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Paint Party/Yoda Armor: Last night I dreamt I was at an enormous birthday party for a friend. I felt pretty specia that I was in the “friend” seating, where she threw paint all over us. Then we were supposed to dance at the party, including in a bounce house. But the area I was in got lame fast so I left to try to find some other friends. I was eating a Rice Krispie treat that had blue sprinkles and white frosting and ran into a ward member. I asked if she made it, and then someone handed her a metal storage box and it turned out to hold doll sized armor (except obviously it was for baby yoda, not a doll) and we realized we needed to get it off the planet. That is all.

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Pluto: I had a dream we were visiting the (dwarf) planet Pluto. In some sort of clear building, but it was crusted over with ice, and you had to go to a special viewpoint to see out.

I also had a dream that some guy who worked for me came in and demanded I tell him about the church, so I took him in Dalton’s room and started talking about the Articles of Faith. Coincidentally, I’m supposed to be preparing a talk on the Articles of Faith...

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Dalton’s Dream: What Dalton claims happened: he had a dream he got out of bed and went up to our room to ask about health insurance.

What actually happened: he came up to our room in the middle of the night, and we were in such a deep sleep and he was talking so quietly that it took me forever to figure out what he was even saying. I think it was about helping with his Nintendo DS Pokémon game. I finally told him in was the middle of the night and he couldn’t play his game, and he needed to go back to bed. Then I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I probably should have made sure he made it safely back to bed, but I was so tired it didn’t even occur to me.

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Maggie’s Salsa Dream: Maggie had a dream that we were on a boat but it was raining really hard so we weren’t having fun (wonder how that idea entered her subconscious). So she made it a lucid dream (which the kids think gives you power to control your dreams) and gave us all the power to fly. We saw lots of blue whales below and then landed at a restaurant, which had dad’s salsa. She says the salsa was very detailed for a dream.

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A Garden Dream: Yesterday, the day mom died, the radish seed Sienna brought home from her field trip sprouted. I have never had good luck growing things, even when we had a yard. We grew a few beans and tomatoes, but that’s about it.

Last night I had a dream. I was walking someone out to their car through my backyard, which was a garden. We ate heirloom tomatoes of different colors, and she helped me clean bugs and dirt off a watermelon (growing on the same vine as a pumpkin, very Minecraft) by sending Dalton inside for a paper towel. The garden was somewhat overgrown and I explained I hadn’t been outside since the previous Sunday because my week had been so busy.

I love the idea of growing my own food but I can’t keep so much as a houseplant or basil alive these days.

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Toddler Sea Turtle: I had a dream I was at the beach and I saw a sea turtle and picked it up (don't do this in real life). Except it was more like a cartoon sea turtle. And really heavy. In fact, as it clung to me, it sort of felt like a toddler sleeping on my chest.

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Seasons of Love: Last night I dreamt I was in a bedroom with five of my cousins, and our relief society president was reading a church announcement from her computer at a desk in the corner. Something we disagreed with. When I turned around, all of my cousins had changed into fandom shirts saying various things of underlying dissent. Jill was wearing a shirt that said "five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes to love."

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[Comments] (2) More Alligators?: Sometime early in the night, Dalton came running into our room, scrambled up on the bed and over me, and settled in on my pillow. Huh. I went in his room and got his alligator and elephant and let him sleep there. I didn't want to make him go back to his bed if he was afraid. John was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a cute little face, having not noticed Dalton come into our bed. Not surprising, since John ran 6 miles after we went to Disneyland yesterday, and since Dalton insisted on sleeping rightnexttotme the whole night.

Dalton still worries about alligators in the closet. When we put him to bed, we tell the alligators to go back to the zoo, then shut the closet door. That seems to work just fine. Last night I went into the kids' room to put some laundry away after they went to bed and I left the closet door open. Maybe that's what spurred my bedmate last night.

Also, Leonard commented previously about an alligator story about Dad, which he later emailed to me.

This was before Dad went into the hospital, but he didn't get out of bed much. One day he and I were the only ones home. He called me in and said "there's an alligator outside. chase it away." I was terrified because either a) Dad had finally gone totally crazy, or b) there was an alligator outside and I had to chase it away.

