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Outer Space on Vimeo: Great video and very inspiring

InfoQ: REST and the Web as a Platform, with Subbu Allamaraju: Another random namecheck

CosmoLearning | Your Free Online School: Courses, Video Lectures, Documentaries, Images, Books and more: Man, how many of these sites are there?!

VideoLectures - exchange ideas & share knowledge - videolectures.net: More video!

YouTube - JamesBurkeWeb's Channel : more videos

Once Upon a Pixel Video Game | Reviews, Trailers & Interviews | GameTrailers.com: I'll watch anything with a Prinny in it

My GDC Microtalk, 2011. on Vimeo: This is my work laptop starting tomorow, so I gotta bookmark all these exercise videos.

OCW Consortium - Available Courses: Learning at random

Webcast: Netflix and the Second Coming of the Internet: As I try to figure out what is in peoples' heads when they say "API"

The Early Days of a Better Nation: This stayed in my browser tabs for four months, but once I watched it it was very nice.

BOARD JAMES: Deadly Danger Dungeon | Cinemassacre Productions: Even if you hate the AVGN, the first half of this video is great.

http://vimeo.com/9679622: The fox knows many things, but tilt-shift photography knows one big thing. (And it's a doozy)

Astonishing video: Most gigantic model railroad in the world | DVICE: "Eternally snow-covered Sweden"

Retro Core - Classic video gaming TV !: Not as fun as Chrontendo, but a much heavier focus on obscure games you might want to play.

http://www.berkeleylug.com/?p=204: Don't deal with this now, but come back to it when looking for a project.

AFOL: A Blocumentary by Jess Gibson | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog: A good way to spend a run.

http://vimeo.com/6588461: Sumana, you might like this.

Worlds of Power: Mega Man 2 | Cinemassacre Productions: James Rolfe goes avant-garde.

http://www.infoq.com/presentations/RESTful-Web-Services-Orbitz: Not as much hypermedia as I'd hoped but the kind of presentation I would have loved people to be giving in, say, 2006.

The Science Studio > Facts, values and a place for the profound: There's also a lot of videos here

Academic Earth - The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877: I've heard great things about these lectures

http://research.microsoft.com/apps/tools/tuva/index.html: Silverbite me.

IGN: Scott West Productions: Once Upon Atari: Man, I'll never have time to watch this.

Penguin Escapes Hungry Whales - Neatorama: He's a penguin!

The Gameshelf: video podcasts Archives : Actually the videos are here, but that other site is there too.

The Gameshelf : Fun videos

Zhejiang found in "Chang Yu Wang," like a round table of the burden of re-210: Chinese dudes catch enormous mola mola

Internet Archive: Details: Disneyland Dream: Wait, who's filming this?

Patrick Winston - How to Speak | overstated: Haven't seen this yet, but it's the only open tab in my browser, so out it goes.

Internet Archive: Details: C64 Gamevideoarchive 72 - Hover Bovver: Wow, it's got RFK-like love between a human and a llama

Aleksi Eeben: Redrunner: Almost exactly the sort of game I think the Selfish GAME would come up with

Miro channel guide: great source for online video

The History of Computer Chess: An AI Perspective: Just one of many videos from the Computer Museum

SmartFlix, the Web's Biggest How-To DVD Rental Store: Things I'll never learn

Internet Archive: Details: Alan Kay: Doing with Images Makes Symbols Pt 1: It's Reading Rainbow! (It's also an early SNL skit.)

Eames' information machine - data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics: Includes cute sight gag where holes are applied to punch cards with a saltshaker

LearningSpace - LearningSpace - OpenLearn - The Open University: Needs to be slurped

YouTube - The real Computer Monster: Another video for Sumana. Note dorky YouTube spam in comments

Dad's Home: For Sumana to watch. Excellent synthesis of different mayhem-styles + classic Cab Calloway tune.

Free Science Videos and Lectures: Free Education Online is Possible!: Another one of those aggregation sites

"Clever" music videos? | Ask MetaFilter: Sabotage by Beastie Boys and Take On Me seem amusing so far

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Century_of_the_Self: Is this worth watching?

Table of Malcontents - Wired Blogs: These reliably made me smile (esp the one with the bobbin)

How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too) - Google Video: The Ben and Brian Show

"Johnathan Miller Atheism Tapes": Are these just documentary tapes? Are they interesting at all?

vvvv: a multipurpose toolkit : vvvv : a multipurpose toolkit : The nega beast strikes again <--Meaningless description

Third Millennium Problem Solving - Google Video: David and Sergey Brin -- together at last!

Atheism Tapes from Jonathan Miller (Rough History of Disbelief) | The Rational Response Squad: Some weird non-downloadable Google Video voodoo

Seeds of Discovery 1970 - Google Video: Creepy intro

YouTube - Space Ghost C2C - Fire ant - part 1: As long as I'm linking YouTube videos. See this and then part 2 for the slowest burn in comedy history.

EIK 00: Epic Buckminster Fuller lecture

The Vega Science Trust - Freeview Science Programmes : Huge archive of video lectures and interviews with scientists

MAKE: Blog: Richard Feynman Video: More Feynman, stolen from the safes of history

Treehugger: William A. McDonough Conference from 2000: Everybody loves this so I'll watch it eventually

Hidden Google Video Categories: Didn't look into detail wrt how exactly they are hidden

LinuxDevCenter.com: Create Self-Booting Movie CDs: mplayer wrangling


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