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Bones: Today was the last of a lot of doctor visits I’ve had to make this month. Half a dozen of them were well visits, x rays, and then seeing an orthopedic, for both Maggie and Dalton.

Maggie’s x ray showed minor scoliosis, but the visible concern is postural. We will need to make physical therapy visits. And do yoga.

We noticed a while ago that all of Dalton’s fingers on one hand were the same length. The middle finger is now shorter than the other two. X ray confirmed that some of his metacarpals (hand bones) are growing more slowly. It’s nothing to worry about, and also can’t be fixed. It’s related to the same thing I have, with the short third joint on the thumb, but his hand bones are the ones affected. So eventually it will be even more obvious that he has a hand difference. But hopefully it won’t affect much and he doesn’t seem embarrassed about it.

“Baby” Teeth: Maggie just lost a tooth. She turns 14 this week, and just lost a tooth. We’re pretty sure it’s the last one. Hopefully.

Maggie Draws: Maggie is really getting into her artistic side. She spends a lot of her free time drawing. She enjoys the Wings of Fire and Warriors (cats) book series and draws and creates characters from them. She’s taken a few live online drawing classes through Outschool. She asked for a drawing tablet for Christmas and has started doing some digital art. I’m very impressed with her work.

Wally’s Awesome Qualities: A text about Maggie after a young women’s zoom game:

Maggie was adorable tonight. She suggested we do “Wally’s awesome qualities” as a category for the game we were playing. She suggested “fluffy ears,” “sniffy nose,” “pettable tummy,” “shakey paw” were among the adorable highlights.

Support Human: John’s sister Jodi commented on Wally and Maggie’s relationship: “You didn’t get Maggie a dog. You got that dog a support person.”

Maggie’s Salsa Dream: Maggie had a dream that we were on a boat but it was raining really hard so we weren’t having fun (wonder how that idea entered her subconscious). So she made it a lucid dream (which the kids think gives you power to control your dreams) and gave us all the power to fly. We saw lots of blue whales below and then landed at a restaurant, which had dad’s salsa. She says the salsa was very detailed for a dream.

Maturity: Our first full day at the cabin (out of nine), I asked Maggie to unload the dishwasher. She started saying “I still have to do that? But we’re on vacation!” And then caught herself, laughed, and unloaded the dishes.

Pet vs. Baby: Maggie has started saying “we should get a pet!” Every time she sees an animal. Arthur has begun countering my “no” with “we should get a baby then!”


Me: Who wants to make me waffles?
Maggie: Last time I made waffles I almost put cream cheese in them. And used baking powder instead of baking soda. And didn't know what buttermilk was.

Indoctrinated: Maggie: Gender doesn't matter in this family.

In the Middle: Maggie seems to be enjoying Middle School. She has gotten used to biking every day (it's quite a bit farther than the elementary school) and she has a good group of friends to bike with. Some days they stop at Yogurtland or Del Taco on the way home, which has made her interested in earning more money babysitting.

She loves her elective this trimester - Writer's Workshop - and all her other classes, except PE. Though she is trying hard in PE. She takes her school work seriously and is very conscientious about getting her homework done. Other than a few minor dramas with the friends, she is happy and enjoying everything.

8/5/15: Some old quotes from breakfast at Stacks and a walk on the beach.

D: the walk board is more un dangerous.

Dalton: I had the best food I ever heard of.
Maggie: they taste like real crepes (after turning her nose up because they were folded instead of rolled.

"Sass": Maggie starting using "air quotes" to sass me.

Me: Practice more piano
Maggie: What do you mean by "practice"?
Me: Did you brush your hair?
Maggie: Define "brush."

Etc. Anyway, I started pointing it out and imitating it, and completely ruined it as a method of sassing because now we are too busy laughing everything she does (or doesn't!) do it.

Sigh: We don’t remember what happened, but Maggie asked me something and when I sighed she came back with “don’t sigh like that, mom. It breaks my heart.”

Wendy and Skunk: Maggie and Dalton's latest musical theater group did Peter Pan. Maggie was cast as Wendy and Dalton was Skunk, one of the Lost Boys. Maggie did an amazing job learning all her lines, all her choreography, practicing her songs, and being a leader to the younger kids in the group. I was very impressed and proud of her. Dalton had some funny lines, and he had a good time hanging out with a group of the other cast members.

We were going to take a break, but one of my friends talked me into letting Maggie do the next play - Frozen - so her daughter could do it with her. I think they'll have fun.

Fun and Fury at Del Taco: Maggie and a handful of her friends wrote a skit and performed it at the school talent show. I guess it was based on YouTube jokes and memes, so I completely didn’t understand it, but Maggie ran around on stage yelling free food, so I still laughed. I’m impressed with their initiative, creativity and bravery in doing it.

Maggie’s First Sacrament Meeting Talk: Maggie started young women’s a few months early, with the recent church schedule and program changes, and gave her first talk yesterday. She did such a good job. She refused to write down any notes, and just got up and talked! I was worried, but it was a great talk. She talked about how she knew she needed to work on her siblings being closer so she found a scripture that made her think she also needed to help her siblings be closer to Heavenly Father. So she asked if they wanted to read scriptures with her and they weren’t interested. So she put on a scripture scavenger hunt for them instead. She even dressed up as King Benjamin, as the kids love to use the dress up box when doing scavenger hunts.

She wasn’t a bit nervous, it was the best youth talk, and I was so proud of her. She got tons of compliments too.

Argument/Agreed: Maggie makes nasty comment to Sienna.
Me: You didn’t need to say that.
Maggie: You didn’t need to say that. ... You love when I use your parenting words against you.
Me: *high fives Maggie*

Pita Show: Maggie has been reading The Hunger Games and got the movies for Christmas, so we watched the first three over winter break. Sienna loved them and was begging for more "Peeta Show" all the time. I can never tell with that girl; she refused to watch The Addams Family with us because of the disembodied hand on the cover.

Maggie Sits: Tonight Leonard took John and I to Javier’s, which was so yummy. We left the kids home with Maggie, and when we got back she offered to put Arthur in bed and did a great job of it. Maggie being able to babysit is my new favorite thing about parenting. She also babysat for both of our neighbors this week, earnings a total of $21.

Puzzles and Song: Dalton brought home a cheap 1000 piece puzzle from school and begged to do it all weekend. He lasted about five minutes, but Maggie and I have been having fun doing it. Tonight, after the third time I sang a song based on words she had just said, we made a game of it and I sang all sorts of songs related to random words while we worked on the (incredibly hard) puzzle. Maggie loved puzzles so much as a three year old, glad to see it still in there. And it’s a great opportunity to chat with her and spend time together.

