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http://www.governmentattic.org/DocumentsDoJ.html: Includes documents on old phone system security

Writing Like a White Guy: "When I say �privilege� here, I mean the condition of not needing to consider what others are forced to consider...Writing is as much the process of arriving at the point of composition as it is the act of composition itself."

http://www.theawl.com/2011/04/inside-david-foster-wallaces-private-self-help-library/: Pretty raw. "Maybe someone should have kept telling him that he may have been a genius, but he was also a big idiot."

http://hradzka.dreamwidth.org/412402.html: I noticed exactly this problem with CG--at least half the characters are female (for some value of "female") but because the narrator is male I had to gender-change bit roles to pass Bechdel.

http://www.benjaminrosenbaum.com/blog/archives/2010_07.html#000831: " In the real world, the labor that the bored sysadmin contributes to Apache is surplus created by the hyperefficient operations of state-mediated market capitalism..."

4 Danger Signs To Search For, Before Sending Off Your Novel - Writing - io9: All the signs (except the author, who's cool) point to a cheap Digg-bait article, but in fact it's insightful and useful.

: We are not, are, are not.

Flashbake: Free version-control for writers using git - Boing Boing : Leonard uses Tiddlywiki for worldcreation; I'd be curious whether any authors are now using Flashbake

Ursula K. Le Guin: A Left-Handed Commencement Address: jawdropping

MediaShift Idea Lab . How Do We Categorize All Journalistic Errors? | PBS: towards an ontology of journalistic error

Story Generator - TV Tropes : I guess it's concievable someone could use TV Tropes to *make progress* on their writing

Essay - What to Write Next - Picking a Genre for Your Next Novel - NYTimes.com: Hilarious.

A Glossary of Terms Useful in Critiquing Science Fiction: Useful in conjunction with other such sources. I especially appreciated "rubber science"

From "Herovit's World":

Damn it, it there was one way to kill a sale in this field it was to let a word like "ambivalence" slip into a final draft along with words like "subtlety" or "intimation" or "foreshadow" or "coalesce" or "tits."

Lorem Ipsum: Mary Anne's online writing classes start tomorrow: "one for beginners (both fiction and nonfiction), one intermediate (also both fiction and nonfiction), and one on writing about sexuality."

People Who Need People - Pogue’s Posts - Technology - New York Times Blog: to consider for getting clips of my archived columns

: First line: "The book sure had a lot of product placement in it."

: "He threatened me with a knife catalogue."

research!rsc: Computing History at Bell Labs: Useful for research for "The Man From A.R.P.A."

The Well-Tempered Plot Device: Nick Lowe: Ah, total classic and deserves a spot in my bookmarks

: Loose Brains Down Planes

: "Caution: filling is sentient" could be a real story

: Death By {Game,Graph,Number} Theory

Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine: home: These people have a pretty hands-on approach to publishing

: Day Of The Word

: Hope is a poison.

Submitting to the Black Hole : Via Sumana

500 words a day is easy: Probably worth committing to something like this

William Shunn : Manuscript Format : Short Story: Includes simultaneous show and tell

Analog -- Submission Guidelines: You're the rebranded "Amazing Stories"!

Asimov's Science Fiction - Manuscript Guidelines: You're getting TEoC!

Politeness and Authority at a Hilltop College in Minnesota - New York Times: more thoughts on women and the posture of authority

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergei_Korolev: Background for "The Man From ARPA"

http://absolutewrite.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=166: Top secret VPXI clubhouse

ConScript Unicode Registry: For Mom.

Colbert Arcs - Maclean's Canada: JJW points out what Leonard & I have known for a long time: Colbert Report is a farcical soap opera on the order of Arrested Development

Tropes - Television Tropes & Idioms : Collect them all... OF DOOM!

Poynter Online - Fifty Writing Tools: Gone from the web, presumably made into a book

Ralan's Webstravaganza - Ralan.com: Online list of F&SF markets

NARA | The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription: Let's teach the US Declaration of Independence in English/Lit class, not just History. The brilliance of "let Facts be submitted to a candid world."

