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ghost.py: This does look great

http://docs.python-requests.org/en/latest/index.html: Try next time instead of httplib2

ifttt / About ifttt : Plumbing

Perspectives - Prioritizing Principlas in "On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services": Lists are not enough, now they must be ORDERED

http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2011/02/HashInURI-20110228.html: "Without running Javascript, the URI has no meaning." They TURNED HTTP URLS BACK INTO URIS.

How to create QRcode : Evan is correct: much easier to just paste a new sticker over these than to micro-vandalize them

Ten in Ten 01: Universal Redirect Locomotive : I worked on a RESTful Turing machine, but never completed it.

JSONPath - XPath for JSON: Thank you, random guy.


Access Control for Cross-site Requests: People have been solving the problems I wrote about

The web is a fuzz test: patch your browser and your web server: sing to the tune of "the world is a vampire"

YouTube - The Web That Wasn't: for Leonard: Alex Wright on the heritage of the web

IT Conversations: Geoffrey Bilder: Probably worth listening to

Mailhook - The easiest way to accept mail in your web apps: Nice hack

Ontology of Astronomical Object Types: The Semantic Universe

Using Memex to archive and mine \\community Web browsing experience: Haven't read it, but I'm sold

Blogging is great | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs: But where does he stand on motherhood, apple pie?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Web inventor fears for the future: To make a web it takes a Berners and a Lee

How not to fix HTML ā Le Ā«blog personnelĀ» de Joe Clark: Vraiment a righteous rant

Certifications and Site Trustworthiness: TRUSTe certification is an _anti-sign_ of trustworthiness, claims crazed guy-who's-probably-right

Video: Douglas Crockford, “An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the Dom” » Yahoo! User Interface Blog: Yu end yur dawter ur DOM

SpielByWeb : Perhaps you will spiel... BY WEB!

A Search for REST Frameworks for Exploring WOA Patterns -- And Current Speaking Schedule: I agree with distobj: a good web framework is a rest framework

XMLHttpRequest HTTP Feature Tests: You *can* do a PUT or DELETE from a web browser, by using the browser inside your browser: XmlHttpRequest

GVU Center's WWW User Surveys : Track the growth of the early web

rfc 1436: About all there is to know about gopher

Oldenburg Archie Gateway: October 1993, huh

Index of /History: There's more where that came from

The original proposal of the WWW, HTMLized: I'd never seen this before yesterday -- name-checks Colossal Cave. "[Copyright enforcement and data security] are of secondary importance at CERN, where information exchange is still more important than secrecy."

ProgrammableWeb: API Listing: As previously, but less monetized

StrikeIron, Your Trusted Web Services Marketplace: Too bad they're all soapy, this is great

mnot: Python HTTP APIs: Use at your own risk

HTTP/1.1: Method Definitions: Guess the verb!

bud.com: the web is your playfield: The website that walks like a man page!

HTTP Authentication with HTML forms : Paul James: Kind of weird that REST+usability is killing accessibility

Ghostzilla - the invisible browser: No, you fool, don't use it for its intended purpose!

Main Page - Microformats: dig it

Purple Bookmarklet: Nice bookmarklet, hilarious comment spam

YubNub: I only link to this because the logo is the snail candle from 'Guess the Verb!'!

HTTPLR: over my head

http://gbiv.com/protocols/waka/200211_fielding_apachecon.ppt: Fielding speaks

WSGI Explorations with Python: Nice summary, this guy should write professionally (he kind of does, for Linux Gazette)

mod_python, best practices: love/hate relationship w/mod_python

Wasting Precious Time - Welcome: Great! 5-Card Nancy with archive.org photos!

Beautiful Soup: We called him Tortoise because he taught us.: It's back with version 2.0. Just making sure the NB->delicious code still works.

Term Extraction Documentation for Yahoo! Search Web Services: What's going on here?


FormEncode/Validator: Oh, don't be modest, Ian

XHTML Quick Reference Guide: Home: This will put an end to people emailing me about NESTABLE_TAGS once and for all.