Maggie Love: The other day after a really rough time getting kids off to school properly, John and I decided one of us needed to make time for special time with Maggie that night. She and I scootered down to Golden Spoon. She talked to me about how the higher grade, the ruder kids get, how she feels like we expect her to do everything on her own and don't help her, because she's the oldest, and how she plays four square at recess because you don't need friends to do a sport, just a bunch of kids that all want to play. She definitely opens up more with one on one. We have to make a lot of effort for that as parents of four kids.

Corndogs: Maggie eats a corn dog every morning for breakfast.

Maggie’s Birthday Party: Maggie had a belated birthday party at the gymnastics place today. She invited the four boys in her primary class, and four girls from school. I made cupcakes and picked up Taco Bell, and that’s it. My kind of lazy party.

The kids had a great time. I’m so glad she has such nice friends. Even the boys have tamed down quite a bit over the years.

Maggie got a big variety of gifts. A LEGO set, a book, drawing stuff, stuffed Pokémon and a dragon beanie boo, trapeze class with her bestie, a funny board game, Pokémon cards, squishies, erasers, and candy and money. Score!

Talent Show: My kids were not interested in the school talent show, and who has time for that? But they were asked to be announcers, because you know the LDS kids can speak in front of people. There were a handful of announcer kids, dressed up as circus performers, with little scenes to do between each handful of talent acts. Dalton was a magician and pulled bunny Maggie out of a hat. He did a great job remembering his lines and being nice and loud. Maggie also did a mime routine, and I was very impressed with how quickly she picked up the concept. I was backstage orchestrating announcers going out, and costume changes for the announcers. It was lots of fun (even though I was right: Who has time for that?)

Afterwards, we stayed and helped put chairs away and clean up. I couldn't believe the amount of trash left lying around, but I was pleasantly surprised by random families (not just the usual PTA and LDS crew (it was held at the Stake Center)) who stayed to help.

Sick to the Bone: I got a call to pick up sick Maggie from school today. She was very pale and her stomach hurt but she had not yet thrown up. I brought her home and tucked her in and went back to school for a meeting. Immediately upon seeing me, one of her friends informed me that they began studying body systems today. Maggie seems to have neglected to mention that fact!

Not Yet: Maggie tried to pull “I’m eleven!” on me and I pointed out she would be if she hadn’t been so late. I will enjoy holding that over her head for nine days every year for the rest of her life.

Ladies Who Lunch: Maggie is trying to get Dalton to play with her outside but he’s still in his pajamas. Didn’t get dressed when I asked him to and now Arthur is asleepin his room.

“Who’s outside at this time of day? They’re either at work or at some fancy restaurant.“

5th Grade Lyfe: Maggie and I argued about whose life is harder. She said “I have to follow Arthur around and clean up after him” and I said “…” She said “you finished college already!” and I said “so I have a college degree to follow Arthur around and apparently it only takes a fourth grade education.”

Double Digits: Ten things I love about Maggie:

1. She is a great big sister. Arthur adores her. I frequently find her playing nicely with Sienna, especially if it's just the two of them outside. And she and Dalton have created entire fantasy worlds together.

2. She chooses the right. She always gets the "integrity" award at school for doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

3. Her music skills are rapidly improving. I love listening to her play the piano and practice the viola.

4. She's smart. I never have to help her with homework or review. She's a little too smart for her own good, and goes through tests too fast sometimes, though.

5. She's creative. She is always drawing comics, and creating games.

6. She's snugly. I think it's mostly to put off bedtime. But I'll take it!

7. She's responsible. I love watching her be a good big sister, do her chores without being told to,

8. She's adventurous. She loves the fiercest roller coasters and expanding her independence a little at a time.

9. She likes tacos. Nuff said.

10. She has confidence. If I could guarantee maggie keeps any of her traits throughout her life, this is one I would choose. (After kindness, most important thing ever.) I love that she KNOWS she is smart, and fun, and beautiful.

Funicular: Maggie is learning Funiculi, Funicula on the piano. I pulled up Larry's High Silk Hat on the Veggie Tales Silly Songs DVD we got (three copies of) for our wedding, and now she is interested in practicing it. Where can I find Silly Songs for all of her piano music?

Game Time: We went to a big neighborhood Christmas party last night. We got. Babysitter for the two little ones, but took Maggie and Dalton. The kids spent most of the time in the game bus. When we told Maggie it was time to leave, nearly three hours later, she accused us of changing the clocks, lying about the time, and only letting her play for a hour. Also, she hadn't eaten dinner (10:30 pm).

No More Rides: The kids didn't have school today, so I took them to Disneyland, where we met up with my cousin Laura. They were pretty whiny. Starving to death at 10:15 etc. Maggie was bored and wanted to leave. We had fast passes to Hyperspace Mountain. She said, and I quote: if we go one one more ride, I will kill you.

Maggie, The Lion, and The Witch: When I discovered Maggie was rereading Rainbow Magic Fairy books, I got out the Narnia series, told her what it was about, and gave her the first book to read. She trudged along for her daily reading, with the promise of a movie at the end. Today she finished, and she told me she read four chapters today. She's finally excited about a book! We started the movie tonight, and she asked me to get out the next book for her so she could read it when she wakes up.

Rule Bound: Maggie at Mt. Hood, was quite upset that we said Dalton was 7 so he could go on the zipline. "I feel like going back up there and telling them Dalton is 6."

She also refused to enter the McDonald's play place until John came in because it said she needed a parent. John: "The first thing she did was read the rules."

Letter of Introduction: Dear [Maggie's Teacher],
I’m pleased to introduce you to our oldest child, Margaret. We have three other children and Maggie is a very helpful big sister, especially to her baby brother. She is a fearless roller coaster junkie, and also enjoys Minecraft, My Little Pony, and Lego. She likes rules, and making sure everyone is following them. She always tries to do the right thing, even if no one is looking. A close circle of friends is more Maggie’s style than the popular crowd. She is friendly, kind, and inclusive. Her imagination is very active, so don’t be surprised if you catch her talking to herself! School work comes pretty easily to our bright Maggie, though as we are both avid readers, we wish she enjoyed reading for fun a little more. We are very proud of Maggie and the kind, bright girl she is growing into, and look forward to seeing how she progresses in you class.
I also look forward to helping in the classroom this year!
[Maggie's Parents]


Hey this milk expires after you go back to school!
Maggie: Milk doesn't expire. Only passes expire.

: The first day of summer break, we met our neighbors at the lake and fed the ducks. I overheard Maggie say to her friend "look at that bump! I'm getting stronger from throwing!" (Her duck food throwing bicep hahaha)

Maggie's 9th Birthday: Maggie's 9th birthday was pretty low key. She requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and Cafe Rio for dinner. I told her I wasn't making her a cake since she was at a friend's birthday party that afternoon, and I have to make a cake for her party next week. But I surprised her with TNT Minecraft cupcakes, and the neighbors came over. She was surprised, which was fun!

She got some Minecraft figures for her cake, some My Little Pony toys, and tickets to an Anaheim Ducks game with Dalton and Dad.