Well, I went and checked, and surprise, there was no alligator. So I told him this and he kind of nodded and went to sleep.

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[Comments] (5) Alligators in the Closet: Dalton kind of freaked me out last night. He woke up crying. Normally when he does this (such as when he fell off the bed at 10:00) he cries for 2 seconds, then falls asleep. This time he didn't so I got up. He was sitting up in bed, wide awake, pointing to the opposite corner of the room.

"Over there!" he said.
"Did you have a scary dream?"
"Yes! By the closet!"

So I pretended to make whatever it was go away (though in the night, in the dark, I was getting scared myself!) He was still scared so we said a prayer. I snuggled him for a minute, then went back to bed. I had to get up a few minutes later and comfort him again, but he was more sleepy that time, and just wanted a hug.

When he woke up in the morning, I asked if he had a scary dream. I couldn't believe he remembered.

"Yes. Alligators."
"What were they doing?"
"They were scary."
"Were they in the closet?"
"Alligators in my clothes!"

It all seemed pretty funny by the light of day - and if I'd known in the night that he was afraid of alligators in his clothes, I might have found it funny then, too. Silly boy.

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Privateers: Dalton talked in his sleep quite a bit last night. One of the things I caught was "pirates". Maggie informed us that she had a dream about pirates in Utah, but she paused it because she had to wake up and start a day.

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[Comments] (2) : The other night I had a dream that Rachel came for a visit and when I picked her up at the train station, she'd brought Grandma Rosie for a surprise visit. Grandma smiled, but didn't say anything during the visit, which I think involved shopping and dinner at a nice restaurant.

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: The other night I had a dream that severely confused Church and US histories, with a spattering of Mommysavers search tags thrown in.

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[Comments] (1) Dream Purse: Last night I dreamed I was at a trade show and looking at a purse booth I found a purse I just loved and tried to schmooze them into giving it to me. My conscious self would never have picked out that purse but the more I think about it, I really like it. It was much too small for my current purposes. I could fit my essentials into it, but no snacks or toys for Maggie. It held it's shape, was made out of pink leather - the dark pink that purses are. It had some weird eyelet holes, and a little design on the corner, a flower or something, not some tacky logo. They told me I could have it if I spent $96 on some other ugly purse. No thanks.

It was a bit like this Coach purse in shape, only not so sickly a pink.

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: Last night I dreamt that we were in the Natural History Museum at night and everything came alive, kind of like that new movie with, I think, Ben Stiller. Only not as funny.

Last week I had a dream about finding and picking up change. This was after the Question of the Day on Jamie's website was about picking up pennies. Sounds like a promising dream.

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: When I was cleaning out Mom's drawer the other day I found a silver cuff bracelet and she made me take it because it was "classic." I don't like those things because they poke your wrist when you put them on and I think wrists are gross, but I polished it up and wore it with a cute outfit to work yesterday and I felt so cool! Now I am a stylish person who wears cuff bracelets.

Alright, I have thought of one (1) good thing about Spring Forward; the day seems to go by a bit faster. I think my body is used to how many hours of work are left when there is a certain amount of light in the sky. Plus out systems administrator was sick yesterday so the phone says "6:45" right now and it's nice to know it's wrong. John and I went for a walk to get chocolate-dipped cones after dinner in the daylight.

Andrea called me this morning, on her way to her first day at her new job. I don't miss her yet, but maybe once we replace either of the positions she was filling and I have less to do.

I have had a lot of dreams that I am going somewhere but I haven't packed properly. 50 days until our cruise!

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[Comments] (1) What Does It All Mean?: Ok, two weird dreams I must record. A few nights ago I had a dream that I went into someone's basement to get away from the kids and the chaos and there was Grandma trying to pack up and get ready to leave the nursing home. I was SO thrilled to see her, so I started helping her pack up. She had all these containers of leftovers and canned food in tupperwares and I thought "that's gross, these are going to spill everywhere and I'll have to clean them up."

