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Dessert Fridge: The other day, Arthur opened the freezer and said “let’s see what’s in the dessert fridge” and now Dessert Fridge is a thing. Yes, I buy a lot of popsicles.

Going Home: I told Arthur to charge his tablet for the long drive tomorrow and he asked how long it was. When I told him ten hours he said “ugh! Can’t we go to a different one?” A different what? Home? A new California?

We are going to the Lehi pool with family in the morning, before driving home.

Sale: Anyone want a five year old who barely eats real food, plays video games all day, and wakes up at 5:30 even on the weekend? Comes with a broken arm.

In Which Arthur Breaks His Arm: After school one day, I took Arthur to the playground to wait for Sienna to get out. He went flying off the monkey bars and landed on his left wrist. “I was there! I saw the whole thing” In fact, I was taking a video. He took him to the pediatrician later that afternoon, and then to get an x ray. Confirmed a buckle fracture in his radius, as well as a small fracture in the ulna. The next day, he got a waterproof cast put on for three weeks. I don’t know how much good the waterproof cast will do since he can barely swim as is and how he has a giant cast on his arm. But school is almost out and swim team will soon be upon us!

Arthur is handling it pretty well. Only complains of pain if he twists it, which he doesn’t do because he doesn’t move or us that arm. Which is kind of funny because he is left handed. But he went back to school once the cast was on, and has a good attitude about it. Now if only he’d sleep later, and in his own bed.

Lightyears : Arthur: I think I’m only ten meteors faster than him.

I think he means meters, which is somewhat closer to being correct. Also, Arthur is pretty fast.

Cheetah Girl:
Sienna: I know you are, but what am I?
Arthur: A cheetah.
Sienna: Yeah!

Mayday: Arthur’s latest word is Mayday. He uses it often enough that sometimes it’s an accurate usage.

Cabin Floor: Arthur during our cabin stay last summer.

Dad to Arthur (who keeps getting off his bed to sleep on the floor: is the cabin floor comfy?
Arthur: Yes! It’s made of wood!

A Cute Little Feller: Somewhere Arthur picked up the phrase “cute little feller” and uses it to describe everything from rocks to Wally. Arthur himself is indeed, a cute little feller.

Blurred Out: Everything Arthur says is blurred. Literally the word blurred. It started with the dog, I think because I took a picture of him and it looked blurry because his fur is so crazy. Now Arthur BLURRED everything. It’s all blurred out. It drives me nuts.

Little Swimmer: I’ve been taking Arthur to the pool at least once a week so he can learn to swim before swim team. Yesterday we crashed a friend’s swim lesson, because their pool has the hot tub turned on. It’s also very large. Arthur swam back and forth across the hot tub, under water, having finally figured out how to go under without water in his nose. He is excited and willing to swim under water now, the aim major breakthrough in learning how to swim.

As Woofy as an Elephant Tongue: Arthur is in a dog phrase, which it seems like every kid has. Unless they pretend to be a cat for two years. Anyway, everything he says is woof or dog. And he says words backwards. Like “full waff” instead of waffles. Or “sin bips” instead of Gibson. This is all incessant.

But occasionally he also throws in the elephant tongue. He must have learned at school that elephant tongues are big. Now he sometimes says things like “it’s as cold as an elephant tongue” or “I’m as tired as an elephant tongue.” So silly.

New House?: The first night in our new house (back in September, when it was time for bed, Arthur started putting his shoes on, to go home for the night. (To the other house). For a long time he asked how long until we would move back to the other house. One too many Airbnbs perhaps.

Falling With Style:

Me: Did you do a flip?
Arthur: No, I did a roll with jumping.

Tajamas : Arthur is sorting his laundry and saying “socks, pants, tajamas, tajamas, shirts” and I just want to keep him forever.

Walrus: Arthur’s interpretation of Catching Fire
Someone died from the storm troopers. It was the person that girl was in love with. But then that person got back alive, that’s cool right?

Arthur is obsessed with Walruses. Wants to be a walrus for Halloween, calls everything a walrus and says the word Walrus allllll the time.

These are notes I made about Arthur four months ago. Still true. All walrus, all the time.

Arthur’s Tics: Recently, Arthur started opening his mouth really wide all the time, so I investigated. He told me in a quiet voice that he had a little problem. His mouth, eyes, and nose are itchy. I told him to show me, and he opened his mouth really wide, rolled his eyes really hard one direction, and folded his lips in to stretch his nose.

Welcome 2021: We spent New Year’s Eve taking a snowshoeing class with Dalton, and exploring around silver lake at Solitude. In the evening we ate Chinese food and played games (Mastermind, Boggle, Racko) with Grandma, and doing puzzles. When I tucked an overtired Arthur into bed around 9, he whispered “goodnight, happy new year, have a good sleep, have a good new year, goodnight mom” over and over. This morning when he woke up, he crawled into bed and snuggled me for half an hour and talked about how this year he will turn six and go to kindergarten.

