Leonard and Sumana's personal notebook

Categories: personal | silly

: <kmaples> Subject: You are about to become an ordained minister
<leonardr> wow, i knew it was easy but i didn't know it could be forced upon you
<leonardr> coudl i force someone to be a catholic priest?
<kmaples> yes, you can!
<kmaples> btw, you're a bishop in the russian orthodox church
<kmaples> I'd been meaning to tell you
<leonardr> my own private inquisition
<leonardr> btw, i declare you antipope
<kmaples> hot damn!
<kmaples> my most favorite of all popes!
<kmaples> I declare you a heretic, and demand that you be burned at the stake!
<leonardr> ah, but since you are the antipope that makes me an antiheretic
<leonardr> im practically canonized already
<kmaples> I want the pointy hat back

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