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Software Carpentry » What I’ve Learned So Far: "Online teaching isn’t as effective as in-person teaching." & tools suck, and more

http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2012/smart-robotic-sand-0402.html: Feels like reading about e-ink in 1996.

BlackBerry faces new challenge from U.S. agency | Reuters : There goes Krakowski's Blackberry.

Open Source for America | Resources: Open source in government: papers, policies, presentations, case studies, and other resources

Distributed Working: How To Make It Better | Hacking for Christ: Sumana, you should watch this, though you probably sent it to me in the first place

http://fivefilters.org/content-only/: reminds me of http://www.harihareswara.net/sumana/2010/01/30/0

http://eaves.ca/2011/04/07/developing-community-management-metrics-and-tools-for-mozilla/: Mozilla's building a community stats dashboard too.

Project Dash - Dashboard Queries: Eclipse's dashboard of statistics regarding community activity

Open Source Community Metrics « Fast Wonder: Online Community Management: Dawn Foster's opensourcebridge presentation on collecting & analyzing statistics from FLOSS projects - check out MLStats & irssistats

Scholarly Publishing Guides | Public Knowledge Project: Thinking of starting a magazine or journal? some HOWTOs

FOSDEM: Mapping WikiLeaks using open-source tools [LWN.net]: possibly the only time WikiLeaks & Beautiful Soup will appear in proximity

Basic PC skills: a pretty good definition

The History of Phone Phreaking Blog: Bell System Technical Journal Finally On-Line: How the phone system used to work (I guess I just can't link to the PDF)

: test

: Test

http://www.slideshare.net/mchua/eotf2010-5836179#commentsList: great explanation of complementary strengths of FLOSS & academe

Krystal Ball's New Statement About The Scandalous Photos Released Online | The Frisky: and she designs educational software!

http://kieran.healy.usesthis.com/: many choice quotes, incl "I resent the way its preferred means of solving your problems is first to have you surrender to it completely."

staranise: Automated bingo cards, get 'em while they're hot : sweet! 'I wrote that program with a little under a month of first-year University-level computing science under my belt. I was in that class at all because fandom, Dreamwidth and the AO3, said, "Coding isn't scary. Anyone can learn it." That's something I've tried to carry forward with this code.'

http://www.benjaminrosenbaum.com/blog/archives/2010_07.html#000831: " In the real world, the labor that the bored sysadmin contributes to Apache is surplus created by the hyperefficient operations of state-mediated market capitalism..."

The World of Ticketing Options | Idealware: a case study in why Idealware is an essential resource

Open source is NASA's next frontier -- Federal Computer Week: open source at NASA -- takes organizational, structural, cultural change -- no surprise

Full List of Talks | HOPE: Totally going.

If You Build This, Magazines Will Come | K. Tempest Bradford: manybooks.net should hook up with this

What do jokes and bugs have in common? « Valerie Aurora: jokes, debugging, assumptions, constraints

The Second Step: HOWTO encourage open source work at for-profits - Open Source Bridge attendee wiki 2010: one thing to add: themes of "you should be doing this anyway"

Portable home recording with Ubuntu on a netbook | ouistiti: Useful if you have the hardware

How to Manage Your Boss When Working Remotely : This is a good 101; a 201 of "how to deal with an uncommunicative remote boss" would be fantastic

wrkng » The Board : easy-peasy "who's doing what" magnet-style board

http://terriko.dreamwidth.org/28709.html: "The best women's groups aren't about separation and segregation: they're about providing an incubator for people who need a leg up to be part of the wider community."

A rant about humans: "Maybe we can figure out how to make the workplace work for lots of different types of people...."

Stop talking, start coding: canned food drive metaphor - ouch!

http://innovators.vassar.edu/innovator.html?id=67: Dr Asprey - student, then friend of Grace Hopper. Turned Vassar into "one of the first liberal arts colleges in the U.S. to establish a computer center and to offer courses in computer science... and the second college in the country to acquire an IBM System/360"

http://collegerelations.vassar.edu/2007/2497/: CS pioneer Winifred Asprey wrote in 1967: "Familiarity with a computer will be as commonplace a demand as familiarity with a foreign language presently is."

epub-tools - Project Hosting on Google Code: epub-tools is a project aimed at software developers who need reusable toolkits to produce ePub files from various formats. This project includes Python libraries that convert from the DocBook and TEI XML formats and epubjs, a lightweight pure Javascript ePub reader

BBC News - Twitter used to predict box office hits: Aha! search queries do as well as existing methods, but add semantics and you get more predictive power

Radish - Indoor Solar-powered Calendar Display - Google Calendar APIs and Tools - Google Code: cool

