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pubsubhubbub - A simple, open, web-hook-based pubsub protocol & open source reference implementation. - Google Project Hosting : Also for work

Open Data Protocol (OData): After looking at this for about 1:30 it looks great

Overview: Extracting article text from HTML documents | My tech blog.: For work

[M]etabrain [E]ntry [L]og » Blog Archive » Mel’s hunt for a citation management system: Thanks, Mel.

Parallel upload to Amazon S3 with python, boto and multiprocessing « Blue Collar Bioinformatics: I may or may not need this.

Geeks in Boston » Working from Home: Why It Sucks: yup.

Bread and Circuits » Open Source, pre-1945: a reminder of why I'm glad I'm about to start my new job

Career Couch - Keeping a Job Search Under the Radar - Interview - NYTimes.com: Does deliciousing *this very article* create suspicions in the hearts of one's bosses?

Index of /~fabbione/irclogs: The fabled "irc log"

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - Most "cruel and unusual" work duties?: "So I know how many people it takes to change a light bulb around here and it is scary!"


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