Putin Strikes Again - The New York Review of Books: Have I mentioned that Russia is creepy? Creepy.

: To write about: hardware epiphany, FogBugz API restification, Internet Archive, RESTful token auth

cecil vortex: An Interview with Jon Carroll: wire basket of ideas. Find the jokes. Throat clearing can be ok. Be vernacular. Big thought-provoking finish.

: Content From Nowhere

Tech Magazine Loses June Issue, No Backup: Note to self: write more like Ellen Ullman, less like Sandra Tsing Loh

TTA Press: Write story by Halloween

Essays: 'Divine comedy' by Julian Gough | Prospect Magazine May 2007 issue 134: "The novel cannot submit to authority." Yet, somehow, it does.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Poetic_form: Look what the poets have been doing while we weren't looking!

SFReader.com Science Fiction & Fanatasy Author Page: David Walton: It's a portal!

Scalpel Magazine - Sharp Reviews and Interviews: Worth looking at later

http://www.writesf.com/: I may have delicioused this already, but it's worth another trip

: "Do you see? Classic anal-expulsive behavior."

"What the hell?" Wicklund said. "Dickens isn't good enough for you but now you're a Freudian?"

"Certainly not," said Ahdbiby. "It is, forgive the pun, a load of crap. But so inventive!"

Babel's Dawn: Distributed Attention: This gives me an idea for a creepy new story

Self-Publish your books with Toad Hall Inc.: The perfect name for a self-publishing press

: Leonard's title: What Happens on Mars, Stays on Mars
Alexei's title: Arthur C. Clarke Totally Destroys You With His Ninja Powers

MIT World » : Play: The Craft of Science Fiction: Worth finding a way to play this


"Did you get that in the market?" Tin was clutching his envelope as though
afraid someone would steal it.

"It's a golem kit," he told Lin. "An artificial animal made of
paper. See, it says, 'You can make a golem that hops like a frog!'"

Above Tin's protestations, Lin took the envelope and shook it above
his head. "You keep squandering your money because you don't
understand the principles of life. Paper is dead; the water's been
pressed out. You can't make life from death."

"What about when you eat? The food is dead."

"And it stays dead until it's incorporated into living water. It won't

A Writer's Toolkit by Rudy Rucker: "By using fantastic devices it is actually possible to manipulate subtext." You're mad! Mad, I tell you! [I have power issues.]

: He Whose Mask Remains Fixed, He On Whose Cape There Is No Tugging, and the Unpolluted Wind

Summa Technologiae: Partially translated!

: "Dear God! Haven't enough words been spilled already?"

Ruby, Rails, Web2.0 » Blog Archive » Book Review: Ruby Cookbook: Very detailed review

Unix Review > Book Review: Ruby Cookbook: Everything I wanted people to say in Cookbook reviews

Wikipedia Brown and the Case of the Captured Koala: Designed for Sumana

Kathryn Cramer: Mike Popovic sez ask her about SF publishing

A Seminar on Writing Prose: Very good so far

Tony Moyoy: 10 Tips for Freelance Success: I'm sorry to say that you do have to build and sustain relationships with editors to make them want your stuff more

: Book ideas: the one from yesterday I forgot, and something about botnets: how they work, who runs them, etc

Live From Noreascon 4: Panel Report: "As You Know, Bob: The Positives and Negatives of Infodumps in Writing": This is exactly the sort of craft rule I need

: killing my darlings: i cut the phrase "and took to their task with a head notentirely unencumbered by narcotics"

: Alternate title: As We May Suck

Write a Novel: Possibly already delicioused

: "Sanity is no prerequisite for creativity. Phillip K. Dick was crazy. Dr. Bronner was crazy, but he made great soap. So, yes, I'm saying Bach was crazy."

