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punditslash: "The Drink" by SilentAuror: The best Colbert/Stewart slash I've read. I've been thinking JS-SC is the One True Pairing but many argue in favor of Colbert-Olbermann?!

Mixing Memory: Gender, Math, Stereotype Threat, and Testosterone: one result: if you think you'll do badly because of stereotype activation, you're more likely to handicap yourself via procrastination, etc.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Back_and_to_the_left: Also, a Defective Yeti post from years ago

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patron_saints_of_occupations_and_activities: Bookbinder? PR? Girl Guides?

Simon of Trent, from Wikipedia: Patron Saint Of: Children, kidnap victims, torture victims (unofficially) revenge, libel, murder, anti-Semitism (formerly)

YouTube - Kodak - Winds of Change: self-mocking, self-aggrandizing corporate communications

People-Ready Overview: Microsoft presents: A Christmas Carol

Lab worker found guilty of murder in acid vat trial: chloroform, a stun gun, and a vat of acid

not a bad way to go: what the end was like

FOUND Magazine | His Doughnut: Excited? Terrified? Desperately bored?

mithril_lathe: fun


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