Crash: The other day, Arthur fell in the car and whacked his face on the center console. There was a lot of blood. One of his teeth got pushed back, and he refused to close his mouth. He sat on the couch drooling for three hours until his emergency dental visit. The dentist numbed him up, pushed the tooth back in place, and Arthur went home super swollen. By the time we had his favorite beef stroganoff for dinner, he could sort of eat, and was starving from not eating all day. Once the swelling went down, the tooth mostly went the rest of the way back into place. He has a mysterious black eye now, several days later, I assume from that. Poor kid.

‘Scovering: Arthur and Sienna came in from playing in Grandma’s backyard without coats on. “We’ve been scovering. Sienna been scovering the ice, I been scovering the snow. I scovered a lot.”

A Lot: Arthur has been alive for approximately 158 million seconds. In case he asks.

A P P L E S A U C E: Arthur has officially learned how to open his own applesauce. Considering how many he eats, and how many I refuse to open for him, it’s surprising it took so long. He has one when he wakes up, in the car after school, before bed, and whenever else he can convince someone to open one for him. Still obsessed.

Our Teenager: Arthur calls Maggie “our teenager” or sometimes “my sister who is a teenager.”

All Night Long : Arthur, giving me a big hug before bed time: “I’ll miss you for 12 hours.”

So sweet. Also, 12 hours? Yeah right. Even if he miraculously sleeps in his own be the whole night.

My Boy is Back: Quarantine turned Arthur into a grumpy monster who never wanted to do anything but play video games. He would cry when I made him go outside to scooter. I couldn’t get him to play games or do activities or read with me.

He is finally back. Going to 2 1/2 hours of school every day, the playgrounds being open, lots of room to play in our new house, and getting out and about... Today he asked to read with both me and John. He asked to play a board game with me, and got out dominoes. He helped me make granola, walked Sienna to school with me and Wally in the morning, and willingly cleaned up after himself. I missed this sweet boy so much.

Grown Up: Arthur asked me how old you have to be to be a grown up. When I told him 18, he argued back that I’m older than that he wanted to know ho old you have to be to be a “capice” (police) or a doctor. And I was still older than that! I guess he is waiting for me to grow up and get a real job.

Math Whiz: Eye Doctor: Can you read these numbers?

Arthur: Ninety five. Eight hundred and seventy three. Two thousand one hundred and fifty four.

The Mask House: Arthur doesn’t want to move to a new house. When John probed a little more to find out why, Arthur said, “I don’t want to wear a mask.” Obviously we had to wear masks when we took the kids to see the house.

Arthur the Mathematician : Arthur loves math and is so dang good at it. He was doing first grade Prodigy with Sienna during distance learning in the spring. Just now I told Maggie and Dalton to be in bed at 8 and he asked me “what o clock is it?” When I told him it was 7:30 he said “Maggie and Dalton have thirty more minutes.”

Halloween Camp/Fun Mom: On the way to gymnastics camp this morning, Sienna and Arthur begged me to stay and watch them. I didn’t have anything urgent to do, so I finally relented. I watched them for about 20 minutes, from the floor so they could run and tell me what they were doing between activities (it was free play). I heard another girl begging her mom to stay and watch but the mom had to go to work, and then I felt glad I had decided to watch them. It was Halloween day in their holiday themed camp, and Sienna wore a top short tinkerbell costume, and Arthur was a Star Destroyer.

Walrus Pup: Arthur: What’s Wally’s nickname
Me: Walrus
Arthur, two weeks later still: Hi Walrus!

Applesauce Update: Arthur still loves applesauce. Now he traces the letters (a p p l e s a u c e) before eating and he likes to refill the applesauce with air by blowing into it when he’s halfway done.

Doggies is Peoples: Arthur just gave me a math problem. There’s six people and then we buyed a dog. How many people do we have now?

Pet vs. Baby: Maggie has started saying “we should get a pet!” Every time she sees an animal. Arthur has begun countering my “no” with “we should get a baby then!”

Bath Time: I’m not sure what is happening in the bath, but it’s extremely loud, Arthur keeps fake crying, and Sienna keeps yelling “for humanity!” and “not in my town!”

Parenting Wins: Arthur is telling his swim coach all about the cookie he had for breakfast and the PG-13 movie he watched. And doing an awesome job learning to swim.

Arthur at 4: A very delayed well visit for Arthur, before TK registration. While waiting, he read a Disney look and find. “Mom, it’s bamboo.” Where? “Right there!” *points to Bambi.*

He is 60% height, 20% weight, and adorable. Also, I was a good mom to my left-handed child and made sure the tetanus shot got in his right arm.

How to Make a Friend: I took Arthur to the park before Sienna got out of school (we were both a little bored on the first day back). When we got there he told me he wasn’t going to play with any other kids because they weren’t his friends. Five minutes later he came up to me and said “can you teach me how to make a friend?” So sweet. I said “sure! You say “hi, my name is Arthur. Can I play too?’” He stared at me. I added “do you want me to hold your hand while you do it?” Of course he did, and of course it was the kid with the sand toys. He followed his script and she said “ok. Here’s a sand castle, and here’s a shovel.” Instant friend. Being four is great.

Santa Parties: This morning was our ward Christmas breakfast. I was in charge of the food, which went well. Kids sang songs with the Primary and Arthur actually sang. They got to see Santa. Maggie threatened to ask for a pet if I made her see Santa, but we managed to get a picture of the four of them anyway.