From "Philosophy Before Socrates": But they were not in the position of nineteenth-century aSouth Sea islanders confronted by just one prestigious civilization with its ancient and well-established religion. They faced two such civilizations, the Egyptian and the Mesopotamian, each with its own pantheon, mythology, and views on the origin on the world. In this unusual if not historically unique situation, it is understandable that afew highly intelligent and reflective people should have come to question their own religious tradition and the others as well, inventing and developing ways of examining beliefs for their plausibility and intelligibility.

The Purple Planet Writing Contest | memetherapy: My chance for fame!

: Wanbang tore open the envelope. A few lines of Thai characters, written calligraphy-style on the cheap military paper used for dispatching orders. A poem:

Cauldron of boiling water
I drop in two stones

Online Writing Workshop for SF, Fantasy & Horror: Become a Better Writer!: I kind of want to join this but sumana alleges it violates the "money flows towards the writer" rule

carapace_green: There's an interesting discussion going : Yes, please identify the fundamental principles of craft

Whatever: Science Fiction Outreach: I like the idea of exciting but not-ghetto-looking covers (but I also like ghetto-looking covers)

Strange Horizons, a weekly speculative fiction magazine: Home of the Strange Brew

Jim Baen's Universe: And welcome to it

: "It sure is good to be back in the Khanate."
"Yes, sir," said the smiling clerk, who'd never crossed a border in his life.

: Damn, I'm a genius on the small scale: "Every time you see an Alien on television he's standing on his hind legs, like the Geico insurance lizard, so he looks more human."

The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches: Seen this before, but I need it for reference

: It was one of the all-time great headlines, up there with "SECRETARY DENIES ALL KNOWLEDGE"

: It was one of the all-time great headlines, up there with "SECRETARY DENIES ALL KNOWLEDGE"

The Clarion Foundation: Wait, Kim Stanley Robinson is a _man_? That... confirms what I thought before, actually.

: "Heh, heh," he said, carefully enunciating each chortle

http://www.writesf.com/: Is this guy patronizing me, or is it written below my grade level?

: "It is a tactical axiom that one should never kill an enemy while there is intelligence he has not given you," said Umat. He hefted the hatchet. "But my tribe believe that there is no better time to kill an enemy. Concentrate, if you will, on the one thing you must die before telling me."

Umat slammed the hatchet home. There was a horrible gasping noise until another chop from the hatchet severed the soldier's windpipe. Umat reached into his toolbelt for small, precise chisels. "Quickly," he murmured, "before it decays."

: Old draft removed.

Index of /ftp/tex/impatient: Dammit! TeX!

: The Napoleon of Thoughtcrime

: Sierpinski Gaskets

BOOKNER: Where Literary Agents and Publishers Find Bestsellers: If only there were some way to "game" this "system"!

: "Buying a handful of memories to take back to the farm, destroying their lives with a few nights of pleasure."

How to write a novel in 100 days or less — Day 1: Eventually I figured out that the thing mentioned for a given day is not the *only* thing you do that day

: Gish looked up and off into the distance. "Before the Khanate I spent two years at a flyspeck consulate," he took a breath, "the Democratic Revolutionary Worker's Republic of Laccoon."

"Sounds awful," said Erg, expecting a lukewarm, dissembling defense.

Gish leaned forward. "It's actually very nice," he said. "They call it that to keep the Khanate tourists out. If you're ever up north..." The promise, or invitation, died in the face of logistical impossibility, or if it was only a recommendation, no more needed to be said.

Space Squid: Hey, that's a *cuttlefish*!

So You Want to Write a Book?: Oh, hi there. (Incidentally, this seems to be about ten years old.)

: "Okay," he'd told Keith, "but I was really looking forward to making out with a bisexual sysadmin while being irradiated with PCBs." The recognizer kept Vijay busy for two weeks and he did indeed miss his chance to go to Katamari Pyromancy.

Poynter Online - Fifty Writing Tools: Go through this

: The League of Temporary Nations, the United States of Nature, that great and totalitarian anarchy under the lash of the Ad Hoc Working Group

: Mares furiously worked his shoulders to signify ignorance of and disassociation from any impropriety.

