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YouTube - "Don't Stop Me Now": 1) The song from Sean of the Dead. 2) The hordes of teenage girls noting that it's only n years till they can legally schtup Stephen Colbert. 3) Goddamn I adore that smile too!

The unthinkable made real - Page 3 - Salon.com: a reason to watch "24": to understand this (TiVo has started recommend-recording "24" and I find myself watching it)

A barbed look at babudom : The Indian version of "Yes, Minister" that Rohit mentioned

Star Trek Blooper Downloads: For Sumana. The only funny one I remember is Tim Russ in "VOY Bloopers"

The History and Evolution of MST3K Bots: Impressively obsessive

'Lost' book mention may be good for small press | IndyStar.com : Circular nature of the plot revealed as TV reruns.

The Atlantic Online | July/August 2004 | Dumb and Dumber | Joshua Green: Dynamics of campaign commercials; includes Craig Veroga quote. Explains how negative ads work even though everyone claims to hate them.


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