Tonight we had John's work Christmas party. As we were leaving, all dressed up, Sienna said: "You look like you're going to a fancy party!
John: We are. We're going to my work Christmas party.
Kids: Will Santa be there?!?!?
John: Santa is too busy to go to a grown up party.

So naturally, Santa was there. They also had the fanciest balloon arches I've ever seen, and mashed potatoes in martini glasses with DIY toppings, so I say it was a win, even if we left before dessert. Who needs dessert when you can just have more potatoes?

Losing Dory: This afternoon, while I cooked Back-Up Thanksgiving dinner, Arthur sat at the table and watched Finding Dory. My sweet boy kept coming to me crying because Dory had lost her dad. He’s seen the movie, and didn’t understand why he was crying. He was laughing at himself half the time, but he kept getting upset. His empathy is a lot more endearing than when I watched The Little Mermaid in 3rd grade and cried when Ursula died. Poor baby Dory!

Arthur, Age 4: Arthur turned 4 this week! With a birthday the day before Thanksgiving, and a party 11 days earlier, it was pretty low key. The boy has become obsessed with Star Wars. He got some action figures for his birthday, and Star Wars lego sets, pajamas, stickers etc. He runs around with his Lego ships making Star Wars noises (whatever he thinks those are!). Arthur also likes tormenting his siblings, and watching TV on his head.

He is still pretty much the worst eater and prefers yogurt and applesauce to anything else. He will eat chicken, ham, grated cheese, various crackers, zbars, sourdough bread, and occasionally I can get him to eat an apple slice or a baby carrot.

We're working on him staying in his own bed at night. I wish I could say it's going better. This project mostly consists of me putting him back in bed whenever he comes to snuggle dad in the night.

A Day Together: I spent all day with Arthur today. I mean, I spend most days with him, but today I spent it with him. After dropping Sienna off at school, I took him to his swimming lesson. He did great, and had fun playing in the pool with his little friends for some time after. Then we came home and he did window stickers while I took a shower. Then we scootered over to park day where we stayed for almost two hours.

After the park, we sat down and at lunch together at the same time. Then we played a game of checkers (his pick) and tsum tsum (my pick). We each picked ten tsum tsum, and then we started singing songs for each of them. I was able to sing a song for nearly all of them. Then we watched Little April Shower on YouTube because he didn’t know that one. Then we watched Fantasia faeries because he loves Faeries from Mannheim steamroller, and I’ve been meaning to show him that. Then we watched Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey because, why not. Then we sat in the car until it was time to get Sienna because I was cold and it sounded warm at the time...

He is such a good buddy, and I’m already sad he’ll go to TK next year.

Super Mom: In the middle of the night, I woke up, sat up, and caught Arthur as he was about to roll off the foot of our bed. Some sort of sixth mom sense or super power. Also: can Arthur please sleep in his own bed?

Double Birthday: Sometimes John has good ideas like “you should go on a girls trip with your friends” and “we should throw a party for both Sienna and Arthur at the park with a bounce house and invite all their friends.” So we did. The bounce house was actually pretty cheap - certainly cheaper than going to a play, and we could invite as many people as we wanted. So we invited all their friends, and all their siblings and ordered pizza and made two cakes.

Arthur wanted a Star Wars cake - he wanted a Star Tours ship on top of it. Lo and behold, apparently that’s a thing. I got an overpriced Starspeeder 1000 and a Millennium Falcon diecast on Amazon. Then I dyed chocolate frosting black, and drew white lines on the cake to make it look like lightspeed. He loves the new spaceship toys.

Sienna wanted Jasmine cake. We agreed on teal rose cupcakes and purple cupcakes with gold star sprinkles. Turned out super cute. I also made her a last minute Jasmine dress because she threatened to wear her pajamas to the park. And Tressa made her a cute Jasmine bow to match.

The party was just bounce house, park, pinata (bye bye Halloween candy), pizza, and cake. Perfect.

Arthur Swims: Arthur hit the Magic’s breakthrough in his swim lesson this week, where he realized he can put his face underwater without breathing, and then he doesn’t inhale water. He just asked me for goggles so he could practice in the bath. So cute.

Arthur Halloween Funnies: In a (successful) attempt to be a fun mom, I made a Halloween playlist this year, and bought some fun songs for us to listen to in the car. Arthur is obsessed. He particularly likes Thriller, Monster Mash, I Put a Spell on You, and Ghostbusters.

He's obsessed with Thriller (aka the song where if you don't dance the zombies will eat you) and he constantly asks me technical questions about zombies, the plot of the song, and 80s music in general. How do they eat you? Do hey cut it into little bites? What happens when the sun comes up? What if you get tired of dancing? What does "Ow!" mean? What does "yeah!" mean? What does "Oh!" mean.

Arthur was also really into Hocus Pocus this year. Again with the technical questions about their powers, hair, coats, and teeth. He wants to be Winifred.

A P P L E: The progression of Arthur’s applesauce eating quirks.