: In Waffle House scene: connect the essentially similar combinatoric possibilities of Waffle House hash browns to the essentially similar combinatoric possibilities of moves in a game. Chunk the waffle house hash browns into oblivion the way a chess grandmaster chunks his possible moves into one or two. I am a genius!

: "I do not come from the stars to play hacky-sack with you, gentlemen."

: Twenty-Second Plenary Conference On The Withering Of The State

: "The League are a net exporter of chemicals, scientific equipment, even plastics. Your Arsenal only sells agricultural equipment and weapons. And, I suppose, agricultural equipment that can be used as weapons."

: The Great Hall Of The People And Also Science

: "Colonel Odeo is an officer and a gentleman," said Chiffu. Then the old punchline: "Too bad his tac third's a psychopath."

: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Furries


The Well-Tempered Plot Device: Nick Lowe: Bad writing ACTION!

50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work: Since the last time I saw this I became a real writer and now it doesn't seem so difficult

ReportLab - Open Source Software: Works really well once you figure it out

: Dear diary, tonight I wrote a wiki. I feel dirty.

Chiffu gets drunk and sings:

You may call it a quirk of the goddess of Fate
You may call it a terrible joke
But the heroes whose story I come to relate
Are Chiffu and Wanbang and Sōk!

There were fifty-three guards at the old bridge of stone
Now only the statues remain
Who did it in style, who did it alone?
It's Chiffu and Sōk and Wanbang!

The oncoming flood that you cannot defend
The mistresses of battle-fu
Betrayers of ladies, seducers of men
It's Wanbang and Sōk and Chiffu!

"Your song is horrible," said Sōk.

"It's not my song," said Chiffu, patting invisible epaulets on her shoulders. "This is the song of all three of us, the song of the air and the jungle! This is a song for the chickens and ring-tails, for the ox and his brothers and for everyone who walks on this earth!"

"I knew it," said Sōk. "You are a Nanawan spy."

Chiffu spread her arms heartily like the Khanak of low comedy. "Tvovarishen!" she called out. "No more need we sing of the white flowers of peace, for a new poet comes whose doggerel touches our collectivist hearts!" She played haughty Nanawanese, boisterous Mongol, and stage drunk--no, she actually was drunk and was just letting it show.

"Go to sleep," Wanbang told her. "You'll be less entertaining in the morning." Chiffu pirouetted into her cot and threw up.

[Eggplant Literary Productions, Inc.] Updated Newbie Writer's Resource: i guess the reason publishers' advice to authors is solely about conforming to stylistic guidelines is that no one ever does

: "So what happened to your tactical?" asked Wanbang.

"She got pregnant," said Chiffu, shifting her backpack from one hand to another.

"Oh, that's nice," said Wanbang, "but it was dumb." "Very dumb," said Chiffu.

ST(O) : If all stories were written like science fiction stories : Death by exposition

: His favorite thing in the whole world was when two quantities cancelled each other out, even if this happened by definition.

: Jeff was lately slow to respond because he was trying to hide the fact that he was suffering vivid, momentary hallucinations in which the people he knew asked him reasonable-sounding questions.

Turkey City Lexicon: In case I didn't post it already, a bestiary of SF cliches

:: Neal Stephenson ::: Mr. Defensive

Live From Noreascon 4: Panel Report: "As You Know, Bob: The Positives and Negatives of Infodumps in Writing": How to do exposition

: The time he spent writing recipe card holders and hacking Apache to give dumb response codes like 506 Server Hates You.

A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices: Pleonasm is "normally a vice"; would that all vices were so inoccuous

The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot: "No yarn of mine written to the formula has yet failed to sell." Move over! I'll show you how to do it!

: Bob wistfully tongued his suicide capsule.

: The Napoleon of Notting Hill

free live nude Linux warez chat misc/story.html: Now I want to write this story.

: Baggy shirtsleeves into which his hands could curl and retreat like turtleheads

The Snowflake Process for Writing a Novel: OK, I'll bite.

: Quick story fragments: pinocchio as mathematical oracle (pinking shears)/"the comedian tells us" in scholarly papers

How to Write Good: Ow!


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