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Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Stories / The Office of Shadow by Matthew Sturges: Like "Declare" only good?!

Interprete » Code is Speech: Legal Tinkering, Expertise, and Protest among Free and Open Source Software Developers: "...developers reconfigure central tenets of the liberal tradition—and the meanings of both freedom and speech—to defend against efforts to constrain their productive autonomy..."

Science Fiction Writer Robert J. Sawyer: Identity Theft: yet more noir? may read

http://www.mikebrotherton.com/diamonds/?page_id=4: yay web-based scifi anthologies

Shiny Happy Users by Eric Drewski, Kevin Godby, Trent Grover, Elena Maximova, Michael Oren, Derrick Parkhurst, Janea Triplett, Valerie Williams (Book) in Computers & Internet: to brush up on IA

http://stevenpoole.net/trigger-happy/working-for-the-man/: Leonard, wanna check this out?

The Situationist International Text Library/The Society of the Spectacle : "Society of the Spectacle" to read free online

2008 Hugo Nomination List : Webkeeper is adding links so I can read stuff online, including Chiang and Kress

Princeton Class of 1933 Website: to read, via Kottke or something.

graphpaper.com - Interaction Design Style (My IA Summit 2007 Presentation): Oh God, I need to grok all this by Thursday, all of a sudden I need to be able to evaluate design critically

Versions of The Ramayana: What? The Amar Chitra Katha cartoon is not the definitive version? Seriously, maybe I'd like it more if I tried an original.

Documentary: "I For India" - Sepia Mutiny: WANT

Talking Back to Prozac - The New York Review of Books: The Morning News tells me to read it

Letter from Moscow: The Tsar’s Opponent: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker: I would love to believe there is near-term hope for Russia

What single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople? | Ask MetaFilter: Time to add things to wishlist.html

FORTIFY YOUR OASIS: Definitive Job-Hunt - The story so far: Leonard, these links might be useful to you in your job search

Wheaties for Your Wallet » Blog Archive » Your bank has a REST API now (shhh! — don’t tell them): "As a result, we’re not just providing an API for our own site, but also for all the bank and credit card sites that Wesabe supports, as well."

Web Services Middleware: All Grown Up: Apache, Axis2, new middleware, basically I am bookmarking this so Leonard can learn about a competing architecture

Star Harbor Nights - Updates M-W-F - 2.6: Answers and Questions: "This has got to be a front for something." "What makes you say that?" "It's called The Dummy Corporation."

Peter Van Dijck’s Guide to Ease » Blog Archive » A bunch of presentations on scaling websites: twitter, Flickr, Bloglines, Vox and more.: via kottke. I'll have this problem someday, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

How the World Works - Salon.com: note to self: read the letter to Sumana

http://www.usenix.org/events/hotbots07/tech/full_papers/provos/provos.pdf: "The Ghost in the Browser: Analysis of Web-based Malware"

History News Network: Top Young Historians: Is Jason Sokol the son of Jonathan Sokol?

George Orwell: Funny, but not Vulgar: I just need to buy and read a Compleat Orwell and not bankrupt myself in the process

Epicenter - Wired News: so many insights - the strengths of Sony, Intel, Dell; many short meetings with as many people as can come; different kinds of brilliance

Stop Illegal Spying: eff-endorsed

Chow down, dude | Salon Life: julie powell anecdote? sign me up! for danger! also Achewood, helll of such as rawr

The Poet Speaks of Art: poems about paintings, shown next to the paintings

The Broadsheet: newsletter for Broad Universe: Joanna Russ interview

gamecourse: CS classics with links

Wii.Nintendo.com - In-Depth Regional Wii Coverage: via kottke; cool postmortem interviews by and of Nintendo employees

From Corner Office to Female Startup: reminder to self in 10 years: get my mug shot ready

Oracle: Greg Egan's alternate history short re Alan Turing: Leonard-recommended & Paul Wright-recommended

SOA's and Drunk Driving - Enterprise Integration Patterns: the pendulum of architectural style

Interface User - Enterprise Integration Patterns: Programming interfaces

Chetan Bhagat: Alternate universe me is author of "One Night @ the Call Center" and "Five Point Someone - What not to do at IIT"

Dreaming in Code » Book excerpt: best exegesis of "off-by-one error" I've ever seen

“Every once in a while, take your left foot and bring it behind your right one”: How Hugo learned to dance at Hugo Schwyzer: Dominic and the girl in the grey sweater

Surprise: Not-so-glamorous conservation works best | csmonitor.com: Leonard! What can we do to get audited by Con Ed?

Adding Simplicity - An Engineering Mantra: The REST Dialogues, A Real eBay Architect: for Leonard and his cohort

The sexiest man living! | Salon Arts & Entertainment: yes

Greenlight | Departments | Food + Drink | : earth-friendly holiday meals

Do you make these 10 mistakes in a conversation? at Personal Development with The Positivity Blog: You don't always have to be right. Conversations !=arguments.

frontline: the gulf war: oral history: robert gates: Interview with the new Defense Secretary nominee about the first Gulf War

frontline: the gulf war: oral history: robert gates: Interview with the new Defense Secretary nominee about the first Gulf War

SOF: Ethics and the Will of God, The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer | [Speaking of Faith(r) from American Public Media]: My dad, the theologian - how much does he know about Bonhoeffer?

"The Outsider": I wish I could have seen Darren Aronofsky do Batman.

The Outsider: I wish I could have seen Darren Aronofsky's Batman.

Mike Schinkel's Miscellaneous Ramblings - Well Designed URLs are Beautiful!: "Can you feel my anger? Well Designed Links do NOT trigger JavaScript." plus links to 22 other URI rants

The New Yorker: Will Wright Profile: When, when, when is Spore coming out?

Tony Moyoy: 10 Tips for Freelance Success: I'm sorry to say that you do have to build and sustain relationships with editors to make them want your stuff more

The Cafes » Why REST Failed: Problem: "In 2006 browser vendors still don’t support PUT and DELETE."

Doonesbury's War - washingtonpost.com: I saw Trudeau speak once and it was pretty cool


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