Yahoo! Labs Research Presentations, February 2010: a Columbia Women in CS trip to Yahoo! Labs NYC; female researcher Sihem Amer-Yahia presented

Ventilations Or Revelations?: Munmun De Choudhury, Indian-American woman doing interesting CS research on homophily

High-tech copy machines a gold mine for data thieves - thestar.com : oh jeez. via schneier

Help us petition @SenChrisDodd to amend his proposal devastating startups and angel investors: missing the crucial info, *what is the bill and what is it aiming to do?!*

Connected Histories project plan: "All code and technical developments generated by the project will be available as an Open Source, and governed by a Creative Commons Licence." Also, source control referred to in one place as CVS and in another as Subversion

http://intro-to-cs.dreamwidth.org/: working through intro to CS together, using MIT's open courseware

Web Illiteracy: How Much Is Your Fault? : Gus tells it like it is

Strange Loopiness: The first n things to do after installing an Ubuntu command-line system, where n is large: molly-guard and !tty_tickets are the most exciting discoveries to me

Murray’s Blog » Blog Archive » Openismus Wants More Trainees: German software development firm wants to hire, mentor women & minorities, train them to develop FLOSS

Open 311 | The White House: San Francisco, 311, API sharing, pushing far too many of my buttons

Answers and Questions » Blog Archive » Firefox, Safe From Plugin Crashes: yay, process separation to come to Firefox

Getting involved with Mozilla | Dysfunctional Programming: tips on getting up to speed with a new source tree

On 1:1s :: dria.org: as rands says, you will always learn something during your 1:1. Prep work for the win. Richardson's format mirrors that of the liaison chats from the performance appraisal system I developed

Google and Italy — Crooked Timber: on Italy, rule of law, & differing conceptions of what the law should be - read the comments

MediaShift Idea Lab . Don't Blame the Tools -- People Plagiarize Copy! | PBS: Oh snap! Tell 'em, Scott

http://lwn.net/Articles/374612/: nice roundup & commentary

Can I say this? — Swfblag: headdesk headdesk headdesk

Damien Katz: Thoughts on an Open Source Company: I'm especially curious about how the anti-manager bias and the allergy to performance/productivity criteria will end up working

Idealware: Four ways to send a SMS (a mobile text): any other ways to send an SMS? tell 'em about your project!

KeePass Password Safe: recommended by Skud

John O’Duinn’s Soapbox » Unveiling Mozilla’s Faraday Cage: my t-shirt insta-drawers could be holding mobile phones for testing!

Report From Staringintospacecon 2004: Seth's advice: be frank, gossip, use clear and specific examples, tell an interesting narrative.

Chrome support for Greasemonkey: your favorite greasemonkey script likely already runs in Chrome!

Official Google Blog: 2010 Super Bowl: Some search touchdowns: "Behind every team is a great coach, and behind every coach is an engaged online community." This is not technically true.

http://rickscott.posterous.com/paying-off-technical-debt-ftw: tech debt is like financial debt: pay it off at the time of your choosing or it'll come due when you can ill afford it

GNOME Revamps and Renews Outreach Program for Women : roundup of some GNOME outreach to women; comments are fail

http://scholarsarchive.library.oregonstate.edu/jspui/handle/1957/11355: Answering a newbie's question within 48 hours correlates strongly with them staying around & contributing

http://lwn.net/Articles/372386/: food for thought

Why ask for an unskilled, not-yet-involved comaintainer?: Christine Spang requests entirely new contributors for some FLOSS maintainer mentee work, gets far more responses than expected

Mercurial « UCOSP: my old employer is sponsoring/leading some Mercurial development

Maia's Eclectic Ministry of Introspection :: The Zoo of Rampant Sexism : Maia Kozheva says: A Russian Linux site permits & approves horrendously sexist, demeaning, and objectifying comments, & the community at large doesn't notice because of language barrier

General Transit Feed Specification - Google Code: How many of the eight route_types have you experienced? I'm at 7, I think.

DebianNYC/Workshops/3 - Debian Wiki: Debian packaging for semi-beginners, NYC, 21 January 2010

Call for Participation » Grace Hopper Celebration 2010: "Collaborating Across Boundaries"

http://blog.lebedel.net/index.php?post/2010/01/12/WoMoz-at-FOSDEM: The nascent Women in Mozilla group will be at FOSDEM, are figuring out their roadmap & plans, and need your suggestions

Restart MythTV via Remote | www.baablogic.net: oh this might be nice

User:Jebba/NAT - maemo.org wiki: how to turn your N900 into a wifi hotspot

UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase - Ubuntu Wiki: submit Omni Animale Triste, 2 music videos?