At 9, Maggie like Minecraft, My Little Pony, reading (she is on the last Harry Potter book), entertaining her baby brother, running around the room talking to herself, playing with the neighbors, chicken flautas, and playing on her Kindle Fire.

She does not like practicing piano, doing chores (except taking out the garbage and recycling cans), talking nicely to her brother,and eating fruits and vegetables.

How Rude:
Maggie: Why were you in your room with the door closed?
Me: Because I was upset at the way my kids were behaving.
Maggie: Hmm. You can go back in.

And later tonight, she beat me at Scrabble by 75 points.

And By That She Means "iPad": Maggie: Does there have to be a such thing as homework? It just wastes your family fun time.

My Best Girls: What if we have another girl and I have to have three best girls?
Maggie: That's your problem.

First Cookies: Maggie made no-bake cookies last night, with a little help from me. This was her first time reading a recipe, using the stove, actually making something from scratch on her own. She did a good job. We are always trying to increase our kids' independence, so I hope it's the start of a new trend.

Bad Excuses: This morning, Maggie said she couldn't play the piano unless one person was upstairs. I told her that was the dumbest excuse I'd ever heard. Even she had to laugh at that.

I also spent all morning cleaning/fixing the vacuum. And then re-vacuuming the house. Water and pine needles make nice clogs, apparently.

Lost at Disneyland: Two of our kids got lost at Disneyland and, considering their ages and Sienna's propensity to run away, probably not the two you might think.

John and the kids had Fastpasses to Star Tours, so they went to do that while Sienna and I got in line for Buzz Lightyear. But when I turned around, Maggie was with me! I saw John waiting to get into the Fastpass line at Star Tours so I told Maggie "Daddy's getting in the Fastpass line. Hurry! Run!" Apparently, she entered the line and worked her way all the way up to the front while John was waiting to get in. When she got to the front and still hadn't found him, so told the cast member she couldn't find her dad and waited there for him. She got a little teary but she was so brave they gave her a free pass to go on any ride! John made his way up there, quite unconcerned about Maggie since he thought she was with me. And there she was.

We went on Small World Holiday and when we got off, John wanted to take a picture of me and Sienna. Maggie waited for us, but Dalton disappeared on ahead. When we went after him, I found him stickety-stuck, asking a nearby dad for help. Just like he's supposed to!

Marvelous Margaret: Maggie brought home an award from school. They do four awards monthly, and this is the third year in a row (which is all of them, if you're keeping track) that she's gotten one the first month. (First Grade, Kindergarten)

The award was for Showing Respect and Responsibility and the teacher commented: Maggie I love the wonderful example you set for the class by being a great listener. You make our class a better place to learn.

Hummus Taco: When I asked Maggie what she wanted in her taco for lunch she said, "hummus, whipped cream, cheese--" Wait, what? I knew the whipped cream was sour cream, but hummus? Turns out she meant avocado.

Maggie Grows Up: Miss Margaret is at the cusp of becoming helpful and responsible. I've noticed more and more lately that she is capable to doing things like watching Sienna for a split-second. Sometimes she is more helpful than whiny. And she is over the fact that she is too big for the stroller and doesn't complain about how tired she is.

She is still our clueless, innocent little girl, but she sure is growing up fast.

Grown Up Maggie-isms: Can you stop talking? I'm busy reading.

And while I was playing the piano: I don't mind if you make a mistake, just keep playing.

Dot Dot Electric Shock: Maggie learned a new hand game at school yesterday. After school she and her friend taught it to all the boys at the park, and to Dalton and now they are obsessed.

Tic Tac Toe
Give me an X
Give me an O
Give me a three in a row

Johnny got hit by a UFO

Line Line Number Nine
Spiders crawling up your spine
Dot Dot Electric Shock!

She Has a Point... Sort Of:
Maggie: I want Lego Chima Lion Temple and Mario Kart for Christmas.
Me: Those are two expensive things.
Maggie: But if we get them for Christmas it's FREE! That's why you ask for it for Christmas, so you don't have to pay for it.
Me: Oh. ...

Also: Can we look on the computer for a toy broomstick that maybe goes one inch above the ground?

Another Post About Gender: Mom, I learned about lions today.
Cool, what did you learn?
That the male is the boy and the female is the girl.

Allergic: Maggie keeps saying that she is allergic to certain things. I asked her what she thought "allergic" meant and she said, "It means you don't like something." I gave her a real explanation. Hopefully she's not singing "Try it! Try it! You might find that you like it!" to her friends who "don't like" nuts.

7 Year Old Problems: "I wish I was dancing, but I'm too busy reading."

While watching Baby Einstein.

Jack Frost Tag: We dropped by the park for a few moments after school. Even though I had to wake up Sienna for minimum day, and it was almost 90 degrees. Dalton soon came crying. "Maggie wants me to be Jack Frost but I want to be a fairy." Apparently, Maggie had invented a game of tag. Jack Frost had to tag one of the fairies, then it was that fairy's turn to be Jack Frost. Very clever, if poorly explained to her brother. Especially since she claimed she picked him to be Jack Frost because he runs so fast.

And then, of course, on the crowded playground, four year old Dalton was unable to catch any of the fairies. He fell and scraped his arm and we immediately left. Is it so unreasonable to expect Maggie to be nice to her brother in front of her friends? We had a discussion in the car (Dalton crying over his injury) and Maggie admitted a game of tag isn't much fun if you are It and can't tag anyone. It makes you want to quit. A clever game, yes. But only as fun as you make it.

**Inspired by Rainbow Magic fairy books.

We Seek After These Things: Since we have two weeks between church meetings because of General Conference, the kids are learning the 13th Article of Faith. Maggie just has to remember it from when she learned them all last year. This is her last one and soon she'll be the proud owner of a giant bag of whatever candy she wants. We have a CD with the Articles of Faith songs on it, and it happened to be playing in the car when I picked her up from school. She sang along, in front of her friend and proudly told me that she had been singing it quietly at school to practice it.

Dalton is actually suddenly amazing at memorizing them as well. That's why the CD was on in the car. He'll have no trouble getting it memorized in two weeks. I've also enjoyed explaining to him what it means. We believe in being good! He loves the word "benevolent" but today he said, "I don't want to be nice to mean people." I reminded him of a story we read together in The Friend of someone being nice to a mean person who is later nice to them. He pondered that.

This is my favorite Article of Faith. It's another explanation of why Mormons are so nice. I feel like it justifies my creative impulses, including child-rearing. I'm seeking after things virtuous, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy. If my own children can fit that definition, I think I'll have done well on this earth.

Maggie, Age 7: "Mom, should I write '7' on my poster since I'll be sharing it after my birthday?"

Yes, big girl. You do that.

