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http://www.squishedfrog.com/mtblog/archives/2007/10/#001249: Pretty good summary of VP

Old is the New New : Sumana, it's like Jaime Wenman's weblog except on a much wider scale.

Nandini in Browntown: NAN...dini!

So, you want to be an ARCADE champion? : Yes, this kind of weblog is catching on! Going through all the old arcade games. Framing device: sizing up the world records for those games, looking for easy pickings

Kathryn Cramer: Mike Popovic sez ask her about SF publishing

Japanmanship: Subscribed! Just for the name.

Dandelife.com : A good interface for several of my future projects

mnot’s Web log: Another

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking: Joe Gregorio's weblog

Techuser Home: Kind of preachy

BlogBridge: Looks like it has a recommendation engine

Eric Nehrlich's Rantings : fun, broken rss

Niall Kennedy's Weblog: says he'll hook me up with more api hits

MAKE: Blog: the colorful bandwagon

Mike Linksvayer » CodeCon Saturday: gleeper skeptic but receptive

Adam Sampson: Adam Sampson: don't remember where i found this guy (not really a weblog but who cares)

GovTrack.us: Track Federal Legislation : dig into this better

frogblog: frog blog demon dog

: Come up with a better 'weyoun's blog' than the one you just did and deleted

Delocalized Ham | Neil's Website: For lack of a better place to put this

this is about atom (16 August 2004, Interconnected): quick, stuff this in there

Government Jobs for All: Little American flags for others

In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood: Great stories of frailty, folly, snafu, class, etc.

food porn watch: Treasure trove

826 Valencia - Store Log: I think this needs an RSS feed.

Pillow Talk: Forgot about this, found it again months later--one additional entry! Not exactly Pepys quality site maintenance.

Ari Paparo Dot Com: Big List of Blog Search Engines: They'll be perfect for my experiments.

MonkeyFilter | The (in)complete musicblog list:: Finally someone providing links to these alleged 'music blogs' instead of just asserting that they exist and they're so cool and they know all about the 0-day music blogz inc. the ones that require passwords to get access and they have the password cause they know the guy from Amoeba Records who totally hooked them up

The Scoop: "the rss feed says--" "republic in ruins! print it!"

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Must have contents, huh?

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here:

Blogs and Wiki: WikiAndBlog: smackdown: people are starting to look for vocabulary

Learning about Lean: lean and mean

Henrik Levkowetz - 17 Jul 2004 - all: tell him about NewsBruiser (done)

Read/Write Web: Microcontent Wiki: At last, the weblog comment menace is being revealed

beyond bullets: How to design a presentation, over and over again

Subject Index: Index... to madness!

Present Attention: Back in time

bread coffee chocolate yoga: The essentials of life.

Blog Software Breakdown: Send out a NewsBruiser entry for that chart.


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