http://blogs.fsfe.org/myriam/2010/01/in-an-ideal-world/: idea re creating deliberate dupes of poisonous bug reports

Patents, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, & Trademarks: just had to consult this to refresh my memory

View-Source Is Good? Discuss. | Continuing Intermittent Incoherency: found via http://antennasoft.net/robcee/2010/01/08/view-source-is-good-full-stop/ via planet mozilla

On public discussion and safety » philosophical geekess : why we need #ubuntu-women, & how to balance needs for privacy, safe-space assistance, and transparency

git.collabora.co.uk Git - user/daf/serious-business/summary: for running a company-internal pastebin site

Women in Open Source – Q&A with Myself « Marina'z Blog: a roundup of benefits to women & to open source to getting more women involved, activities in FLOSS, barriers, TODOs

Ill-mannered Grandiloquence » Blog Archive » Diversity at what cost?: talking about diversity in FLOSS for its own sake as opposed to for instrumental goals, + worries about taking the fun out of the community

http://www.kramm.com/blog/?p=175: to contact re encrypted videoconferencing (Farstream?)

What Should We Teach New Software Developers? Why? | January 2010 | Communications of the ACM: familiar

Muralisms ... Some use[ful | less] ideas!!: 2010 wiki template for status report: oooh, useful little snippet of mediawiki template

Build Your Own Microphone Pop Screen: craft project - could be a fun gift

Redefining Property: Lessons from American History | QuestionCopyright.org: points reader to http://www.gutenberg.org/files/28148/28148-h/28148-h.htm - proslavery arguments

Schneier on Security: How Smart are Islamic Terrorists?: transferrable insights

http://www.stormyscorner.com/2009/11/best-gifts-for-traveling-geeks-we-need-your-help.html: What did you get & love this year? Post a comment

Is it just me, or is it obvious to everyone that iPods...: 7.5 yrs later, it's obvious to everyone

Rands In Repose: The Words You Wear: Ouch.

soc - Project Hosting on Google Code: possible to use Melange to keep interns' FLOSS contributions visible & monitor progress?

https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/467877: workaround mentioned here fixed my problem

How To Be A Beta Tester With Maemo Extras-Testing | Maemo-Guru.com: todo?

Jane Silber to take over as Canonical CEO: new Canonical CEO: Jane Silber

Industrial Research: More Grounded in Reality, or Not?. In the Pipeline: : sunk-cost fallacy, metrics-driven perverse incentives, mistaking easy for right, bandwagon

Flashbake: Free version-control for writers using git - Boing Boing : Leonard uses Tiddlywiki for worldcreation; I'd be curious whether any authors are now using Flashbake

http://www.gnome.org/~federico/docs/summer-of-code-mentoring-howto/: not too hard to generalize this into a "how to mentor an intern"

Block building echoes from memory… « effiejayx’s blog: I should write about Seth

http://nedbatchelder.com/blog/200911/ditaa_diagrams_through_ascii_art.html: new diagramming tool to try

How do I deal with information? — A non-tech Zeitgeist background « Another ugly blaaahg: "The history items in my web browser are just as important as a random file on my computer! So are my chat logs, my future and past tasks in my preferred task manager, my search history..."

[M]etabrain [E]ntry [L]og » Blog Archive » The Invisible Traceback: "blockers that make potential contributors drop out (and how to fix them)" looking forward to the transcript

MediaShift Idea Lab . How Do We Categorize All Journalistic Errors? | PBS: towards an ontology of journalistic error

Official Google Blog: Finding the laws that govern us: How does this affect AltLaw's mission and scope?

What MP3 player should I buy? - Boing Boing: Perhaps Sumana might find profit in reading the comments

Call For Participation | fosdem.org: a month left to submit most talks to FOSDEM 2010 (Brussels)

SUN: forty years of mentoring: mentoring works, if it's systematic

Making Light: Permission to suck: Freedom to look stupid leads to getting smarter, part 2.

» Tidying Up the Law VoxPopuLII: Stuart Sierra on law as prose rather than code: "Imagine the economic value of knowing, with mathematical certainty, exactly what the law is." & some IA/CS thoughts

Interprete » Code is Speech: Legal Tinkering, Expertise, and Protest among Free and Open Source Software Developers: "...developers reconfigure central tenets of the liberal tradition—and the meanings of both freedom and speech—to defend against efforts to constrain their productive autonomy..."