She spent an hour carefully coloring the poster for her "Baxter Bear" week this week. She spent an hour playing and fighting with, and tickling, her brother. She spent an hour hiking without complaint. She spent an hour occupying her sister so I could bake and decorate birthday cupcakes. She spent more than an hour playing on the iPad.

Maggie's favorite color is purple. She loves her family (a big of love/annoy with her brother) and at home she spends her time running in circles, drawing Angry Birds, and playing on the iPad.

Favorite iPad game: Lego Chima Speedors
Wants for her birthday: floatie that can steer and squirt water, a Lego Chima set, Nerf gun.
Favorite Characters: Angry Birds, Chima, Monsters University
Favorite food: strawberries, crepes, corn dogs, chicken taquito, pizza, spaghetti noodles with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and pretty much anything made from sugar.

Maggie is the sweetest thing. She is kind and friendly to everyone (except her brother, and she is clueless enough to be rough with Sienna sometimes). She's grown a little out of the "kind to everyone, friends with no one." She is a quick learner and very good at memorizing things. She makes up games and is very imaginative. I can't wait to see what this next year holds for her!

Why Mormons Are So Nice: Today while I was eating lunch I found myself looking at a paper lying on the table that Maggie had brought home from Primary. It was a coloring page of four boys at the park. One of the boys was holding a basketball and invited a forlorn boy to join the game he and his friends were playing. The bottom of the page read:

Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.
For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done toyou (John 13:15).

Then I realized, this is why Mormons are so nice. Maggie spent 50 minutes today being taught to be a good friend. How to show love for others. How to be a good example. How to share the Gospel with your friends, which usually requires you to have friends in the first place. This is what we learn about every week. The whole goal is to become better people, to become perfect, so we are constantly improving ourselves, and thus our outward relationships with others.

Everyone knows people who are unusually kind. All of the ones I can think of were quite religious, though maybe not of my religion. And in general, religion makes people exceptionally nice, and Mormons have a high degree of religiosity.

There you have it. Maggie is the sweetest, nicest girl to her friends, and a great example and role model. Primary must get some of the credit.

Little Gymnast: Dalton put himself to bed early sick, so Maggie stayed up and exercised with me. I was doing Jillian's 30-day Shred and Maggie decided to do some gymnastics practice. A while ago, I suggested she do three bridges every day, to get stronger. So, she started with those and then did a variety of things three times each. Cartwheels, handstands, handstands against the wall. Pike, straight, tuck and straddle jumps. Half and full turns. Arabesques, splits. In between she did some jumping jacks and running in place. It was adorable and much more entertaining than my workout video.

The kids got 1-year anniversary trophies at gymnastics this week. They really love it.

Chadwick Family Funny: Maggie: Dalton, why are you being such a boss?
Dalton: I learned it from you.

Maggie also offered him money from her piggy bank to play with her. (He recently acquired a juice jar from otter J preschool). Anyway, they played really well all afternoon. First they went camping in the closet. Sienna was a bear. Then they played Angry Birds. Despite anything they may say, the Angry Birds stuffed animals are the clear favorite toy from Christmas. When John took Sienna for a walk this evening, the kids wanted to go too so we took Red and Leia to the park in the dark. They had a nice time.

I gave Dalton a haircut tonight. It's been a long time and I just trimmed around his ears last time. He hates haircuts and I have to full-on bribe him with treats. I went back to the #2 all over to make it quick and last longer.

Inventive: Yesterday I overheard the kids playing two mishmash games they made up.

Light sabers + gummi berry juice. Oh yes, they did.

Angry Birds Fight, which pits the Angry Bird of your choice against your opponent a la Jurassic Park Battle.

Maggie always talks about games she's going to make up when she grows up. Except I think she's already made them.

First Grade is Hard: Today at school, Maggie won a no-homework pass. When her clip is all the way up on blue, she can start earning wise owl tickets that can be put in the class treasure box drawing, or put into raffle buckets in the library. The No Homework pass was one of the library raffle buckets. Her name was announced by the principal over the PA with the other winners today.

She told me: I heard some older kids saying that the no homework pass was bad. But then the homework started getting hard and I was freaking out so I put some wise owl tickets in that jar and I won!

[Comments] (1) Knock, Knock:
Me: knock knock
Dalton: who's there?
Me: who.
Dalton: who who?
Me: Maggie, there's an owl at the door!
Maggie: gasp! Where? Where??!?!? No, where is it? Why are you laughing?

It's a Great Day, Thanksgiving Day: Margaret had a Thanksgiving play this morning. She even had a big line: "I think I'm beginning to see what Thanksgiving is all about. It's about giving thanks for things that money can't buy, like family and friends, or good health."

She also brought home a cute paper turkey for a centerpiece and some more awesome journals. I love her journals. They really show her personality.

After the play we got an oil change and went to Walmart, Target and Jo-Ann. Sienna was so good during all those errands. She dug an apple out of my purse and ate on it most off the day and that kept her occupied. I think I have everything I need for Thanksgiving except for the turkey, and I have a good start on homemade Christmas gifts, pretty much all for Rachel.

[Comments] (1) Maggie's wishes.: Maggie has already picked out names for her future children. Luke and Sophia. Dalton, upon hearing this, announced that when he has a baby in his tummy, if it's a boy he will name it Luke Skywalker.

Maggie made a Christmas list while on a walk with John on Sunday. "Dalton wants the same thing," she said confidently. The Hot Wheels race track they picked out at Target. Light sabers. Angry Birds stuffed animals (any Angry Bird or Pig, she doesn't care). And a book about Eagles or Owls. In response to that, John and I made them get rid of some of their toys. I threw away a big pile of junky stuff, and the kids picked out some of the My Little Ponies, and a couple other things. When Christmas gets closer, we will get rid of some bigger toys as well.

Kid Update: It's weird to think that Dalton is the same age Maggie was when we lived in India. Sienna is crawling around like Dalton was when we lived with John's parents. [Side note: I don't know how he survived living there with those steep stairs and no baby gate!]

They grow so fast and time passes so quickly. Dalton is really loving preschool. He feels so important going to "preschool" at a friend's house every week, and Maggie helps it along by being genuinely interested in what he did while she was at school. This week is my turn and we're going to do G is for Glow! I have some blacklight and glow-in-the-dark activities planned.

It's amazing to watch Maggie learn how to read. And play the piano. And play soccer. And do gymnastics. She is expanding her capabilities in every direction and it's astounding.

Sienna is a crazy face who won't nap half the time. But she is soooo cute and snuggly, I just love her so much. She just got her 5th and 6th teeth - 6 more teeth than either of the other kids had at her age! She puts everything in her mouth, loves exploring and is a quick crawler. She is starting to cruise and consider standing, but won't be walking anytime soon. I have enough trouble keeping up with her as it is, so that's fine by me!

Margaret Philanthropist: The other day, while shopping at Walmart, Maggie busted out this gem:

I know what a grocery store is for. It's to buy things and the money goes to people that don't have money.