Then last night I had a dream that we went on a trip to another planet and played a game (like laser tag, or the corn maze) where we were trying to avoid aliens that were invading. When we got out, in real life (in the dream) the planet was in some kind of war or hostage situation. John and I and several other family members were standing in a line being forced to write our names on the ground by dipping a pen in ink with our feet. Our feet and the ground and everything was covered in ink. The slave driver was yelling at me because John and I were white and the other family members were Mexican and he said "you're second cousins?" and I said, "yes, he's my mom's cousin." Then the rest of the family snuck away, so I tried to distract the guy by writing my name very well with the pen in my toes.

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Give and Take: Noelle and I moved the computer over so that we don't roll off the chair mat. Yes, we could have moved the chair mat, but the cleaners move it back every day. Unfortunately, this puts the sun very bright in my eyes for 20 minutes of the morning, between the roof of the building across the street and the top of the door frame. Right now I am fading in and out as the flag blows across it. Very annoying.

Also, they have started construction on the [empty] top floor of our building. Loud. And the guys had to be told they couldn't smoke up there (duh).

A couple nights ago, I dreamt I went back to Haven Drive to see Mr. Autry. Maybe because I was playing my flute while I was at Mom's house last weekend.

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[Comments] (2) You know your car needs washing when:

You dream about it.

Someone in our complex has lost their kitty. How sad.

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[Comments] (2) : Not only did I dream this last night, but I kept waking up and saying "I had a dream about this. I need to write it on my weblog." So I guess I do.

Ahem. I had a dream that a niffler dug a hole up into my bedroom (some fake bedroom). Now, I don't know exactly what a niffler is. In my dream it was a bear-dog type animal. It was supposed to be either those things that sniff out gold in Harry Potter, or the truffle-hunter thing in Ever After. And in real life, probably my Piglet pillow. Anyway, Mom and I couldn't figure out what to do with the niffler. It kept snuggling up to me. Maybe I miss Gretel.

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[Comments] (3) Last Night, I Had a Dream: We all lived in this huge house where everyone had their own giant room. Someone had died and everyone went to the funeral except for me and Sumana who was taking a nap. For some reason I was in her room, maybe looking in the closet or something. It didn't look so much like a Sumana-room though. I also had another dream where I was late for the airport and I wasn't packed yet.

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: Mommy is here safe and sleeping on my couch. Eventually, she is planning on hanging out with Aunt Anne until I sneak away from work around 3. We had a good time at dinner with Susan and Jim (Jodi and Franko were there also). We had root beer floats!

I am really enjoying my new job and responsibilities. Right now I am at the front desk, so I can't do any of them, which is unfortunate, but I am looking forward to a busy afternoon.

Last night I had a dream that I visited Romania and one of my little boys (the shakey one) was much older and could speak (English, for that matter). He still acted the same, clingy and he couldn't move well.

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[Comments] (3) : Well, it's been a long weekend. Here's the story.

I flew into LAX on Saturday morning, John picked me up and we drove to Bakersfield. Leonard and Rachel were both already there. We visited with grandma and grandpa Richardson, ran some errands, and did a ton of yard work. It was fun with everyone outside working in the yard together. The only drawback is that there never seems to be enough room in the trash cans. Mom fixed the fish pond, which sounds all pretty and naturistic now, and we also went in the hot tub.

Sunday, we all got up went to church early (to sing with the choir). Mom made the yummiest dinner ever- there was rosemary chicken and rice with rosemary chicken juice on it. Fried zucchini and the best salad ever- spring mix with avacado, candied walnuts, dried cranberries and homemade poppyseed dressing. I ate a lot of salad. I love salad. John and I took Gretel and Sadie for a short walk (it was really hot outside). I wish we could have a little Sadie-dog.

Monday Mom made a huge yummy breakfast (I helped) and we ran errands. Cut Rachel's hair. Drove to LA. Traffic. I had to go through security twice; they made me go back and check my bag because of a scrapbook tool kit mom gave me. (presents!) But there was plenty of time for me to read my book and I finally had a flight that was completely on time.

Jim and Susan picked me up at the airport. I fell asleep at their house, then we had an impromptu party with lots of fireworks. I wish John could have been there. That went really late and the Fire and Police Depts. had roads closed off everywhere so I didn't end up getting home until quite late. I remember when 11:00 wasn't the end of a very long day.

