing & editing in India

http://skaredykat.livejournal.com/1083.html: note to self: use this to find that awesome Stargate "what else are you missing?" fic

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / Michael Whelan, an appreciation: "I read that book in one day. It wasn’t like anything I’d ever tried reading before. (I had never been introduced to fantasy novels.)... I remember a severe bout of disappointment upon finishing the book because I thought surely there couldn’t be anything else like it in the entire world."

What is Epic Fantasy? | Epiphany 2.0: makes me want to read "Twenty Epics" and make a chart

Strange Horizons Fiction: Doctor Diablo Goes Through the Motions, by Saladin Ahmed: hurts good

Your Science Fiction Award Nomination Suggestions « Whatever: note to self: remember/calculate wordcounts for TE stories so as to suggest appropriate nomination categories

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / User Profile / tor.com: Tor's posts on The Middleman

Pass the Popcorn. In the Pipeline: : Leonard: book & movie recommendations based on realistic depictions of research chemistry!

All the World's a Ractive: by Julia - a Diamond Age ending

http://community.livejournal.com/vidding/1993598.html: vidding recommendations

SeeLight: Geek Post: Why Voyager Rocked: maybe I should give later ST:Voyager another try

http://tablesaw.dreamwidth.org/395780.html: !

Fiction: Alien Animal Encounters, by John Scalzi: silly alien animal stories

Science Fiction Writer Robert J. Sawyer: Identity Theft: yet more noir? may read

http://fileserv.polter.pl/Wywiad_z_Peterem_Wattsem_wersja_angielska.pdf?direct: oooh! meaty Peter Watts talk

Strange Horizons Fiction: Another End of the Empire, by Tim Pratt: fun short fantasy piece about a dark lord who's read the "when I am a dark lord I will not..." list

Discussion on a possible interstellar polycultural setting: on a realistic milieu of extraterrestrials

Fantasy Book Critic: An Overview of Indian Speculative Fiction by Mihir Wanchoo: to add some folks to

Venturesome - Think Galacticon 2009 Pre-registration ends soon!: enticing

Think GalactiCon Registration: Should I consider going?

lcohen: thoughts on lesbians and science and stories: on necessary narratives

http://www.shortcovers.com/shortcovers/Computer-Virus/sc-dnOyEsMEDUqlmL7rqoJEGg/page1.html#1: new nancy kress!

SeeLight: How Do Editors Reach Out to Writers of Color?: In case we ever repeat the anthology experiment: reach out to nonwhite authors!

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / Something old, something new?: note to self re Joe, Jed, Jo, Zack, & Abi as sensitive, empathy-focused usability geeks

Terra Prime (episode) - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki: archer's speech

Twitter / Jordan Hamessley: Dear Orson Scott Card, I d ...: burn

http://en.wordpress.com/tag/thoughtcrime-experiments/: Erica Naone is reviewing the anthology in detail

The Singularity Sucks: What's currently out there: In which we are punk rock.

http://www.slate.com/id/2217905/: YAY

Bad Subjects: The West Wing and Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Voyager: comes up in Leonard's wishes re tng

GCU Dancer on the Midway - Pullman, plots and stories: God, The Plot, stories, fanfic

http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2008/07/21/handcranked-fujitsu.html: haunting dystopian scifi in an unexpected place

Lorem Ipsum: Backstory: different tastes in scifi protagonists

The Invasion from Outer Space: Fiction: The New Yorker: not bad for New Yorker scifi

Think GalactiCon Main Page: to contribute, even if I can't go

Positions on Race in Fiction 101: final grades: wanted letter grades? you got 'em

http://transcriptase.org/ : want to read these

shwetambari on deviantART: shweta art!

Ancient Geeks' Dies: gotta tell Hal and Adi about this

Free Fiction : Federations: to read!

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / Greg Manchess painting <em>Canticle</em> by Ken Scholes: beautiful: the craft of visual art

An Evening With the Twelve Colonies by Elizabeth Kiem - The Morning News: they cut the cold cuts into octagons!