Proxy List: More tools should have built-in proxy juggling support, I suppose

Matrix URIs - Ideas about Web Architecture: This makes a lot of sense

myelin: urlstemmer: Thanks a lot

Yahoo! Search Web Services: Doing what I've been wanting GWS to do for forever (images, news, etc.)

Bloglines | Bloglines Services: look into this

api.creativecommons.org: Just in case

WebserviceX.NET :: XML Web Services solution provider: the rest version

http://www.w3.org/2001/12/soap-encoding: is this the soap rosetta stone?

shorlify « shorl.com: shorn

Subway: frantic filing

PwnResearchNotes - Internet Systems Research: pwned

URLinfo beta || Fagan Finder: collect them all

mezzoblue  §  Standards Resources for Beginners: "use discretion"

43 Things: from that salon article

ZSI: The Zolera Soap Infrastructure: For maximum confusability, I deem it "Zoap"

Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures : primary source

Play Nintendo and Sega video games online for free!: well this is just frikkin slick

Life vs. Life: battle royale

XML Path Language (XPath): somebody implied beautiful soup should use xpath instead of a python interface because they don't want to learn another language. i dunno, i don't want to learn another language either

Suck: Daily: One of those suck articles that's *almost* prescient

Extension Room :: Add N Edit Cookies: Useful

Extension Room :: miniT: "browser is refocused on ui middle click" == solid gold

Kitten (GSS-API Next Generation) (kitten) Charter: fittingly, my robot found this

Review: Ten Extensions Enhance Firefox: tech: sufficiently extreme?

SecuriTeam.com ™ (HTMLer - An Automated Broken HTML Generator (Mangleme Python Port)): The perfect companion to Beautiful Soup

Cascading Style Cheatsheet: fine, i'll file you, just get out of my browser

Extension Uninstaller for Mozilla by Jeremy Gillick: It's a scandal that this doesn't come with mozilla already

Coral: The NYU Distribution Network: Probably already posted, but here it is again

Unobtrusive Javascript: "Creating and destroying elements"

Python Web Modules: See how good this is

What's New in Mozilla 1.8 Alpha4: Basic auth logout!

benlast: Olivia Newton Coleridge: Lucis explanation of Ted Nelson and nelson-like phenomena. Rather than correct that typo I have decided that "lucis" is a word: a combination of "lucid" and "precis".

Common REST Mistakes: Defy common mistakes!

O'Reilly Network: MP3 Sound Bites: More clever stuff

Jon's Python modules: Very nice

XML.com: An Atom-Powered Wiki: oh yeah, that meta tag

PEP 333 -- Python Web Server Gateway Interface v1.0: Wave of the future

AutoPOST Automatic Form Posting: Very clever (from Toph)

W3C XML Schema: For REST

The Benefits of a Service-Oriented Architecture: But call the same thing "SOA" and it aggravates me.

XML.com: Implementing REST Web Services: Best Practices and Guidelines: Now that I look at this is makes a lot of sense

Coral: The New York University Distribution Network: Is this better than the archive.org thing?

The Incredible LinkTron5000 (tm): Well, it's kind of incredible

mechanize: Nice, close to SF

FAQ Question #149: Digest auth lets you get protected entries in a LJ RSS feed

Geek Style: Optimizing Mozilla Firebird: Nother dang list of hacks

Simple Tricks for More Usable Forms: Sure, why not

WEB-DAV Linux File System(davfs2): Clever.

Apache and mod_gzip: Get this working

Hack Links: Wait, this is Trackback.

Jesse's Bookmarklets Site: v. useful, and now bookmarked

Mozilla Password Recovery Tricks: How to copy passwords from one mozilla profile to another

RSS Feeds: Another great source of scraped RSS feeds

mozdev.org - livehttpheaders: index: Show HTTP conversations as they happen (works for HTTPS too, according to Ed)

Firefox Help: Tips & Tricks: nglayout.initialpaint.delay

Curiosity is bliss: Custom context menu entry in IE and Mozilla: I wonder if you could use this technique to remove *useless crap* from the browser context window

Little Boxes: Little boxes, on the web page [Update] Oh no, my smartass comment was the same as the title of the webpage! I'm melting!

Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs): How to get URLs from furners


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