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Chicago Getaway Hostel in Chicago - Cheap Accommodation for International Backpackers: recommended by Roger Ebert ("I hear...")

Interprete » Biella’s Guide to PR: Memorable Events, Monumental Caves: "I first went on this very trip when I was 16 and it was one of those momentous, memorable events that struck like lightening."

http://www.jauntsetter.com/archive/travel_deals: For Sumana, who knows the way

Information Needed: "Object of journey"

Consular Holidays: Indian consulate in NYC has outsourced visa processing to a place that is closed on multiple Indian holidays in October

Transfer of Tourist Visa - India Visa Requirements: transferring a tourist visa to India to a new US passport costs $38, which is still way less than the 10-yr cost in the first place

A Coast to Coast Walk - Alfred Wainwright: Evidently lots of people do the Coast to Coast for charity

Village to village walking ... - Thorn Tree Travel Forum - Lonely Planet: Europe seems to have many village-to-village treks

Coast to Coast: May, June, and September are good times for the Coast to Coast. One wants to train substantially and wear very good boots.

A Walk Across England | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine: In about 2 weeks you can walk across northern England, in what sounds like the perfect balance between wild countryside and a well-marked path full of B&Bs

TSA | Transportation Security Administration | Wait Times: Wow, an actually useful service from the TSA

A Users Manual to Seat 21C - Jet Lagged - Air Travel - Opinion - New York Times Blog: Airplane humor is fresh again

[M]etabrain[E]ntry[L]og: ARTHRITIS: The Conquest! or: I miss libraries: first sentence is Mel being Neal Stephenson

Bumped Fliers and No Plan B - New York Times: Decadent biz traveler no-shows let overbooked flights keep budget advance-purchase flyers aboard. And re: trained agents leaving - it's been so long now I'd have no advantage at Salon.

Amtrak - Weekly Specials Fare Finder: If only they came through New York more often

whatsonwhen.com - welcome to the world's best events at whatsonwhen: How will I ever solve my travel & entertainment problem?

World66 - Home travel guide: i'd seen this before but am glad to be reminded of it


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