When Arthur was barely one year old, he started demanding that we spell out the letters on his applesauce before he would eat them. APPLESAUCE. Then he started doing it himself. Then he started slurring it. APPLESCE. Then, after I bought some Gogo Squeez brand on sale (GOGO) he started differentiating with “APPLE bapplesauce.” Now he has started moving the applesauce in a circle in front of his face before eating it. He still calls it A P P L E bapplesauce.

After his last dentist appointment, we moved the bedtime applesauce to before brushing teeth, which he accepted pretty well. But he still wants us to lie with him at night, and he still wants one In our bed at 5:30 am.

Update: Apparently, moving the applesauce around in a circle is him drawing a circle around it. It seems that you get more points that way. Like if you draw a circle around a cat or dog you see to get bonus points.

3 Spaceships: Yesterday John and I took Arthur on Space Mountain for the first time. He didn’t love it, but he does love Star Tours, and the new Millennium Falcon ride. We taught him how to say “Millennium Falcon” (adorable) and that Star Tours is not called “the spaceship ride with no buttons” (you push buttons on the new ride). He was so excited he got to go on three spaceship rides, and kept telling everyone all about them. He says Star Tours is his favorite ride, so I’ve been on it more in the last month than in the rest of my adult life. It doesn’t seem to make me as nauseated as it used to.

Dorn It: Two adorable Arthur-isms: Dorn it! Most often said while playing “games on the big TV” with his brother.
He says “not” instead of “want”. “Do you not the red cup or the blue cup?”

Tummy Says: After Arthur threw up goldfish all over the kitchen floor:
Me: Next time, listen to your tummy when it says it’s all full.
Arthur: I didn’t hear it.

Boring Games: Arthur: Can I play a game not on the big TV (Wii)? In the closet.
Me: A board game?
Arthur: No, a fun game.

French Browns: Arthur was asking for French toast with no syrup the other day. Not toasties (premade Frozen French toast). You make it in the toaster, mom. Not actual toast. Eventually we figured out he wanted hash browns (with no ketchup). The next day he called them “brownies. Then “crumbs.”

Countdown Update: Follow up to my last post, about Arthur obsessed with counting. Yesterday, he asked me how many minutes until he starts first grade.

Twenty Ten 100: Arthur loves counting. He wants to count everything. He wants to know how many minutes. He did push ups with dad today and counted to twenty-nine, twenty-ten, one hundred.” He bothered me every three minutes on the drive home from Utah asking how many more minutes (along other whines), and he does it even when we’re driving around town.

True Words: Arthur has said to me twice this week, “I don’t like eating.” I know, bud. I’ve noticed.

Brushing Teeth: Ok, I've finally got almost in the habit of brushing Arthur's teeth before bed. Nevermind that he's three, and also that he then has two applesauce pouches before falling asleep.

Cold Fries: I got Arthur some nacho fries at Taco Bell, since he won’t eat real food but does like fries. He wanted his cold - kept asking for cold fries. It wasn’t until the next time he was eating them that I realized he was asking for non-spicy fries.

Me: Let’s wash your hands.
Arthur: Ok. Do I have worms on me?
Apparently he meant “germs.”

Croc Clock: Arthur whispering “never smile at a crocodile” in my ear at 5:45 in the morning is almost cute.

Arthur, Age 3: Arthur's 3 year visit, he is 30 pounds (29%) and 37 3/4 inches (53%). Very similar numbers to Dalton this year. He made a good effort at carrying on a conversation with the doctor, other than randomly going off about mom's bandaid.

Doctor after talking to Sienna about the box she sleeps in: Where do you sleep?
Arthur: Bed!
Sienna: He sleeps in a bonk bed.
Doctor: Are you on the bottom? Who do you sleep with?
Arthur: Dalton and mama.
Sadly it's true for a bit most evenings. And he's still a terrible eater.

Phone Addict: Arthur, trying to get my phone away from Sienna: “I need to tell Tressa something!” In case we didn’t know how I always get my phone away from him!

Adorable Things Arthur Does: Arthur loves to “hide” under blankets. Sometimes we’ll soend an hour hiding under a blanket reading stories, watching a show, or just snuggling.

The finger wagging. It’s so cute, I can’t even. He does it about everything. “We don’t throw things in the potty.” “We’re not buying a Christmas tree.” “We don’t eat treats.” It’s soooo cute.

And yelling “Attack!” While throwing his blankie at you. Learned that one from dad, I’m sure.

Tot School: Arthur started preschool. I think sending two year olds to preschool is weird, but I also think breastfeeding two year olds is weird and I did that with the last, so whatev. He is going to a girl in the ward with a few little ward friends. She is doing a great, organized job, and it’s convenient for us to carpool.

Still Obsessed: Arthur is referring to himself in third person as The Conductor.

Needs Charging: Arthur, on the deflated orca pool floatie: it’s dead. It’s all out of batteries.

Easing to Bed: Since Arthur broke his crib last fall, and we got the boys bunk beds, he has been making us lie down with him to go to sleep, which sometimes takes two hours, which is why I stopped letting him nap. He also required two applesauce, leftover from when he started refusing to nurse and I was desperate to get calories in him. We’re trying to undo these habits. He’s been doing ok if i read him a story and only give him an applesauce if he “goes to sleep” which will get him to lie down at least. Then I leave and he usually falls asleep. Sometimes he comes out and it takes one more applesauce. We’ve also been putting him down later.