I knelt down in Walmart and gave her a big hug. The world would be a different place with more Maggies in it.

This morning I told her it was Fast Sunday and that we were just going to bring snacks to church and no treats. She asked what I was fasting for, and I explained that it was a regular fast day, but also told her the purpose of my fast. Then she said, "I'm going to fast because Grandpa is in the hospital that he'll be ok. And my fast is no snacks at church."

Good girl.

California Girl: In the car on the way home, Maggie burst out with this gem:

I'm glad we moved because California is beautiful.
Me: Did you say California is beautiful?
Yes! It costs more money and it's beautiful. I love our house, I like all the trees, I like my school.

That's my girl.

I spent 5 minutes explaining to her that the Transformers Bot disappears into the TV with their new game console. Then, I went through her homework folder and discovered they'd just had a lesson on Fantasy vs. Reality. What kind of school is this?

And from me: Apparently, the toy wouldn't work because three of the four batteries were in upside down. Talk about user error. *oops*

Blooster: We've begun a new trend of walking to school to get Maggie and bringing her scooter so she can happily scoot home. We pass by a park and I've been letting the kids run do one slide as we pass by. Today Maggie slid down the pole and got a blister on her hand.

After gymnastics I saw that her coach had bandaged her hand up. She told me she had a booster. I figured a booster was some sort of thing to protect her hand while doing the bars. Then I realized she meant the blister. I told her the correct word. Later, in the bath she told me that her "blooster" was hurting.

Speaking of Maggie and pain, she lost her first tooth yesterday! She was pretty whimpery about it the last day before it fell out. It fell out while my friend Amy was watching her. The Tooth Fairy brought her a dollar!

Maggie is loving first grade so far. She loves to learn. She got the first Wise Owl award for Winning Attitude and being a good example. Shocker. I am excited to volunteer in the classroom and help out with the math groups this year.

Orbiting Granillas: Maggie had me laughing in the car today. She asked me why there were 52 weeks in a year, so we got on a conversation about the earth rotating and orbiting the sun. Then she said, "Do the planets have lines to follow around the sun, or do they just have to remember the way?"

We had dinner at Rubio's and on the way out, she noticed a ZPizza and asked, "Is that Zuppa's?" I told her it wasn't and that Zuppa's was only in Utah. A few minutes later she asked if you could make your own country. "Not a country, but a place with all the things. If you can, I'm going to make one and mine will have Zuppa's." Right on.

Then, we were playing our new favorite game of "I'm thinking of a...." I was thinking of an animal and she guess "granilla." Or a gorilla. Whichever.

On Being a Mom: Maggie told me that when she is a mom she will do laundry on Thursdays.

You know why I only want two kids? Remember I want to do all the things and they might get in the way.

(Separate occasion) Leonard doesn't want kids because they might bother him.

At Costco:
Oooh, I want that for my lunch at school!
Me: That's Jell-o. You guys don't like Jell-o.
I like Jell-o.
Me: You like Jell-o? Everytime I make Jell-o, nobody eats it.
Yeah, but you can play dinosaurs in it.

Acrobats and Taxes: I asked Maggie in the car what she wanted to be when she grows up. She wants to be a fourth grade teacher. She'll be a paleontologist during summer break, and an acrobat with the circus on Saturdays.

We were driving by the college and I explained to her again how that's where you go learn the job you want to do. I told her about Daddy being an accountant and what taxes are. (For the record, I also explained Recreational Therapy and bill-paying to her.)

I also added that taxes pay for things like schools, parks and roads, and we pay a lot of them so we can live somewhere with nice parks and a great school.

An hour later she asked, "Does it not cost a lot of money to go to India because it's a little bit dirty there?" It took me a minute to grasp her meaning, since it had come out of nowhere. Indians must not pay as much in taxes because their streets aren't as clean. Clever connection for her to make, I thought.

Maggie's Kindergarten Report Card: Which I am just now looking at. (trimester comments)

Maggie is a joy to teach! Her work habits and behavior are outstanding, and she serves as a positive role model in our classroom. Maggie’s thinking skills and expressive oral language skills are evident in her classroom participation. She has developed a strong foundation in reading and math, and I am proud of her progress and effort! She takes pride in all her work, and it shows in her artwork and journal writing. We will continue to encourage her to add “voice” (with movement lines and words) to her illustrations and writing. Maggie is off to a great start in school! Thank you for all your help and support for Maggie and our class.

I very much enjoy working with Maggie! She is so delightful! Maggie is making great academic progress. Maggie’s reading and writing skills continue to develop during RTI instruction. Her imagination and creativity are reflected in her journal writing. Maggie is now writing multiple sentences, and using descriptive words when writing. She always puts forth her best effort into every task that she is assigned. Maggie has a positive, enthusiastic attitude towards school and you can be very proud of her accomplishments. Wonderful job Maggie

Maggie has made terrific progress this year in Kindergarten! She continues to excel in all areas. She has a strong work ethic as well as a strong foundation of skills to expand upon next year in first grade. I have especially enjoyed Maggies’s journal writing throughout the year. It has been such a pleasure to watch Maggie learn and grow this year in Kindergarten. With Maggies’s friendly, cooperative attitude, she will always be a pleasant addition to any class. I hope you have a wonderful summer and wish you all the very best in first grade!

: Maggie: I can eat popcorn with my pink teeth. (gums)

Suspicious: I have decided that Maggie isn't a picky eater, she's a suspicious eater. She really likes to know all the details about what I've made for dinner before she decides to refuse to even try it.

Today the Kindergarten took a field trip the farm. They got to pick and eat all the strawberries they wanted. Maggie said she ate so many her tummy hurt. "Maybe 17." They also got to try various vegetables. After describing them to me at length we determined that she tried a carrot (a whole carrot), lettuce, 2 peas (and she was happy to tell me she ate the pod and some friends didn't) and a "white thing with green on top that looked like a marshmallow with wigglies on the bottom." Hmm.

After school we went to park day since she was on the early schedule and finally got to go. Then we had swimming lessons. Maggie is learning how to dive and can swim the 25 yard pool by herself. Dalton just moved up to level three which means he can swim about 10 feet or so, rolling over to breathe, with an instructor nearby.

Then we went to Daphne's Greek Cafe for dinner. I carefully described all the food to Maggie and showed her the coupon flier. She decided she wanted a pita with meat and lettuce inside and hummus and pita chips. She was very suspicious about the whole thing, but said she'd be happy as long as she got her "tortilla" and meat. I ordered an adult meal for the kids to share. Dalton had a chicken kabob and Maggie had the gyro. I had to request that they leave her pita whole, and she made a little taco with hummus, pita and gyro and she LOVED it. After her first bite she said, "I wish we could have this for dinner every night." In fact, the only thing she didn't care for was the pita chips. She was also suspicious about trying the baklava.

