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General Transit Feed Specification - Google Code: How many of the eight route_types have you experienced? I'm at 7, I think.

daily / links for 2009-07-05: hey, someone liked it

BART - Seen and heard on BART this week: Banjo, butterflies, found keys, sweat and despair : bart.gov used Beatrice Murch's photo on their homepage!!

http://niemann.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/07/01/the-boys-and-the-subway/: cute!

Amtrak - Weekly Specials Fare Finder: If only they came through New York more often

Moscow Metro Photos: Even more sumana pandering

Схемы и карты метро / glava : most sumana-esque page ever

The Pyongyang Metro: Statistics: station names "bear no relation to geography", presumably as an extension of the tactic of naming all the towns with very similar names


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