Potty Trained: My second goal for the summer (Sienna learning to ride her bike was the first) was the potty train Arthur, even though parents really don’t have much say in when a kid potty trains. Over the last two weeks though, he’s done it. Actually went in the potty for the first time, and really didn’t have many accidents, and now is obsessed with pooping in the potty so I’ll call that a good sign. If you wait until they’re ready, it’s not that hard at all.

: In the last 24 hours Arthur has voluntarily picked up and put in his mouth:

Bagel with cream cheese

Considering I don’t even offer him food anymore, that’s pretty impressive.

Conductor : Arthur still says “all aboard” when getting in the car, the shopping cart, his scooter, all the things. Except now he insists it’s pronounced “y’ah wee!”

Daddy’s Boy: John got home from a trip just as Arthur was falling asleep. I tried to wake him to say hi to dad, but no luck. John came in and shook him awake. Arthur opened his eyes, saw John, closed his eyes again and then a slow smile spread over his face, as he immediately fell back asleep. It was the sweetest thing ever.

All Aboard!: Arthur is completely obsessed with the Disneyland Railroad, and conductors, and Casey jr., and conductors. And also, conductors. He’s started saying “all aboard!” and waving his arm out like a Disneyland safety signal. Today he did it every single time he climbed onto the side of the grocery cart at Walmart. He was pretty loud, but it was pretty adorable.

Too Heavy!: One of my favorite Arthur sayings: “it’s too heavy!” He says it anytime he needs help with something. Often accurate, but he usually means “it’s too hard.” I’ve stopped correcting him because it’s so dang cute.

15 Hours: Apparently 15 hours straight is my limit on Arthur for the day. What does he have against sleep? He’s been up since 5:30 am. And so have I, for that matter.

So Cute Right There: Two cute things Arthur says lately.

Oh right dere!
It’s so cute!

If I’m lucky, I will get a video before he outgrows it.

Arthur spies Sienna’s ring pop: treat!
Sienna: this is healthy
Dalton: no it’s not
Sienna: but it’s green apple flavor
Arthur comes to me whining: healthy! Healthy!

Toddler Sea Turtle: I had a dream I was at the beach and I saw a sea turtle and picked it up (don't do this in real life). Except it was more like a cartoon sea turtle. And really heavy. In fact, as it clung to me, it sort of felt like a toddler sleeping on my chest.

Rose and Thorn: Sienna and Arthur were playing outside today when Arthur fell into a rose bush in the landscaping. He scraped up his arm and I had to pull some thorns out of his hand. Then I did what any reasonable parent of a toddler with an owie would do - I put his coat on so he couldn’t see the scratches and would forget about it. It only partially worked. He carefully held his hand to his chest the rest of the day. And when I took his coat off so we could paint rocks with friends, he held his arm behind his back so he couldn’t see his owies. Poor guy.

Man of the House:
Me: Where are you going?
Arthur: Arthur’s room.
Walks into mom and dad’s room...

November Babies: Arthur and Sienna had 2 and 5 year old check ups today. Sienna is 34 lb (11%) and 43” (62”). Arthur is 25 lb (15%) and 34” (44%).

Wake Up, Fire Truck: If Arthur wakes up happy, he is usually jabbering and telling all sorts of stories when o go get him. For a long time he would tell me about the beach, and anemones, and how they eat you. The other day we saw a fire truck bring paramedics to tend to a girl who had fallen at the park and got an owie (she was fine). Now he says fire truck! And owie doctor!

Wah, Truck, Wah: Between daylight savings and Arthur not eating food, he has been really grumpy today. I took him for a walk along the busy street to see lots of trucks go by. He started grumping as soon as we got back home.

Arthur Has Weird Ideas: Q: What is more difficult than buckling a toddler who doesn't want to be buckled?

A: Buckling a toddler who thinks he is being tickled.

Bubbles: This morning while I was cleaning, Arthur got out the bubble bath and pour the rest of the container into the bathtub. I mean, at least he poured it into the bathtub. I closed the drain and then tonight, gave the kids the bubbliest bubble bath ever. I had to give them a shower after to rinse all the bubbles off and actually wash them.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Arthur finally got his wish, and helped himself to a bullion cube in its shiny wrapping. Told ya, kid.

Milestone: Arthur’s reached the point where he’ll sit for and enjoy a picture book, which opens up a whole new world.

Arthur Gets Glasses: By the time Arthur was 6 months old, we began to suspect his wandering left eye was not normal. The pediatrician referred us to a pediatric eye surgeon at 9 months; she didn't notice anything unusual but showed me how to take flash pictures to see if the eye was misaligned.

A year and several dozen flash pictures later, I took Arthur back to the eye doctor. He has intermittent exotropia, a kind of strabismus. She noticed it right away, flipped through two of the pictures, and began talking options. She ended up prescribing glasses for his minor near sightedness, and we are hoping that makes it easier for him to control his eye, and we can avoid surgery.

So now Arthur wears glasses like mom and dad. He adjusted to them surprisingly well. I say, as he takes them off and throws them at me.

