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High-tech copy machines a gold mine for data thieves - thestar.com : oh jeez. via schneier

Twitter phishing scam Boing Boing: If only there were some way to work this incident into my WS-REST paper.

KeePass Password Safe: recommended by Skud

DoxPara Research: hit Check My DNS to see if your DNS server is vulnerable to the Kaminsky exploit

Schneier on Security: A Good Security Investment by DHS: omg, that isn't dumb

Crooked Timber » » Torture, torture, torture: Holbo: insightful on why moving the Overton window doesn't seem to work for liberals, and why conservatives compete on extremism

Schneier on Security: Modern-Day Revenge: Time to get my zvengeance on some high school archnemeses!

Humans not evolved for IT security - Security - www.itnews.com.au : "Beyond Fear" in 2 minutes

StormWorm botnet lashes out at security researchers - Boing Boing : freaking scary

Schneier on Security: Entering Passwords Through Eye Movement: frickin' awesome

Eve eavesdropping on Alice and Bob's conversation on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Not since "Ruby on Rael"!

Security Engineering - A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems: Awesome free book inc. many real-world examples

JavaScript Security: Signed Scripts: Damn you, security.

XML.com: Atom Authentication: About WSSE

ShipLoc - Your complete ship security alert and tracking system: i always just put "the club" on the rudder before going to sleep

Guarddog: Great motto: "Protecting your computer with a cute little dog."

Samhain Labs | samhain: Sacrifice intruders to the old gods

free live nude Linux warez chat tips/new-server.html: what to do, what to do


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