I got home so late that I still haven't unpacked, quite unusual for me. The plant clippings mom gave me survived the journey. Our other plant survived staying home alone. I had a great dream in which I planned this summer's public affairs project for the ward. I need to have more dreams like that.

Poor John is all alone at Jamie's house now. Hopefully he will have lots of work to keep him busy. Only six more weeks!

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[Comments] (1) : Isn't it weird how if you write down a dream and then read it months or even years later, you still remember it just as well?

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: The snow is gone, but it is cold and looks awfully dreary outside. You can't see the mountains and John teased they landed on a community (We were discussing 3 Nephi 8 earlier).

John and I are the Public Affairs coordinators in our ward. It's a stake calling dealing with blood drives, food drives and various (our choice) community service projects. We barely found out what it was two weeks ago.

Heritage offers free flu shots to all of its employees. What a great idea for a school! Why don't all schools pay for flu shots for its employees? Probably because few schools are so well-funded as Heritage. My arm still hurts.

Last night I dreamt (after watching The Net that Heritage was in trouble for tax evasion and everyone ran off but me and one other person, so we ran into the Admin. building to hide when the people drove into the parking lot to get us, and as we ran up the stairs my sticky note with our Tax Exempt number on it fell in view of the window. I woke up quite frightened.

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: I had a dream last night where everytime I visited home (actually some high-rise apartment) someone was there watching TV and each time there were fewer channels (due to Communism). The last time I visited there were 75 nick-at-nite-ish channels.

My theory on the vivid dreams I've been having lately (lack of enough sleep) was completely smashed by this dream, as I was in bed for over 11 hours this morning.

*study study study*... *oh yeah and clean*

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: Last night I dreamt it was Fall Semester. this dreaming thing is getting out of hand!

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: I have joined the creative dream circle. This morning I dreamt that we were moving into the Louvre, except it looked more like a junk yard. Mom sent me and Rachel into this building (that's how we found out it was the Louvre) to find something to build a fence with so we could move the horse in. There, in a library or something, were Mr. Nelson and Mr. Wilmot, my high school chemistry and physics teachers. People were going all over the place on escalators, and I think I got left behind because I wasn't packed at some point. I dream about that a lot, that I'm not packed for a trip or something. I dreamt that before going to Romania; I had only brought one skirt. I only ended up bringing two, one of which I didn't wear, so I think it would have turned out ok in that case. You remember weird things when you're woken up by a dog licking your nose.

Speaking of dog, she brought me a [green] tomato and put it on the bathroom rug. I also found the dish with the eggs in it. It was outside. Doggie and I are going to Riverside now to go on a picnic with Rachel and to help her move some of her stuff home.

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: Today I got up and did some weeding in the bright sun and then when I got out of the shower it was cloudy and then it poured rain for 20 minutes and now it's sunny again. Last night there was a wind/dust storm and some of mom's water plants blew over. Luckily her cattails do not appear to have been damaged.

I had a dream last night that I went back to Romania and saw my favorite little girl, a little more grown up and able to talk. She ran to my smiling and gave me a big hug. I remember that she knew the word "friend" (in English) and a couple other words. Smile, offering affection, talking, english, being able to afford to go back to Romania... It was definitely a dream.

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: Last night I dreamt I was moving into some extension of the Benson (Chemistry) building along with about a million little kids who all had Dr. Seuss keychains (some sort of EFY take-off). The rooms were rather nice, but in reality, there is a rather large hill in that vicinity.

Provo's Freedom Festival is one of the top ten largest Independence Day celebrations in the country. Summer's friends, in a silly attempt to make fun of the sold-out-and-very-expensive Stadium of Fire hosted their own Cul-de-sac of Fire.

I'm waiting for next summer or the love of my life, whichever comes first, and in the meantime I'm drinking Kool-aid.

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: Have I yet mentioned that my roommate uses a Mac OS? Last night I dreamt that a certain boy brought me flowers and asked me in Invitational. hahaha those sleep faeries have a great sense of humor.

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