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Things I have to do.

Brother Solutions Center : Brother Driver for Linux Distributions: Tragically necessary to get scanner to work

http://www.governmentattic.org/DocumentsDoJ.html: Includes documents on old phone system security

Lazyone DS Development » Blog Archive » Mini vMac DS R3: Coming to terms with the fact that I'll never actually set this up

: Graph cross-references between RFCs

Prelinger Library: I wish to visit when I go to SF

TTA Press: Write story by Halloween

: -blacklist pcspkr

Tomboy : Simple note taking: Sam-recommended

GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! Now Playing at the Actors Playhouse, Off-Broadway, NYC: Possibly worth seeing

US News for Tuesday May 16th 2006 - Topix: Will this URI still work tomorrow?

: Rachel wishes us to check out the U of London residence halls

Space Syntax - London Pedestrian Routemap: "Culture name 'us' is not supported." Use during vacation.

BookMooch: a community for exchanging used books (book swap and book exchange and book trade): I totally need to do this, post office is pretty near my house.

REST - The Better Web Services Model - Parleys - The Belgian Java User Group: The Parleys multimedia player IS FOREVER OUT OF YOUR REACH!!!

Threads and thread pools in Ruby - can I rely on my knowledge about threads from C++ and .NET? (part 2): Good catch; I think core Ruby has this problem since I'm pretty sure I just ripped off core Ruby

.·`¯¯`·.__.·`¯ Blip Festival 2006 NYC NOV 30 - DEC 3 ¯`·.__.·`¯¯`·.: Should I go to this? Adam, are you going?

AIM Presence Services: Your honor, people's exhibit A, the URI, where it actually says "SOA"

Ajax and REST, Part 1: Ok, this is heavy

What's New in Edge Rails: Simply RESTful Support - And How to Use It: Still hoping S is keeping an eye on this so I can work on other things

robubu » Blog Archive » Http Caching (not as easy as it first appears): I'm starting to realize this

The Amateur Gourmet: Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Voce: Rawr rawr (41 Madison Ave at Madison square)

ongoing · RAD I: Why JRuby?: Ouch. Okay, not everyone shares my hippy attitude towards XML parsing.

ongoing · RAD I: Why JRuby?: Ouch. Okay, not everyone shares my hippy attitude towards XML parsing.

MAKE: Blog: Richard Feynman Video: More Feynman, stolen from the safes of history

HOPE Number Six: almost interesting enough to get me to get off my ass

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Is scraping easiest with Internet Explorer on Windows?: self-similarity?

: TODO: This seems to have gone away. I took it out of the recipe, but it needs to be verified.

You also can't use @break@ outside of the method that defines the
enclosing loop. Your code block can use @break@, but it can't call a
method that uses @break@: Ruby won't know where to jump to when it
encounters the @break@. If the example above were written like this,
@break@ wouldn't work:


def print_and_maybe_break(x)
  puts x
  break if x == 3

def count_ten_but_stop_at_three               # WRONG -- don't try this!
  1.upto(10) { |x| print_and_maybe_break(x) }

# 1
# 2
# 3
# LocalJumpError: unexpected break

: TODO: redo randomness recipes when test harness runs srand(23) before running recipe

: TODO: add make_tree to files intro, find reference for "writing to a file"

newsbruiser: Issue 5 : Now you've gone and promised.

Happy Software Prole » PRNGs and Groove Theory: Excellent link to rngtest program which will be perfect for my experiments.

Salon.com Wire Story: to nycb

: Do this in the post-Selfish MAME future when ludemic hybrids are trivial: Breakout Life

http://hugo.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~yjhsu/courses/u2010/papers/Amazon%20Recommendations.pdf: Read this--amazon recommendation paper

Leonard's Flashes Of Insight Preserved: Given a representation of a large number of recipes? How to find new combinations algorithmically? One simple heuristic uses the extreme rarity of incompatible food triads. Consider three foods (x,y,z). If there are recipes with (x,y) and (x,z) and (y,z) then (x,y,z) will probably work.

Similarly, if a recipe has (x,y,z) then any lesser combination should work.

Under what circumstances are foods transitive?

PS to people reading this: this is my next Ultra Gleeper-scale project

: get smoked almond variety pack for mom! brilliant!

http://groups.google.co.uk/groups?hl=en&lr=&frame=right&th=a74093a4e5fd39b5&seekm=mailman.1731.1113287321.1799.python-list@python.org: Blasphemy!

: Attach copy of 1040 to Arkansas form

Tyndall Report Homepage: If this were in text format it would be perfect for my experiment

Time Meddler: This will be the game that makes our fortune, Leonard me boy. Time travel game! In other such games you experience time travel from the perspective of a human: you turn back the clock to a specific point and relive events from there. In this game, you are a four-dimensional being! To you, the timeline looks like the pages of a flip book spread out before you. Like a Trafalmadorian you can reach out and touch any of the segments of a timeline that strike your fancy. Unlike a Trafalmadorian you can change events. Changes have ripple effects into the future.

The game board looks like a 2d grid. The squares contain people and objects in different states over time. That is, the x axis is stepwise "time" and the y axis is stepwise "state of person/object #n". Your job on each level is to meddle with the timeline to achieve a certain result (eg. to make two people fall in love). You can insert items into the timeline, move objects around, etc. Every time you do something at time k, the timeline is redrawn from k+1 onwards. Maybe you have a limited ability to affect peoples' minds (you can make Alice think "I'll go for a walk" but not "On second thought, I'm in love with Bob!"). With the right modelling the possible actions and resulting events could be very flexible.

It is a turn-based puzzle game because of course it makes no sense to have any time-related operations since the whole point is you exist outside of time.