Suspicious, I tell you. Dalton ate his chicken and half my Greek side salad. I ate the veggies from his kabob, had my own kabob and a street pita. Sooooo good.

After dinner, we walked to the fancy market next door, which I'd never visited. We browsed the produce section to find Maggie's mystery vegetable she tried. Turnip? Parsnip? Rutabaga? Nope. It was a green onion. Maggie actually did like green onion already but perhaps has only seen it sliced up. Anyway, that was her favorite thing she ate all day.

A Good Mom for Maggie: This week I made a goal to be a better mom to Maggie. More patience, less yelling, supporting and uplifting her rather than discouraging. Focus on the positive. All that sort of thing. A few days later I read a talk from the most recent General Conference that talked about mothering daughters.

Young women need mothers and mentors who exemplify virtuous womanhood. Mothers, your relationship with your daughter is of paramount importance, and so is your example. (2013 April General Conference, We Are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father, Sat. Morning Session - By Elaine S. Dalton)

I spend a lot of time trying to get Maggie to do things - necessary things. Eating, bathing, getting dressed, homework. Asking, reminding, nagging, yelling. She is a sensitive thing, and she is in her own world a lot of the time and she Does Not Listen. She is very rarely disobedient. Just clueless. I've specifically told her she needs to do what I ask immediately, not because it's urgent, but because if she runs around the room first (and she always does) she forgets what I've asked her to do!

Anyway, I'm focusing on the impact my words will have on her tiny, precious spirit and hoping that thought guides me to be a better mother to her. I want a close relationship with her, so it's better start now.

In addition to just generally being more patient, I tried to make food that she liked and I didn't criticize her clothing choices (I was really glad I had an excuse to ask her to change into pants on Wednesday...), tried not to pick on her for being mean and bossy to her brother. And when I did pick on her, I did it nicely. Also, a big focus on saying positive things to her. Noticing when she listens, telling her I'm proud of her, pointing out her good traits and habits.

Maggie brought home a paper from school where she wrote about being smart. I love that girl.

[Comments] (1) She Needs to Sort Out Her Priorities: This morning, Maggie completely ignored my indication that it was time to start her get-ready-for-school routine.

Me: I guess you aren't going to school.
Maggie: *gasp!* But how will I know when it's time for gymnastics??!?

These Socks Be Folded:
Me: Why are you folding your socks when you put them in the dirty laundry?
Maggie: Because that bees easier!

While I laughed about her saying "bees", she corrected herself, and then continued to insist that it was easier to have her socks already folded into each other before being washed. That's what I get for making her sort her own laundry to put away, I guess.

M: What's your third favorite? ... What is your fourd favorite? (I could NOT stop laughing at this)

Where are the finger muppets?

[Comments] (1) Star of the Week: Maggie was the "Star of the Week" last week at school. On Monday, she took a poster we had made with pictures of baby Maggie, our family, Maggie in India, Maggie at Disneyland, etc. She filled out some star topic starters with things like: "My goal is to go to the next level in gymnastics." "One thing I like about myself is I'm smart." "I am good at reading."

On Tuesday, she took on of her Angry Birds drawings to show her hobby. I think she took one John drew as well, since she likes to draw with him.

Wednesday, she took the certificate she got for ringing the bell at gymnastics.

Thursday was favorite book. She took a book called Doggies and her teacher read it to the class.

Friday she took her little Piglet as her favorite toy.

[Comments] (1) Proud Moments Part 2: I forgot to mention that on Sunday Dalton gave his first Primary talk. It was So. Adorable. He read the 3rd Article of Faith and said, "I know Jesus loves me and I love Him." That's it. He spoke clearly, right into the microphone (he does get a bit of practice with this in the chapel when I'm practicing the organ).

Maggie has been memorizing the Articles of Faith. She already knows four of them. The easy four, of course, but she is able to memorize them pretty well.

Proud Moments: Today started off with Dalton's 10th dry diaper since we made him a new sticker chart. This earned him a new pair of pajamas - Space Angry Birds pajamas. (For the record, when Dalton potty trained himself a year ago, he was also dry at night, but that stopped when we moved. Boo.)

Then, at gymnastics we heard the bell ring and looked up to see that it was Maggie! She showed off her new "trick" for everyone, a forward roll on the bar. Ironically, I have a series of pictures of her doing this at her last gymnastics class, but since that class was a make-up, she didn't have her regular coach. The coach told me and her that if she works hard and practices at home building up her arm strength, she will probably get to move up the next time they do evaluations. So, Maggie came home and practiced in the living room for half an hour. I caught a glace of one of her cartwheels and was very impressed! She also always wins the "quiet contest" in gymnastics class, and I think she's brought a star student certificate the last four classes in a row.

Not to leave Dalton out, he has gotten the hand-foot placement of the cartwheel down. There's just not much wheeling involved yet. He's great on the trampoline, though! One of the things his class does is kick bean bags off the balance beam as they walk, and he's great at that.

Very proud of my kids today.

Early Bird Day: Maggie was on the early bird schedule today because the school was doing a jog-a-thon fundraiser. Ironically, we were not very early birds this morning. John woke Maggie up and took her to school at 8:15. Dalton and I snuggled in bed, and once Sienna got up, we headed over to the jog-a-thon to cheer Maggie on. I didn't realize this was a big thing, but apparently it was. So I'm glad I decided (at 5 am when I was up with Sienna) to go.

I had to park down the street at the park. So we walked to school while I nursed Sienna and Dalton ate his breakfast of fruit snacks, wearing Maggie's My Little Pony jacket from the car. Don't judge. Right after we got there they announced only 5 minutes of running left. Maggie ran 37 laps on the little track they had made. Her face was pink, but she was proud of herself. Afterwards, the kids had popsicles and I chatted with some moms. Then we walked back to the car.

We did a quick grocery shopping trip after this. In fact, we got home from the grocery store at the same time I normally get home taking Maggie to school. Since we were only getting a few things I let Dalton get a little "Dalton-sized" grocery cart. He loved pushing it around.

I fed Sienna again and made lunch and got half of dinner ready. Then we picked up Maggie at school and headed to Disneyland. I wanted to take advantage of the early day to have more time there on a weekday. We had a good time. Small World was open again, and we also got to attend the Annual Passport preview of the new Princess Fantasy Faire thingy. We waited in line a few minutes to see Ariel, Aurora and Cinderella, then we sat in the theater and ate lunch and saw Belle and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Ariel asked Maggie what her favorite part of her ride was. "What's your favorite part?" is Maggie's favorite question, so I laughed out loud when she said this.

Then we came home and had a delicious salad for dinner and Mickey cake pops for dessert.

Maggie on Billy Hill and the Hillbillies:
They said there's nothing better than this but there's something better for me.
What's that?
I'd rather be running around at the park!