Anemone: I took Arthur to the beach early one morning. It was about 8:30 and 58 degrees when we got there. Which seemed surprisingly warm in the sun. The low tide was quite high, so I only found a few pieces of sea glass, but he found lots of shells, and we were able to climb on the rocks and explore the tide pools. Arthur learned the word “anemone” and learned how to touch their tentacles to make them think you’re food. They are sticky, and close up and try to eat you. He thought it was hilarious! I love my beach buddy.

Little Gymnast: Today I took Arthur to open baby gym at the place Sienna and Maggie have gymnastics. I don't think it ever occurred to him that he could have fun there; he's usually stuck in a chair being bored. It took him a while to warm up, but he had fun throwing blocks into the pit, playing with the giant exercise balls, and going down the slide. We had some friends there too, so I had fun too.

Die!: Arthur learned to say "bye!" except he says "die!" exactly like Dalton used to.

Words Arthur Learned this Week:

Glub, while pointing to Dory or fish, not sure where he learned that.

He signs "sleep, more, truck, all done" and he can also say dada and mama and sss for cheese and ssss da for "what's that" or "who's that?" Which I apparently say to him all the time. He says something for blankie or night night or Mickey but I haven't figured it out yet.

Trucks: Arthur has started saying a new word: uh oh. He is on the verge of learning to speak, and becoming a little person instead of my baby.

He is very into trucks. Trucks in books, trucks on his clothes, toy trucks in his hands, and trucks outside. We've been closely watching the garbage man (and garbage truck videos on YouTube) for a few weeks and last night we met him. Arthur was pretty impressed. He's learned the sign, and it's just about the cutest thing ever.

Screamy Snug: Arthur woke up screaming at 9:30 tonight. Bad dream, maybe, as he seemed fine. I picked him up and he clung to me. So I rocked him and we had a great snuggle as he went back to sleep. I love that sweet boy, and will take any cuddles I get.

Arthur Disney Date: On Friday, I took Arthur to Disneyland all by himself. Sienna was in Utah with John and the other two kids were at school. We got there early, ride a few rides and saw lots of characters. He is totally in his element, playing with Pluto, laughing at Goofy, trying to sit on Donald's non-existent lap, knocking Mickey over. We had a great time.

Things I Found Arthur Playing With: One year old
A firecracker
A balloon
A bottle of iron pills
An open container of cayenne pepper
Food coloring

What's That I Hear?: We took the whole family to see Moana at the dollar theater today. I bought a few of the songs a month ago, but only Dalton had seen the movie. Arthur was about as well-behaved as you might expect a 1 year old in a dark theater to be. But every time one of the songs I bought came on - he sat completely still to watch and listen! It was pretty funny how he recognized the songs.

Bye Bye Baby: I did some cleaning, organizing, decluttering and arranging today. Like twenty times I thought of ways I can organize, places I can put things once Arthur doesn't dump stuff out anymore. And it made me SO SAD! He's going to be grown up before I know it.

Little Feet: A little Arthur-ism that I just love. When I'm getting him dressed, I set him on my lap, and he sees his socks, he will hold up one little foot at a time to have his sock put on. It's so precious, especially considering the amount of convincing the next kid takes to get dressed.

Last First: Arthur is one! My little king. On his first birthday, he also had his first haircut, which he took like a champ. He also learned how to go down the stairs while we were in Utah for thanksgiving. He's growing up.

Arthur likes balls, cars, touchy-feely books, biting things, and ripping paper. His favorite foods are bananas, string cheese and anything in a pouch. He loves those pouches. He only drinks a couple ounces of milk each day, and it's hard won. He takes two naps, sometimes short, sometimes long. He sleeps at night from about 6:30-6:30.

Arthur is interested in the world around him. He thinks animals, and sienna, are fascinating. He smiles at everyone, but will only go to mom or dad - or Maggie! He's started making sounds like "a-dad" and "a-mom" that may or may not actually mean what they sound like. He laughs easily. He loves Disneyland and still enjoys meeting his friends. He pretty much likes anytime we are out and about, riding in the stroller or car, and seeing the world.

His main annoying trait is clinginess. And of course I worry that he doesn't eat well.

First Freckle: Arthur got his first freckle a month or two ago, just above his right hip. It's pretty cute.

: Poor Arthur is sick. He's got the saddest little wheezy cough, and is breathing like a poor thing. Hopefully it's at it's worst. Nothing like not being able to do anything to make your baby feel better. He's pretty happy as long as he's being held at least.

All Done: I've quit pumping and Arthur is drinking up the last few bags of breast milk from the freezer. I thought I'd try nursing him one more time. He laughed.

[Comments] (1) On Strike: One day while nursing, Arthur bit me, I yelled, and he has refused to nurse since. That was nearly three weeks ago. The whole experience has been very distressing. I was surprised at my intense emotional reaction to it. And worst of all, I've had no support. Either none of my friends have gone through this, or it's one of those things, like miscarriage, that people don't talk about.

Five friends with babies off the top of my head. One didn't occur to me, and I'm annoyed at her. Hah. One uses formula for her convenience. One pumped exclusively after a months-long battle with thrush, mastitis etc. One was only able to nurse for a week, having a breast reduction previously. And one was unable to nurse. So not much help.

