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Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion: high point: coat-stealing

Merry Christmas, Jeeves: getting to meet the Jeeveses -- refreshing change of scene/content/characters

http://smilesawakeyou.livejournal.com/12256.html: Alternate universe fanfic where Vowell, Hodgman, Colbert, Seinfeld, Ferrell, et al. go to or teach at the same high school. Slash is breaking my mind.

reseda_ptah: Fake News: The Thing With Feathers: One of the best Colbert fanfics I've ever read; Pratchett-y. "If you're an act," SC asked O'Reilly, "then what am I?" The sequel is also fun. Gah I'm up late.

punditslash: "The Drink" by SilentAuror: The best Colbert/Stewart slash I've read. I've been thinking JS-SC is the One True Pairing but many argue in favor of Colbert-Olbermann?!

punditslash: The Drink: a surprisingly sexy slash tale of Colbert and Leibowitz

Mac/PC OTP!'s Journal: Yes, Leonard, there is massive and promiscuous metaphor-mixing, but it is CUTE and SWEET and NERDY


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