Making a John Q Public account on Google: 'please help me create a fictional identity for use in my job'

The Invisible Traceback: blockers that make potential contributors drop out (and how to fix them) | Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest 2009: "new contributor on-ramp pipeline is particularly tricky to debug; potential participants often struggle in silence"

Luis Villa’s Blog / pathetic, part II: ouch re zeitgeist

Why I don’t like “Non-Commercial” licenses « Nina Paley’s Blog: to consider

Derek Powazek - How to Publish a Magazine in a Day and a Half: brother!

http://gwolf.org/blog/toast-turing: to Turing

http://www.jasonkolb.com/weblog/2009/09/why-google-wave-is-the-coolest-thing-since-sliced-bread.html: I want Leonard to comment on this

Motivation – you’re doing it wrong : to think about for work

My piece for BusinessWeek.com is live. Join the debate on performance reviews! : thinking for work

zwol: grar, sound on linux still sucks: get my gstreamer colleagues on this?

Evil Robot Conference: Sept 12

While !Finished » #EAFail Link Roundup: link roundup in eafail

http://tablesaw.dreamwidth.org/395780.html: !

Geeks in Boston » Working from Home: Why It Sucks: yup.

Robotic Tendencies » On contributing to Gaim…: what not to do as a FLOSS maintainer

Scattershot, Desperate, and Sleazy | n+1: on craiglist you speak desire; on nerve you say who you are

Android barcode scanner in 6 lines of Python code: "go silent when screen is down" sounds awesome

http://clarkbw.net/blog/2009/05/14/negotiate-with-your-users/: via danny

Project Euler: to register

[Debian-NYC] GPG keysigning party on Friday's get-together : will probably attend tonight

Steve Minutillo :: messy-78 » Communist Logic: colleagues might enjoy this

YouTube - Classic Hits by Microsoft Songsmith: "Beat It" by Michael Jackson: actually fantastic

rants.org » Blog Archive » CiviCRM Saves the Day: I should blog about this so my nonprofit friends know about it

BBC NEWS | Technology | Facebook users say yes to changes: the ever-present threat of BBC tech coverage graphics

FON: Leonard, you want to get involved?

What if Oracle bought Sun Microsystems? | Developer World - InfoWorld: too early for analysis, but here's predictions from a speculation!

Fundraising — A Privacy Plugin for Movable Type : go go Byrne Reese

Linux.com :: How to get a Windows tax refund: may try to do this for new laptop

[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-gabble 0.7.26 : only you!

Bread and Circuits » Open Source, pre-1945: a reminder of why I'm glad I'm about to start my new job

Mark's journal - I want a transcriber: how close are we?

http://video.google.com/googleplex.html: not just the tech talks

Bliggity Blog by Ingrid Michaelson - it's like watching a monkey learn how to open a jar.: "I love you?"

Heidi, Geek Girl Detective: fairly addictive

http://www.nyu.edu/ipk/events/event.php?id=50: ANOTHER interesting thing happening Monday!

Open For Questions: should I?

http://csunplugged.org/: to check out -- CS thinking activities

Firefox web browser | International versions: Get Firefox in your language: Firefox now has a Kannada release!

FSF annual meeting -- Libre Planet 2009 conference - Free Software Foundation: Leonard, mayhap we could/should go to this?

http://pculture.org/devblogs/mirotesting/: can i get set up and submit a bug today? or at least do some tests?

Welcome Robot Sea Monsters: early REST thinking

http://www.stimuluswatch.org/home/faqs: awesome!

youcanhelp [Bkrpr Wiki] : Another reason to learn Python

http://training.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/bbst: Mel-recommended

http://www.pecha-kucha.org/: Brett Stillwell is involved; rec'd by Mako/sj

Dev House Boston wiki: not happening anytime soon?

The Echo Nest Blog: cool

Should we hire academics who are parents? — Crooked Timber: Substitute "tech startups" for "academe"?

Software Developers | Black Duck Software: Pretty awesome!

Shiny Happy Users by Eric Drewski, Kevin Godby, Trent Grover, Elena Maximova, Michael Oren, Derrick Parkhurst, Janea Triplett, Valerie Williams (Book) in Computers & Internet: to brush up on IA

http://globalgamejam.org/sites/test-location: yay test data

Schneier on Security: New Police Computer System Impeding Arrests: When usability has chronic and serious effects

Call for Participation » Grace Hopper Celebration 2009: reminder to self: prep polisci lecture for Grace Hopper?

http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/barcampboston/message/848: Boston's BarCamp in 2009 is in April

Jobs, News, Emerging Growth Companies, Startups, Venture Capital, Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin: recommended by CCarrick

http://ideo.com/culture/career/engagement-designer-transformation-practice/: via Mel

soupablog: SoupBold, the first experimental Soupablog Typeface for sale. $5: BOLD!

http://www.dracos.co.uk/code/python/beautiful-soup/: bug to fix, possibly

Daisy main page: for when soldering is an option

The Video Game Systems of the 1983 Sears Wishbook - The Retroist: mwah!