So Smart:
M: What's your phone number?
Me: What do you think it is? ... That's it! How did you know?
M: I used my brain.

GyMaggstics: Apparently, Maggie thought she had gymnastics today. She told John and Rachel that, and they assumed it to be true. After school she asked me if I brought a snack. I said, "no, we're going home." When we pulled into the garage she said, "Am I going to be late for gymnastics?" Uh, no, you have three weeks!

She told me a while ago that Tuesdays were her favorite day of the week because she had gymnastics, so I told her gymnastics would be on Mondays starting in January. She's got the days of the week down, but not the months. Poor thing. Hopefully when she sees how the quality of her gymnastics experience has improved (I signed the kids up at an actual gymnastics place), she'll forgive me for taking the month of December off. At least she's excited!

[Comments] (2) Coincidence.: Today we resumed our Sunday morning walk around the lake/feed the ducks outing. We ran into a family with a little girl wearing the same shirt Maggie had on. We noticed it and waited for Maggie to notice. They looked at each other, then ran in opposite directions. Maggie ran up and grabbed my hand saying, "I love you! I know! I'm ready to go to the car! Let's go to the car! I love you, mommy!" etc etc as we kept on walking. John and I couldn't stop laughing. Her cheeks were pink and she was holding on to me so adorably. She calmed down after a few minutes and said, "That were a coincidence." Yes, it was.

Q is for Quotes: Which are in great supply with the kids around. They are always making me laugh. Here are some from this week.

The kids put up some foam ABCs on the bathtub door. Dalton was pointing to them and reading, "Don't put lolli pop in blue water." I let him take his lollipop in the bathtub and told him it'd turn the water red if he put it in.

M: "Mary Poppins are a good rhymer." Well, she's right.

M: "Why are there water falling from the sky?" Oh, you mean the rain??

M: Dad, your ideas are rude.

M, in regards to the "missing links" line in The Monkey's Uncle. "What does it mean 'missing legs?'"

Dalton calls helicopter "rawrcopter". One day he insisted he saw a Fleece Rawrcopter and it took me forever to realize he was saying "Police helicopter." He uses F a lot when there are double consonants.

D: Because = "keycause" So cute.

M is for Maggie: Miss Maggie... what would I do without my Maggie girl? Life would be a lot quieter and more simple, that's for sure! She's very kind and likes to make friends. She recently won an award in her class for one of the school values - Integrity. She makes up lots of new games and is very imaginative. When the kids play on the slide, she makes up a different name for each slide she does. "This is the pretzel slide!" as she goes with her legs crossed.

She's starting to be more independent - a few years behind Dalton. She threw a fit the other day because she couldn't do her own ponytail (something she'd never attempted before). At least she can do her own seatbelt and open the car door and other useful things like that. She's also more useful about doing things like, "run upstairs and get me such-and-such." Maggie is very smart and is getting really good at writing her letters, sounding out words, and reading sight word books. Her drawings are amazing, too, as school encourages lots of different colors and details.

She loves to snuggle ("Is it morning yet?" she asks way too early every morning) but her definition of snuggling is noisy and thrashy and pokey. But I love her anyway.

M is for Modern Day: Our garage door is broken, with our cars trapped inside. Nothing like that to make you appreciate modern day conveniences!

[Comments] (1) The Tall and Stop of It: Maggie noticed a couple walking and pointed out that the man was taller. He was really tall, maybe that's what she found odd. I pointed out that most men are taller and she said, "Yeah, but now grandma is taller than grandpa because he don't know how to walk."

Driving around Aunt Pat's neighborhood in the dark a couple weekends ago, Maggie said, "I thought that stop sign was Daddy!" Now they call stop signs "Daddies" everywhere we go. Look, a daddy! There's a daddy over there!

[Comments] (2) Tantrum: My kids are normally very well-behaved, but I hate taking Maggie to the grocery store these days. Today I had to drag both of them out of the store screaming. Actually, we only made it halfway down the aisle before the horror of leaving our groceries unbought caused Maggie to relinquish her claim that she was incapable of walking. Kids these days!

[Comments] (1) Maggie Smarty Pants: John and I met with Maggie's Kindergarten teacher for parent-teacher conference today. We had to deal with such issues as Maggie speaking too quietly, not quite holding her pencil correctly and.... nope, that's about it.

Surprisingly enough, Maggie is very bright. She's already met the end-of-year benchmark for recognition and reading. She appears to have outgrown some of the bossiness she showed in preschool, probably because the K class is so much larger. She's a role model of good behavior and she helps others and is friends with everyone.

Also, she's in the Snowy Owl reading group (they call it that so it's harder for the kids to compare themselves) with 4 other girls. The teacher referred to them as "rock stars." She said the reading book she sent home last week was more difficult than the end-of-year benchmark reader. My rock star can read and sound it out great. The goal with the Snowy Owls is to keep them challenged.

Her journals are so cute. She does one at home once a week, but the teacher gave us a bunch that were done in class.
I sumrsalt.
I see a brtheda. (the day of Dalton's party)
snak (snake)
big eartH little teeth
The one she did at home this week was: I see my wit tent.
I'll have to scan some and put them on the picture blog, because her illustrations are just as adorable.

John's comment is that we just need to teach her to be self-motivated and to work hard, so she doesn't get lazy with her smarts. And seriously, she needs to practice speaking louder and fixing that pencil grip!

[Comments] (1) Naggie and Tough People: I substituted in Maggie's Primary class a few weeks ago. I head her bragging about doing how she was going really big puzzles when she was little. She also told me that a boy in her class broke his leg and said, "He's a tough guy. I can tell." Of course, she also said that about an extremely overweight woman at Target; "That's the biggest, toughest girl I ever seen", she repeated multiple times (the woman did not hear, luckily).

She has a friend with autism. His mom said he does well when he is told how to play and what to do. Not surprisingly, they make a good pair. After a playdate, his mom told me he talked about Maggie a lot - but was calling her "Naggie." hahaha!

Having asked me a difficult question and listening to my pause, she said, "Because that's the way the world works?" Guess I've said that a few times.

The Ouchie Show (Again):

Friend at the park: My daughter had music class yesterday and she told me she wants to be a music teacher now.
Me: How sweet! This morning Maggie asked if she could be on Wipeout when she gets big.

Luckily (for future Maggie, not for present-day Dalton) Maggie's moved on from being a contestant to a course designer. I posted some pictures of the DIY Ouchie Show the kids made today.

Skip to My Mag: Today Maggie skipped almost the entire way (3/4 mile) to school. Later today she was telling me how her heart was "beeping" slow, but when she was skipping to school it was beeping fast.

[Comments] (2) I Know That Disneyland is True.: Maggie got a CD of this year's Primary songs last Sunday. We were listening to it in the car on the way home from Disneyland when she asked me what a testimony was. I said something like, "It's when you know that something is true. Like I know that Heavenly Father loves us."

