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The Generator Blog: does what it says

Squidblog : reality keeps bending to kevan's wishes

.:: Java For U.com ::.: A similar construction to "Linux For You"

CoolGov : Perfect companion to my big-ass feed

the hungry tiger: rawr

2004 Olympics Greece: Example fake weblog

http://nb.ikick.de/nb.cgi/: Auf Deutsche, seems dead (if only I had I18Ned earlier!)

http://starship.python.net/crew/mwh/blog/nb.cgi/: First verified instance of another software's failure (Advogato) driving someone to NewsBruiser

http://le-hacker.org/blog/nb.cgi/portal: Great URL, frequently updated.

http://chatta.us/NB/nb.cgi/portal: Wow, using NewsBruiser to do useful work.

http://www.student.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~bamoore/weblog/nb.cgi/: Tricked-out blogroll (uses bloglines somehow?!), good update frequency

http://blog.headspin.com/nb/nb.cgi/: When NewsBruiser carries pictures of your kids

http://feministfoodies.blogspot.com/: In the kitchen by choice

Planet Python: A planet where pythons evolved from men?

Best of Google Answers :) :: Main Page: that relentless smiley face! it mocks me!

Xenoclone: I'm not sure why I linked to this.

Aquarionics - Daze at a time: I think he is on to me.

waferbaby: hussy: "reading this is sort of like reading random synapse firings from all of geekdom, except that a large percentage are funny. i'm pretty sure that this leonard richardson guy is funded by the illuminati. it's not so much that he's crazy as random."


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