xkcd - A Webcomic - 11th Grade: PAINFULLY true? including the title tag?! I comfort myself with knowing that I actually did learn a fair amount in the social and hard sciences that formed a foundation for later importance

A sad departure from Six Apart and looking to the future - majordojo: Byrne Reese is an awesome dude

Nick Bradbury: Hit The Deck: Tasteful Ads in FeedDemon: me in the NewsGator adware discussion

Installing and using MythTV: Using MythTV.: yay, closed captioning & autoskip of entire commercial breaks

Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective @ Things Of Interest: competitor to Stephen Feuerstein's Oracle PL/SQL Programming

MythMusic - MythTV: tres useful

User Manual:Periodic Maintenance - MythTV: for Leonard's delectation

How Hard Could It Be?: My Style of Servant Leadership-joel spolsky-leadership: Not sure who the maligned trainee is. Me? Eric? Dan? Jason?

IMG_2792 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: photo of my 3 Models of Power talk proposal

Mindcamp '08 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: I don't look terrible in this photo

Charlotte's Web Point of View Power Point - SlideShare: for seattle mindcamp powerpoint karaoke

Charlotte's Web Project - SlideShare: for seattle mindcamp powerpoint karaoke

Scoreboard at the end of third day of India vs Sri Lanka final test - SlideShare: for mindcamp powerpoint karaoke

Chicken Fest 2008! - SlideShare: how to keep chickens - for powerpoint karaoke

Things To Do In The Mind Camp Off-Season | Mind Camp: tech events in Seattle [if/when I come back]

Early look at startup valuation data [May 2008]: This blog overall is a useful resource for recon of Seattle startup scene. Rachel, how kooky is this [self-reported] data?

Seattle Tech Startups | nPost Blog: useful list to mine

She's Geeky East: Dec 5-7 2008, NYC - DevChix - Blog Archive: Can I go to this neat local unconference?

http://www.thetus.com/opportunities.html: Sharon recommended I take a look

The Story of Topic Maps & Building AltLaw.org - The New York Semantic Web Meetup Group (New York, NY) - Meetup.com: Check out AltLaw discussion topics 1-6. Each of those is worth a talk!

New Relic: Gold Days are here!: Free Rails performance testing for the next few days

YouTube - Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98!: Pretty!

Give Up and Use Tables: Scientifically determined period you should spend avoiding using tables: 47 min

Also, You Have Not Been Exclusively Selected to Receive This Offer — Crooked Timber: monetizing users is like speculating in derivatives

IBM Personal Computing Catalog: MASH and IBM, together at last

How to Be a Leader in Your Field : to read

PHP Paginator 1.01 - majordojo: PHP Paginator is an open source PHP library which makes it trivial to create a list of pages to navigate between.

Stephen McCamant: If you have the chance to hang out with Stephen McCamant, you should. And he's moved back to Berkeley!

http://boulder.me/: Leonard, wanna check this out?

Mel Chua | Geek Speak Women: Yay! People should totally get Mel to speak at their conferences!

The Competitive Spectrum Pattern - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library: Haphazardly adding point systems to communities can cause schisms & heartbreak

Katie's Computing Stuff: Kate (Katie) Lucas on software development, the tech industry, etc.

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - how do you know when the axe is coming down on you?: K. Lucas points out "You stop getting fed requirements" is a bad sign

Bruce Sterling, "Computer Entertainment," Flurb #6: to read

History of NYC's internet community by Fred Wilson. - Boing Boing : To watch

People Who Need People - Pogue’s Posts - Technology - New York Times Blog: to consider for getting clips of my archived columns

Downhill Battle Labs: Looking for an open source project to join to hone your skills? Could do worse than a Downhill Battle app

Nina Paley: America's Best-Loved Unknown Cartoonist » The Bright Side of the Dark Side of the Rainbow: Free Culture & RiffTrax startups would benefit from FLOSS audio/video synching apps

Career Calculus: What are you learning at your job? How much longer will your job be interesting?

viewing theinfo: tools (theinfo): Reminder that Leonard should make sure his sparklines tools are all on 1 page for easy linking

OSCON Keynote :: Revealing Errors: to watch: Mako Hill's 16-minute presentation on what errors (in software) reveal

Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard » Blog Archive » Open Salon launches: Congrats to Scott and his legacy!

Big government, big IT — Crooked Timber: "...when many stakeholders may have powers of delay or veto, but few have powers of initiation. It is not for nothing that some people claim IT as now a branch of applied sociology."