How do I know this game will make our fortune? TIME TRAVEL, DUH!

Next time on "game design personal notebook theater": Captain Compliance! The game where the object is to get permission to play the game!

1-World Globes - The Moon: Get this for mom (she doesn't read this so it's safe)

Diary Of A Madman : Sumana points out that I could do these projects now

License Distribution: compare with the past

http://seminars.longnow.org/salt-jan02005-public-carse.mp3: from blackbeltjones

Niall Kennedy's Weblog: says he'll hook me up with more api hits

: Since this idea didn't actually make it into the Ultra Gleeper, I'll put it here. The idea is a service that wraps RSS feeds to annotate them in some way. The Ultra Gleeper would have used this to give Gleeper rating controls to each item in your RSS reader.

This idea came up when the Gleeper was somewhat tied to the notion of RSS feeds based on others' (and my) old idea that what we actually needed was an RSS reader that took more initiative. I think the bookmarklets make it less useful than it otherwise would be, but think of the applications for stripping RSS ads, to pick a lame but guaranteed inflammatory application.

Debian New Maintainers' Guide: in case of the increasingly vanishingly small possibility i have time to pick up the rfk package

U.S. Government News / Press Release Gateway - FCIC National Call Center: If only these worked (a random sample of 5 showed 1 that was still there and really had press releases)

Squidblog : reality keeps bending to kevan's wishes

National Model Railroad Association : for research

The Atom Syndication Format: aw man again

RSS 1.1: RDF Site Summary (DRAFT): aw man

XML Path Language (XPath): somebody implied beautiful soup should use xpath instead of a python interface because they don't want to learn another language. i dunno, i don't want to learn another language either

English.BuildingWithoutHelper - Debian Women: i guess i should take over rfk

New Releases: ok, time to be automatted

http://www.ffts.com/mmformat.txt: For FB

Taint.org MoinMoin Wiki - AlsaSoftwareMixing: maybe this will help

Pesto Myths And Facts: I got spammed! (There's a NB bug here, and also an opportunity to train the bayesian filter)

html parsing? Or just simple regex'ing? : I guess i should make it accept a list

HTML entity fixer - Peterbe.com (Peter Bengtsson on Python, Zope, Kung Fu, MMS, London and photos): Another such

FSM Leaflet: Map of Dwinelle, reverse of "an ethic must avoid" leaflet from the Free Speech Movement Archives 1964: for seth

EFF: High-Definition Personal Video Recorder Cookbook: better get to it

Official Wish-List: Rachel

CodeCon 2004: Much handier than PyCon

Ananova - News - Quirkies: Bite me, dog

Proposal Submissions: submit!

: nycb sumana on "it exists"

http://www.codecon.org/2005/: Codecon codecon

Philosophy of the GNU Project - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF): I guess I volunteered to giev this RSS last night

: Fix Brendan's NB quote

Spam-contaminated Stocks: For my project

PublicRadioFan.com - Listings by program: My Word: Even more instances than Allegro

oreilly.com -- Online Catalog: Gaming Hacks: I probably don't get a free copy

www.mnftiu.cc | home: Needs to be dadified; great test case for my panel recognition algorithm (which is unstoppable)

Weekly World News: Metadog bites metadog

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Operation Deep Scope 2004: Needs RSS *bad*

Apache and mod_gzip: Get this working

Mozilla Password Recovery Tricks: How to copy passwords from one mozilla profile to another

Light cone: Make this RSS feed actually work (eg. with pubDate)

826 Valencia - Store Log: I think this needs an RSS feed.

Jeff Minter: Mr. Llamatron

The Fishbowl: HTTP Conditional Get for RSS Hackers: Grok this

Golden Era Vegetarian Restaurant: Recommended by Joseph Brenner of KZSU

Kevin Kelly -- Help Wanted: Find that quote from "Napoleon of Notting Hill" for him

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP): Stop looking for this link, self! Here it is! (I think GPO stuff is PD, or near as makes no difference)

Creating Games with Pygame: Now that I've finally installed pygame, maybe I can get started.

: http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/index.html - this crashed the parser

CafePress.com | Publishing Learning Center | Use Your Store to Create & Sell Books: For the Christmas presents

Cassini-Huygens: Multimedia-Images-Raw Images: Slow motion

Observations : All: Treasure trove with no good front-end

Life Hacks - pre-Alpha: I see you, Danny!

: talk about the time you recorded yourself walking around, and the alarm system went off, and then you were in a state of perpetual scaredness because the alarm *kept going off*

The Great Curly Brace Trace Chase: He's so modest!

Simple Cooking Home Page: Sounds worth subscribing to

Internet Archive: Search Engine: Clean this URL up. It gets all the texts

That Home Site! Forums: Good forums, good candidate for RSSification

http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/317/live_comment_previews: Nick wants these.

http://www.101-280.com/archives/000378.html: Apropos Leonard-Steve conversation about the modern Amiga metaproduct lifecycle

: find price points for books

How to make a good ID in Atom [dive into mark]: duh; store the tag with the entry (do I already do this?)

California Extreme Classic Arcade Games Show: August 7-8 in San Jose

Blog Software Breakdown: Send out a NewsBruiser entry for that chart.

http://www.anthus.com/Recipes/CompCook.html: Bah! Why shouldn't I be able to pour ice cream over a steak recipe? i am ze chef!

This is actually a very important, albeit obnoxious, document (like Ted Nelson's stuff).

FrontPage - Technorati Developers Wiki: We got a great big wiki, rockin' through the night:

Lockergnome's Amazon RSS Feed Generator: Please update your RSS feed options.

Home Page - VersaLaser: Consumer-level (barely) 3D printer is here.


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