The internet assured me that most nursing strikes end after 2-4 days, though anecdotal evidence showed otherwise. The pediatrician, the most supportive person I talked to, told me he would just suddenly start nursing again. I tried all the tips online, no luck at all. He is also cutting upper teeth (theoretically, it's been weeks), and had a cold in the meantime. All strikes against us.

I've been pumping three times a day (he was nursing four) and trying to get him to drink from a cup. After two weeks, I introduced sippy cups. I think we're maybe up to half of what I pump. I would not be surprised if he's losing weight, and he's always hungry.

So here is what not to say. "Maybe he's just done." He is Not. Just. Done. Literally every person I talked to said this to me, except the pediatrician (the only person who knew what she was talking about). That is the very definition of Not Supportive. This is MY baby. I have over five years of breastfeeding experience, I have weaned three babies and I can tell, he wants to nurse, but can't or won't for some reason. (I say this in present tense, but I think it likely the sippy cup has ruined it forever). He signs for it. He is just as upset as the break in our nursing relationship as I am. Maybe even more so, since he has also lost his food source. But I don't know what else to do.

Clearly, I am very upset about this. I nursed Sienna until maybe 26 months, and she was sad when I finally cut her off. I was hoping to have that wonderful, long-lasting experience again, but it may not be meant to be.

This experience also served as a reminder that we all have Stuff. Maybe you don't wear your trial on your sleeve, but that doesn't make it any less important, difficult, or significant. We all have stuff, keep that in mind when making your judgements.

To Sum Up: I spent two hours at the pediatric ophthalmologist with a sick, teething baby, on day 10 of a nursing strike. That is all.

Arthur at 9 Months : Arthur's 9 month appointment: he was 19 lbs 1 oz (having eaten four ounces of baby food in the elevator) (38%) and 29 inches tall (75%).

Arthur Teeth: Arthur cut his first tooth this week, with here more on the way. This leaves Sienna as the earliest (almost average) tether, with Arthur following right behind, Dalt a couple months later, and Maggie way in the distance. He's been up in the night four or five nights this week and reverted back to his months-ago grumpy clingy self. he is finally starting to nap without crying, put himself to sleep more quietly and enjoy life, so I'll take it. Also, he eats a lot.

Arthur Zero Point Five: Arthur is officially six months old and officially crawling. He's still pretty pokey, but he gets faster every day. Sweet boy sleep around 10 hours at night, still hit or miss with the naps, but he's a better napper than Sienna was. He just has to cry about it first.

Doctor stats: 16lb 15oz (37%), 26 3/4" (53%).

I haven't given him baby food or anything. He's had bits of bread, pancakes, banana, cheese, and tastes of sauces, soups, applesauce, or whatever. Basically whatever. Today we broke Cheerios in half and fed them to him while we ate dinner. He loved it and it provides dinner time entertainment for the kids.

Arthur at 4 Months: Arthur had his four month appointment a little late. He was 15 lb 12 oz (51%) and 26 1/4 inches (86%). He showed off his Pilates moves for the doctor who said "if you're going to act like a sixth month old, you should sleep like one!" We agree.

Mini Arthur Update : Arthur will be 3 months in a few days. He has started blowing raspberries, and taking naps in his crib. Yay!

Arthur at 3 Months: Baby boy is 3 months old today! Last night he started dragging his knees up under his tummy, because he's ready to learn to crawl, and because he is crazy. He really likes to be on his tummy, be bounced or swung around, and is very strong. He is finally becoming more social, smiling and even giggling if he gets kisses or is tickled. He is making more eye contact and cooing and babbling. Baby coos are the best.

He still likes to be swaddled, though he also likes to suck on his hands and can't have the best of both worlds yet. He still likes to be held really a lot during the day. We're still working on naps. He usually naps with me on my bed until I can sneak away, but he did actually nap in his crib for several hours today. And he continues to sleep pretty well most nights, waking up twice or even just once sometimes.

He was really sick this week, coughing until he threw up, running nose, poor thing, up all night one night, appears to have a sore throat, and had a hard time eating for a couple days. He's on the mend now, and is sleeping tons to make up for it.

Two Months: Arthur is already 2 months old! He has learned how to smile, roll both ways, push his chest off the floor, and coo. He has NOT learned to drink out of a bottle, despite dozens of attempts. He sleeps 4-6 hours at a time at night, usually waking twice. We're just working on getting him in bed earlier. Everyday he sleeps longer not in my arms, plays better on the floor, or spends more time happy in his swing. He's not very smiley, but he is very curious and sweet.

Good Boy: Arthur was obviously not feeling well today. He didn't eat well all day and threw up/spit up most of what he did eat, immediately. He was good at Knott's Berry Farm and in the car, but once we got home he basically fussed the rest of the evening. Finally around 8 I got him to nurse well with no spitting up, and go to sleep for good. (In fact, he slept until 2:15, which is leaning towards typical now, and awesome!)

His rough evening made me appreciate what a good baby he normally is, even if he wants me to hold him all day. He's especially good in the mornings, when he gets lots of chill time on the floor, listening to his siblings. And I don't really mind snuggling him down for an afternoon nap.