Fleeting Expletives - The Commons Marches Onward: Riana explains the awesomeness of recent free software legal news

» Negative externalities aren’t: some thoughts on networks and ethics: Measure goodwill, not just as a catchall on the balance sheet, but as a force that magnifies or reduces the value of your communities. But even employees aren't on the balance sheet.

Galatea Associates, LLC — Careers: recommended by a Syster

DoxPara Research: hit Check My DNS to see if your DNS server is vulnerable to the Kaminsky exploit

Microspotting | Matthew Baldwin: writer, blogger, pretty okay guy: eeeeek

IT vs. initiative: The Internet age comes to the battlefield | The Industry Standard: IT -> micromanagement

» MythTV - DevChix - Blog Archive : the article that got Leonard over the hump and building a PVR

soupablog: Franciscan Retreat Blogpost 2.01 - Friday June 6, 2008: Paul retreated - and treated me to a print design review

Geek Speak Women | find technical women to speak: another list to add myself to

Epigrams on Programming: to read when I can grok them

Schneier on Security: The Security Mindset: A new profession for me?

» Auto-creating MySql and Postgresql Databases with Powerful Python Tools - DevChix - Blog Archive : by gloriajw

Bitch Ph.D.: A citizen needs self-confidence to enforce decency without having to hide behind policies other people have ratified.

Schneier on Security: A Good Security Investment by DHS: omg, that isn't dumb

Bitch Ph.D.: Argh! I thought we solved the call center capacity problem with eblocks!

Groklaw - The Microsoft v. Google-Lee Hearing: Among other things, why smart people leave for new jobs

Habemus Dialogum - We Have a Dialog : Things Blog : Cultured Code: Could it be that "this event is repeating" dialog boxes are a solved problem?

Rands In Repose: Ninety Days: Just reread. A new job tradition?

adaptive path » product experience strategy and design : researching the competition

Gomoll Research + Design: researching the competition

Luminous Prose: glad Frances read it, and I hel_ed, before she died

I Had A Dream I Was Your Hero - The Kindness of Strangers: Fanfic and online community save a kid's mental health

graphpaper.com - Interaction Design Style (My IA Summit 2007 Presentation): Oh God, I need to grok all this by Thursday, all of a sudden I need to be able to evaluate design critically

Official Google Blog: Baby steps to a new job: actually heartwarming

reddit.com: A powerful art installation places a man alone in a room for a monthâand a gun in your hand.: Your wish is "Untraceable"'s command!

graphpaper.com - Georges Seurat Dot Com: People now EXPECT that touchscreen museum kiosks will have multitouch for zooming in on pictures

Copyright Crash Course: add link to my own IP-quartet crash course page?

laptop [MelChua.com]: Don't charge a lithium-ion laptop battery above 85%?

Wax Banks: How literary theory works.: Hey programmer: Walter Holland feels your pain, but do you feel his?

The web is a fuzz test: patch your browser and your web server: sing to the tune of "the world is a vampire"

Twitter / Steven Frank: â« We can't go on together.....: reminds me of an Achewood where Roast Beef sings about Samuel H. Invisible, because of the musical notes

§ 102. Conditions for patentability; novelty and loss of right to patent - AltLaw: Yay AltLaw for having the US Code browseable. Boo for patents on obvious inventions.

Educators Corner: Podcasts : Fodder for a future mobile music player

ACM Queue - A Conversation with Jarod Jenson: Tales from the trenches with a former Enron performance guru: DTrace-using performance ninja speaks

YouTube - The Web That Wasn't: for Leonard: Alex Wright on the heritage of the web

Humans not evolved for IT security - Security - www.itnews.com.au : "Beyond Fear" in 2 minutes

StormWorm botnet lashes out at security researchers - Boing Boing : freaking scary

Software Programming and the Economics of Trust vs. Transactions > Trusted Advisor Associates > Trust Matters: Watch out for the assumptions and ideologies that value transactional efficiency instead of building relationships or foundations for the long term

Po Bronson on Silicon Valley Headhunters: "..search my name on Nexis, and you'll turn up nothing. Did I ever get credit? It's unethical." I reminded him that I couldn't search his name on Nexis because he wouldn't tell me his name.

Po Bronson on Silicon Valley: One of the WIRED articles that shaped my life; Sterling's Russia dispatch in the same issue, ditto

I Invent the Future » Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC 2007): I really want to attend, but a) money b) classes the first and last day of the conf

Women in Technology: submit?

Official Google Blog: Speaking in more languages: Why in the hell is this volunteer work?!