Forever's Not So Long: unexpectedly touching and memorable

http://lls-mutant.livejournal.com/225486.html: to read in lieu of watching the finale at the same time as everyone else

Digger by Ursula Vernon » Archive » Digger: to read

Timothy’s Turkish, but that hasn’t been mentioned either « By Erin Ptah: I should probably post and include this line

Fighting the Derail Since March 2009 - Wiscon fundraiser: request assistance here: maybe I can help

Escape Velocity - The Magazine of Science Fact and Fiction: Leonard, to consider

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / New Online Fiction for March: There is so much good free online fiction!

Suvudu Free Book Library - Suvudu - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Movies, and Games: oooh, Red Mars!

flycon2009 - Community Profile: Leonard, we're editors and authors! Should we participate?

ccfinlay: Powerboy's Last Adventure: best superhero subversion I've read in a while

footnotes: Leonard tends to dislike primary sources in fiction, but how about *citations* of primary sources?

Twitter / Pablo Defendini: No sooner do I step into T ...: me!

Creative Commons Science-Fiction [Feedbooks.com]: We'll add Thoughtcrime Experiments to this list, I hope

ccfinlay.com - extras : Leonard, have you seen this funny CC Finlay stuff?

Apex Book Company » Slush Lessons: Soon to come: Leonard's & Sumana's slush lessons for narrative

http://www.mikebrotherton.com/diamonds/?page_id=4: yay web-based scifi anthologies

Lorem Ipsum: Blazoning: so THAT'S what that is

Kung Fu Monkey: Waid Wednesdays #10: The Job of the Comic Book Editor: lessons for Sumana the editor - get out of the way, offer solutions, don't just add would-be-cool

http://www.tor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=blog&id=11323: totally

http://www.inkoinkinc.com/: good pay rate, 5k word limit

It Came From Airport Security - CC Wiki: But where's the download link?

Paper Golem: Novellas solicited

AMC » The Prisoner Classic Series 1967 - 68: watch full eps of Prisoner free

Lorem Ipsum: Mary Anne's online writing classes start tomorrow: "one for beginners (both fiction and nonfiction), one intermediate (also both fiction and nonfiction), and one on writing about sexuality."

Bruce Sterling, "Computer Entertainment," Flurb #6: to read

Macmillan: Voices From the Street: Philip K. Dick: Books : yet more Philip K. Dick! read the free excerpt!

"Stories for Men" by John Kessel: Zed recommended this like 5 years ago

2008 Hugo Nomination List : Webkeeper is adding links so I can read stuff online, including Chiang and Kress

Apple - Trailers - Iron Man - Trailer 2: THE BEST TRAILER EVER. Put a huge freaking smile on my face after a hard day. YES!

The Last Reef by Gareth Lyn Powell: to read before I read "Flotsam" starring Shweta Venkatesh

reddit.com: A powerful art installation places a man alone in a room for a monthand a gun in your hand.: Your wish is "Untraceable"'s command!

The Enchanted Duplicator - Introduction and Table of Contents: recommended by tnh

So it's confirmed that Cain and Six are lessssbian lovers.: Quizno's, BSG Battlestar Galactica Razor, and WTF

Raphael Carter's Darmok Dictionary: Oh, knowing what the Benzite got reprimanded for makes you a nerd? Not writing the definitive analysis of language in "Darmok"?

"Impossible Dreams": This year's Hugo winner made me cry

YouTube - Star Trek + Nine Inch Nails = Closer: I feel like I never understood Kirk/Spock slash until I saw this video

Bottomless Soup: lessons from directing. You're directing the audience('s attention). Pay attention to the unseen. Perspire over details. Yay databases and floor plans.

The Strokes - You Only Live Once Video - The Strokes Videos on IMEEM: via Daring Fireball. This is, belatedly, the epic for which "Last Transmission From Starbase XY003" is the parody. Awesome.

Educated Guesswork: Niven and the legality of pickpocketing: Ha! Nitpicking plausibility in scifi books - a blog post scrabbles for existence

Francine's Recipe of the day: Sci-fi author Varley's sister's recipes. Mmmm, Jalapeno Jelly!

91 - Early 20th Century Balkan Aspirations « strange maps: Rachel deems it "cool"

Oracle: Greg Egan's alternate history short re Alan Turing: Leonard-recommended & Paul Wright-recommended


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