Arthur at 1 Month: It's already been 1 month since Arthur made his entrance in our lives. This morning he projectile vomited so much milk, it came out his nose. So we'll start with that.

He is still sleeping well in his crib at night, usually waking twice. This seems like I should be less tired than I am, but I'm not. I think the odd night where he wakes up four times, or stays up for two hours keeps me in sleep debt. Luckily, John is home enough to keep me from losing it. Arthur doesn't like to be put down much during the day (even for naps), but he has more happy-lying-here time every day. Sometimes he'll lie there for an hour while I get stuff done. Still loves being swaddled. A good swaddle and a walk around the room will put him to sleep if he's tired.

He rolls from tummy to back. He's been doing this since his first tummy time around 1 week, which is crazy! All our babies have been strong and had good head support but not like this. He is the joy of his sisters' lives. Sienna adores him, brings him toys and blankies, and I have had to employ Maggie as a babysitter for the sole purpose of making sure Sienna doesn't smother him with love.

Sleep: It's All Relative: Yesterday I took a nap, sort of, for about an hour. I was snuggling Arthur. Maggie and Dalton were home, downstairs playing nicely. I was texting various people, and taking phone calls from Walgreens about my prescription. So it wasn't like I lay down in a quiet room and slept soundly for an hour. But when I got up I was amazingly refreshed. I was actually amazed at the difference.

Last night I got up twice with Arthur, not unusual. He woke up at 11:45 for a little over an hour, and 4:15 for about 45 minutes. Since I went to be (and fell sound asleep) at 8:30 and didn't get up until 7:30, I apparently got 9 hours of sleep! Again, I felt great all morning (it eventually wore off and I had to make do with a 20 minute nap before Arthur woke up). A little sleep can work wonders.

Arthur is a pretty good sleeper most of the time. A newborn that only wakes twice in the night is awesome. Two nights ago he woke up four times, so it's no guarantee, but when three consecutive hours of sleep is a blessing, I'll take it! He likes to be held a lot during the day and I can usually only get him to let me put him down for one long nap (which is why I often end up holding him while I nap).

Speaking of Arthur, he has amazingly rolled off his tummy every time I've put him there, maybe five times. He pulls onto his side from is back too. No leaving this one unattended! He's also started making adorable "ah!" sounds.

Arthur at 1 Week: Arthur had his one week appointment with the pediatrician this morning. He's gained 12 ounces since we left the hospital! He's now 8 lb 13 ounces and such a good eater. He wakes up about three times/ night and refuses to go back to sleep for one of them. On average. Hard to say since it's only been a week! John being home a few mornings this week so I could get some sleep helped immensely.

Most of the time, he's either asleep or happy. He hasn't minded the two car trips we took, or his one bath, but he cries during diaper changes. Even the time he refuses to go back to sleep in the night he is usually pretty mellow, but last night he fussed for most of it.

Feeding him is less painful than I remember with the others. We're doing a bottle once a day and I think he's already had more from a bottle than Dalton and Sienna combined. Overall, he's a great baby so far.

First Night: I recently read about our first night home from the hospital with Dalton and how terrible it was. The first night home with Arthur was also pretty bad. John held him while I took a nap from 8-10 pm and I was up after that until about 3:30. He ate, spit up, pooped, ate again, fussed whenever I put him down, and then around 1:30 entered crying for no reason mode. This is the first time I think I've ever prayed for half an hour of sleep. But I got it! I slept from about 2-2:30 and after that feeding, he finally settled down for a few hours.

The next day he basically slept from 9 am until 11 am the next day. His second night he woke up every two hours to eat, but that was totally doable after the precious night.

Newborn slee habits aside, Arthur is the sweetest thing. He doesn't have his eyes open much, but he did have some restful alertness today and enjoys listening to his brother, sisters, and daddy talk.

Ironically, I am up writing this because our third night is looking more like our first. Oh well.

Baby Boy Birth Story: I really wanted to go into labor on my own with baby #4. Other than that wish being granted, this birth was very similar to the others. I could tell for the previous couple days that I was dilating and things were moving along. Stronger contractions etc. I woke up at 2:30 Black Friday morning feeling like I was having constant painful contractions. I timed a few at 4 minutes, then we headed out to the hospital. My awesomest neighbor came to stay with the kids.

By the time we got to the hospital (3:30 ish) my contractions were really hurting. Luckily I was dilated to a four and they admitted me. I got an epidural (yay) pretty soon and we tried to sleep. I went through three doctors this pregnancy (one retired, one had a baby) and two more at the hospital since it was a holiday. Oh well. The first broke my water. Around 7:45 I was at a 6 and the nurse said she'd be back in 20 minutes and start a tiny bit of pitocin if my contractions weren't more regular. She came back an hour later and said I was at a 10. The next doctor came in for a trial push and I kept saying, "seriously, don't you want the ped nurses in here?" Sure enough, 1 1/2 pushes later they were scrambling to get th baby birth team in there.

Baby boy came out nice and easy. Other than being 6-13 days late and swallowing lots of thick meconium. He had his stomach pumped and kept spitting more up, but that hasn't stopped him from being a champion eater.

11/27/15 9:09 am 8 lb 7 oz 21 inches long


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