Schneier on Security: Entering Passwords Through Eye Movement: frickin' awesome

Head Hunters: Makes me want to be a good recruiter to drive out some of the crap

Walk Score - Helping homebuyers, renters, and real estate agents find houses and apartments in great neighborhoods.: Looks like a cool tool (hint hint, Kevin Kelly) to check out if/when we move

Michael Lewis - The New York Times: Sweet! I can subscribe to an RSS feed to alert me whenever Michael Lewis writes for the NYT! (Sumana is eleven yrs behind the times)

DemocracyTesters - Democracy - Trac: How to test - links to test cases & walkthrough

Miro nightly builds: for testing the former Democracy Player

Open Parenthesis » O’Reilly OSCON keynote highlights: for Leonard

Seeing Yellow: must obey boogabooga

Introducing templatemaker | Holovaty.com: Leonard, is someone stepping on your turf?

Web Services Middleware: All Grown Up: Apache, Axis2, new middleware, basically I am bookmarking this so Leonard can learn about a competing architecture

YouTube RSS Feeds: since YouTube doesn't seem to have RSS autodiscovery - here's how to hand-hack the URLs to get Democracy Player/Miro-friendly vodcast channels

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - How to Prepare for Software Managment Training Program?: tips on the current state of the Fog Creek Software Management Training Program

More Like Didgeridon't! - Worse Than Failure : I just love the title

ZaReason, Inc. : Hey Leonard, here's a source of prebuilt high-end Linux machines

UC Berkeley Webcasts | Video and Podcasts: CS 61A: classic, and I was too damn afraid to go when I was at Cal

Bottomless Soup: lessons from directing. You're directing the audience('s attention). Pay attention to the unseen. Perspire over details. Yay databases and floor plans.

JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon: Stalk Leonard's JavaRanch posts

» Letâs All Evolve Past This: The Barriers Women Face in Tech Communities - DevChix - Blog Archive : Do I get a freer pass because people seeing my name think I'm a guy?

Free Mother's Day Copilot, and IE7/Vista Ponderings: Father's Day, Copilot is free again - collaborate with family to surf, organize photos, or kill spyware

Democracy - Trac: Here's how I can help develop Democracy Player, soon to be Miro.

blog.pmarca.com: How to hire the best people you've ever worked with: Marc Andreessen and Paul Graham believe that startups shouldn't bother hiring people who care about anything but career

Nokia 6133 Tips. Cell Phones tips, tricks, and how-to's at CNET.: make the carrier do it

[M]etabrain[E]ntry[L]og: Olin students are slackers.: Like the person said about MIT teaching "a kind of fearlessness" -- is Olin next?

Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine - New York Times: Search for Buganizer (the internal Google bugtracker) and you get resumes from people who used to work at Google

http://tieguy.org/blog/2007/05/29/discuss-amongst-yourselves/#comment-21829: connecting Grice with perceptions of arrogance and the tact filter

Peter Van Dijck’s Guide to Ease » Blog Archive » A bunch of presentations on scaling websites: twitter, Flickr, Bloglines, Vox and more.: via kottke. I'll have this problem someday, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

http://www.usenix.org/events/hotbots07/tech/full_papers/provos/provos.pdf: "The Ghost in the Browser: Analysis of Web-based Malware"

What Every Manager Should Know About Feedback: via Eric Nehrlich -- would it be meta-subversive-feedback if I gave this to my managers?

Fix your mom's computer for mother's day - Joel on Software: Fog Creek Copilot (for Mac OS X and Windows) free on Sunday - save time with desktop sharing, kill spyware, back up files, install Firefox

Fractals of Change: Morph of a Nerd CEO - The Power of Silence: Make 'em sweat....kinda

A College Education Without Job Prospects - New York Times: absolutely and completely true, and harming thousands of promising people every year

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - Attitude problem?: interesting discussion on expectations, documents, discussions, and specifications

So you'd like to... Consider ideas for upgrading Amazon's software: using ListMania to give Amazon suggestions for improvement

Xooglers: Here's your desk. Now start doing marketing stuff.: "I suffered from what Sergey would often describe as a "big company attitude" that led me to expect rules and process and clearly defined areas of responsibility."

Recognizing Deven: Episode 26 - India grows up: "...once the Invisible Hand has taken all those historical inequities and smeared them out into a broad global layer of what a Pakistani brickmaker would consider to be prosperity..."

Coaching Geeks from Grace Hopper conference: how to get over self-destructive Feelings: Impostor, Loner, Outsider & Behaviors: Humble, Silent Analyst, Accomodator

Iceberg Sneak-Ins: "When it was done, I had to laugh at myself. Somehow my "one-line" feature required me to modify seven source files."

