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http://www.flickr.com/photos/cornflake/6483183515/: Cute

http://splitsider.com/2011/04/the-complete-history-of-snls-celebrity-jeopardy: For future reference

Kung Fu Monkey: LEVERAGE #311 "The Rashomon Job" Question Post: in which I get weirdly intellectually schmoopy about "Leverage"'s "The Rashomon Job"

Jimbo Matison: several Uncle Morty's Dub Shack clips

Still taking essay considerations for book on Mystery Science Theatre 3000 | cfp.english.upenn.edu: I'm not gonna make this deadline, but maybe you will?

Character Actors: Useful list of character actors. Also a visual argument for more gender & ethnic diversity in film & tv.

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / User Profile / tor.com: Tor's posts on The Middleman

YouTube - bobtwcatlanta's Channel : This person is amazing.

Retrospace: The Match Game 1977 School Riot: Probably the most interesting 5 minutes of television from 1977.

October 2009: Nell Scovell on David Letterman | vanityfair.com: via maevele on dw. How are Colbert/Daily Show different?

Everyone matters.: Get out there & tell your story.

http://www2.macleans.ca/2009/07/15/sonia-sotomayor-pop-culture-maven/ : the comments include people speculating so as to make Perry Mason's always-losing prosecutor opponent not quite such a failure

The SALLY FORTH Dude Analyzes Television: "Part of my own ambiguous attitude to serials is that I think they can sometimes privilege plot mechanics over the creation of individual moments"

http://community.livejournal.com/vidding/1993598.html: vidding recommendations

SeeLight: Geek Post: Why Voyager Rocked: maybe I should give later ST:Voyager another try

Previously On: Prime Time Serials and the Mechanics of Memory « Just TV: from weinman's blog

YouTube - Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego: ludicrously overblown and gratuitously orchestrated? SILENCE

http://video.google.com/googleplex.html: not just the tech talks

Hugh Laurie — Crooked Timber: I'm partway there!

Clark And Michael: like the Face of the Enemy webisodes, something to watch when I'm bored

STARCADE!: Scores from different arcade games aren't additive! Fun show though. Also, the host keeps asking the contestants how they feel, which gets creepy.

Brandon Bird, Painter of Might: New Year's Steals: Brandon Bird sale till the 15th

AMC » The Prisoner Classic Series 1967 - 68: watch full eps of Prisoner free

Gina Bellman Leverage blog: getting the Job - Celebrity Blogs | TVGuide.com: visa trouble

Square One TV.org - Mathnet Guide: That episode you remember? With the gorilla, or Weird Al, or the Rear Window ripoff, or the Fibonacci-repeating parrot?

Jason Elliot Benda's Home Page, Version 11, Square One Song Lyrics: The pie was stolen at two o'clock.

http://www.jillthepill.net/mathnet/pics/joebevmnet.jpg: Who needs Mulder & Scully?

Crazy Local TV Commercials - Funny Christmas Ads - Esquire: Leonard pronounces the storage rental ad as one of his fave commercials of all time

Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Obama Plays It Cool: SNL articulates its conception of the new President

Installing and using MythTV: Using MythTV.: yay, closed captioning & autoskip of entire commercial breaks

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 reunion interview: Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, and Jim Mallon | The A.V. Club: Leonard, MST3K

IBM Personal Computing Catalog: MASH and IBM, together at last

Hulu - Death Note: ALL of Death Note is on Hulu?!

Target: Women - Digest - The Morning News: Everything by Sarah Haskins is great

Brutal Women: The Tudors: "One of the most despicable lies in history is that women were just always passive slaves to men. That, historically, women had no power and no voice and contented themselves with their lot in life. If that was true, nobody would have burned witches..."

SUPEROSITY Archives: Day by Day: Aha, here it is. Not as funny as I remember.

http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/2008/07/the-balcony-is-closed.html: awww. And he links to that outtakes video! Check the comments; thousands of people learned about movies and intelligent argument from their show

YouTube - Siskel and Ebert Uncensored: The international bankers! The Vatican! The commies! and Protestant jokes. and swearing.

Lifetime, Wow!: rates Lifetime movies on real and ironic awesomeness, "hey! it's that guy!" and overall Lifetimeness

Pankun & James as Giant Monsters in Godzilla Knock Off » TV in Japan: Then when winter comes they dress the dog in fearsome Godzilla sweaters!


crabwalk.com // Joshua Benton: DirecTV ads star Wayne Jarvis & Stan Sitwell & I think a 4th-tier continuing AD character. Also, Keith Olbermann looks like Joe Wahrhaftig.

YouTube - "Battlestar Galactica" Top Ten List: Just as authors can fanfic themselves, we see that actors can cosplay themselves

Ubuntu meets Veronica Mars - O'Reilly ONLamp Blog: Nicely demonstrates the difference between how people actually talk and how they talk on TV.

reseda_ptah: Fake News: Five Times Jon Terrified Stephen (5): "He's fragile and plagued by self-doubt. He always tries to do his best." I'd missed those.

YouTube - Square One TV: 8% Of My Love: creepy or wholesome in its sanguine "Here's how much I'll commit to you" calculation; a modern band should cover this

YouTube - Mathman Glitch Decimals greater than 1: YouTube comments on the Square One TV vids are already impassioned, but the ones for this clip show incredible anger

YouTube - Change Your Point of View - Square One TV: "Oblique Strategies" for kids with a rockin' beat

Compuhire - search-wise.net: Nothing ever dampens your spirits, does it, SearchWise?

The Annotated MST: The Sinister Urge is a silly urge

Tropes - Television Tropes & Idioms : Collect them all... OF DOOM!

Putin Strikes Again - The New York Review of Books: Have I mentioned that Russia is creepy? Creepy.

Mister Rogers might've even been a nicer person than you thought (reddit.com) : Mr. Rogers makes Redditors (and me) cry at work!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Edelstein: Lisa Edelstein : Salma Hayek :: Beck : Joseph Lieberman

The Poor Man Project: for posterity -- Danny DeVito is the poor man's Wallace Shawn

LRB | Thomas Jones : Diary: I would love to see these program[me]s.

Space Is Dum: Jimbo!

crunk games - The Game Center CX Episode Guide: Any show where they make someone play Takeshi no Chousenjou is fine by me

Frak Party: What is this, the Dean campaign?

All Shows: David Brin claims to be involved in this

It's alright, 'cuz I'm Saved By The Bell Quote of the Day: I'm currently working on the much slower but more rewarding task of doing this to mst3k

Star Trek Blooper Downloads: from amygdala

TrekToday - Blalock Calls 'Enterprise' Finale Appalling: No wonder you wipe people's memories! Your final episode is appalling!

the Darken Hollow - Fandom - Iron Chef - Reverse Engineered Recipes: the missing piece

Briscoe: for sumana

Cosgrove Hall's "The Wind in the Willows": Mr. Toad well-realized as Admiral Akbar


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