Blood, Bullets, Bombs and Bandwidth: "Not having power was probably the single biggest problem that created animosity among Iraqis," Ryan says.

http://infohost.nmt.edu/~val/review/flosspols.pdf: How awesome is Val Henson? Can't help but remember mustachioed Kara Thrace in the "must have beards" pictures

Working Assets Wireless: Working Assets does cell phone service as a frontend to Sprint

THE AD GENERATOR: a good companion to Kevan's slogan recombinator

User interface and user education: the significance of literacy and comp literacy; "our inability to articulate the standards for these judgments... was no evidence that the judgments were impossible"

Cell Phone Hand Set: Bitwise Gifts: for Zack: http://www.panix.com/~zackw/exbib/2003/September/7#0125

Giving an Academic Talk: yet more grist for my Powerpoint complaint mill of a column....wait

First Movers: A Musing on the Constitution and Windows: hard to refactor, and such a legacy system

Epicenter - Wired News: so many insights - the strengths of Sony, Intel, Dell; many short meetings with as many people as can come; different kinds of brilliance

Stop Illegal Spying: eff-endorsed

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2007 - Powerpoint Karaoke: via Scott Rosenberg. I want to see a video of this.

American Scientist Online - Where's the Real Bottleneck in Scientific Computing? : Computational illiteracy. Even some developers don't use version control (shiver). The marginal benefit of a single lesson in best practices is huge.

Women in FLOSS: via OtherMag blog. I never knew the LinuxChix logo was so awesome!

HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux : from the author of the negotiation guide! Incl. "Don't stare and point when women arrive"

Bread and Circuits » Blog Archive » Open Source, pre-1945: "I was finally able to tell [my grandmother] what I do: I take things that were never meant to go together and work with them until they fit, patiently refusing to give up...."

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Space 'nerd' readies for lift-off: Woooo Charles Simonyi!

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - What is good about working in the IT field?: the LEGO metaphor of software development: from click-bricks to terrorector sets

Introduction To Digital Identity - Google Video: for use in considering approaches in electronic health/patient medical informatics records, but also cool on its own

Everything Good is Bad For You (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought): How can it be that Aaron Swartz has written something that I 85% agree with?!?

Pilates and perfomance anxiety: of penises and the pelvic floor at Hugo Schwyzer: Kegels : women :: Pilates : men?

Wii.Nintendo.com - In-Depth Regional Wii Coverage: via kottke; cool postmortem interviews by and of Nintendo employees

The Honeywell H316 Kitchen Computer : "Hello! It is 1969, and my wonderful husband has bought me a Honeywell Kitchen Computer to help me with my cooking!"

Megginson Technologies: Quoderat » Blog Archive » REST: the quick pitch: via Jeff Atwood's Coding Horror blog

HOWTO negotiate your salary and benefits - for women: Val Henson's tips on getting better deals on yourself

Tech Salary Negotiations - IT jobs | Negotiation Institute: tips for increasing your salary & benefits - especially geeks

From Corner Office to Female Startup: reminder to self in 10 years: get my mug shot ready

Oracle: Greg Egan's alternate history short re Alan Turing: Leonard-recommended & Paul Wright-recommended

How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too) - Google Video: As with Karl Fogel's book, I suspect this will be useful to non-FLOSS folk too

http://craphound.com/spamsolutions.txt: [Your spam solution won't work because] checklist.

Super Deluxe - Cube: Geometric shapes collide in this action-packed videogame demo. Via Adam Parrish. The fun cannot be halted!

the girl with violets in her lap - : the tech gap between generations: "on boston.com, the news stories still don't know why these [things] were posted or by whom, while all the people on the message boards know exactly what's going on"

Shark Tank: Which part of "don't worry" isn't clear? - Computerworld Blogs: liferay, anyone?

SOA's and Drunk Driving - Enterprise Integration Patterns: the pendulum of architectural style

DNA/How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet: eight years ago Douglas Adams was more perceptive than a lot of tech pundits are today

Smithsonian Oral and Video Histories: Steve Jobs: apple is dead or will be soon, says Jobs in 1995

Dreaming in Code » Book excerpt: best exegesis of "off-by-one error" I've ever seen

People-Ready Overview: Microsoft presents: A Christmas Carol

Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits: huh, using grep instead of cat for wc

TOP 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT SQL SERVER : One way to learn a domain/topic, such as SQL Server: read satire about it

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - Non-Linksys firmware for Linksys router fixed my problems!: "Not only does my phone work now (and it sounds great), but my internet connection seems a lot faster!"

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - "Funky" Job Description...: The machines are taking over, and a definition of C++ appears in a job ad.

Indefinite Articles » Six Word Stories about Programming Languages: Next, "(This Song's Just) Six Words Long" by Weird Al Yankovic

Programming Theorems - destraynor : Paul Graham says to get users first--they'll be easy to monetize. Des Traynor disagrees.


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