So Maggie had a turn. "I know a testimony. I know that when you go on a ride at Disneyland and you don't like it, you need to go on it again and you'll like it."


I explained that a testimony usually refers to something about the Gospel, and we continued the "game." She threw in one more about Disneyland, but she had some good ones, too. My favorite: "I know the prophet is true."

[Comments] (2) The End of the World As We Know It: Maggie had her Kindergarten assessment today. She said the teacher just asked her to name letters and to make their sounds, and to sound out a few words (nut, ch, and sh, according to Maggie). The teacher said she did great and knows all her sounds (yes, she does). I hope this means we aren't being sent to another school. I can't believe she is starting school in a week! Dalton won't know what to do with himself.

In "practicing" for her assessment, I made Maggie count to 32. She really gets stuck on 30. The very next day out of nowhere she counted to 132! No idea where she picked that up. Smart girl.

Maggie also had her staples taken out today. She did really well and only screamed for the actual staple removal and a few minutes afterwards. Not that I blame her. I am amazed at how far apart the staple holes are now that her skin has gone back to its correct shape. Yuck. Staple-free Maggie convinced me to go swimming this afternoon. It was significantly less crowded than previous days we've gone in the afternoon. Summer must be ending.

[Comments] (1) Maggie the Medical Marvel: Today was a long-awaited pediatric dermatologist appointment for Maggie. She has white patches in a streak that started behind her knee and spread up and down her leg, showing up more and more as she tanned this summer. (That girl has some serious tan lines, by the way. No idea where she gets that from.)

The doctor took one look at it and said, oh that's Lichen Striatus. Rare, harmless, and will go away soon. Also, genetic, and the abnormal skin cells are formed in utero.

In related news, yesterday she was running around and whacked her head on an IKEA toy shelf. We went to the emergency room, which is right down the street, and an hour later we were home. Maggie screamed the whole time, so we opted for the hold-her-down-and-do-it-quick method. She's got three staples in the back of her head! Gross. Once the actual doctor part was over, she was fine. She even asked me which side of the head it was on. She did whine quite a bit about how it's going to hurt when they take the staples out. Hopefully she'll forget about that until we head to the doctor next week.

Also, she has to miss two swimming lessons, which is a bummer. Based on Dalton's lesson today, they'll both be level 3 by the time she gets back.

Maggie the Great: Something clicked for Maggie after her swimming lesson on Thursday. All of a sudden she wasn't afraid to put her face in the water. She was swimming back and forth in the play area with a kickboard, and then just plain swimming! I took the kids to the pool on Friday, and we went on Sunday as usual, just to make sure. Today she was so excited to show her teacher (she has a different teach on Mondays). Sure enough, she would swim the entire width of the pool, rolling onto her back to breathe, just like she's supposed to.

Miss Maggie skipped level 2 and is now level 3! I've never been so proud of her.

She also enjoyed her first dance class last week. She wanted to go back the next day, but it's only once a week. This class is just three weeks - I wanted to see if she liked it first. I guess she does!

[Comments] (2) Lots of Laughs: My kids are hilarious. I guess I really don't have anything else to blog about. Sorry.

Maggie: It was an accident!
Me: What happened?
Maggie: I was shaking his head-
Me: This does not sound like an accident.

Maggie: Dad, I have a really fun game for you! It's special just for you. You can clean up all the pieces back in the box.

Maggie: You're bothering me. You know what bother means? Bother means I'm going to get mad at you.

"King Maggie saves the day!" The kids say this while jumping off the bean bag chair.

"Whatasmic!" What Maggie calls the Fantasmic song.

Maggie knew that some popsicle sticks have jokes on them. She held a popsicle up to her ear to listen for the joke. Not sure where that came from.

Speaking of jokes, she also laughs before the joke punchline. Ie. "Why did the chicken cross the road?" "hahahahaha!"

"Pirates is my favorite ride now." Even though we dragged her kicking and screaming.

M: "I want to tell you something. I think I do like the farmer's market now." Then she covered her ears so she couldn't hear me laughing and praising her.

"I know exactly how to stop the car. You take your foot off the pedal."

Dalton woke up in the night talking loudly about a Ferris wheel.

Both of the kids have developed an obsession with the color of cars, stemming from John's fancy blue car. Dalton calls brown cars "chocolate" colored.

Dalton is very interested in Pirates. He loves that ride and he asked to see the movie. We watched an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates instead. One of his favorite parts of the ride is the macaw at the front yelling "Yo ho!" Dalton says "no ho!" and he says it loudly, and he says it during Sacrament Meeting.

Here are some older quotes from the kids I found.

6/8: Maggie names her My Little Ponies "My Little Whatever's-on-the-butt" For example, My Little Birthday and My Little Worm.
6/8: I asked Maggie what she learned in Primary and she answered "A Book of Mormon story." When I asked which story she launched into an episode of someone's car breaking down and his phone didn't work and he had to climb the mountain. Finally I said, "did he pray?" "Yes!"
6/10: Maggie calls the bombs in Fruit Ninja "buns."
6/15: Inside the tunnel at Snowbird: "The echo dripped on me!" Also, about the whole day: "It was almost a good idea to go there."

6/11: Dalton, calling out in his sleep: Daddy! I wanna play. (games on the iPhone.
Dalton calls the scroll bar on the computer an "elevator." He's kind of right...

[Comments] (1) Maggie Ventriloquist: I have a couple Maggie quotes, so I guess I'll write all about her, too! Today we gave Maggie a punishment for her behavior yesterday (whining in the car, tantrum in the bath, kicking my seat, etc). Her punishment was that she could not ride in the stroller at all at Disneyland. Not only did she not complain about it, she didn't once ask to be carried. I think the Disneyland whining was at an all time low. Amazing!

Maggie loves talking to herself. LOVES it. Every since she first admitted a couple months ago that she lies in bed talking to herself, she's started doing it more and more. She used to come home from a busy day and want to play dinosaurs or something. Now she just talks to herself. She also runs around the room. Runs to the stairs and flops on them. Runs back to the couch and flops on it. Runs between the chair in our room and the bean bag in her room, flopping and talking to herself. Sometimes Little Piggy goes with her on these trips. Maybe we need to expend a little more energy at the park?

This week she's been staying up over an hour talking to herself, telling stories or whatever in bed. So the past two nights I gave her the option of watching one Dinosaur Train episode and talking to herself for just a couple minutes, or going to bed when Dalton goes to bed and talking all she wants. Luckily, she picked Dinosaur Train, because I don't like putting the kids to bed together. They share a room and keep each other up.

Maggie's top two favorite rides at Disneyland are Star Tours and Soarin' Over California. She doesn't like the big scary rides, or Pirates, but she likes most everything else. She will even go on Peter Pan now without complaining.

Her favorite colors are pink and purple, and she calls yellow "golden." She doesn't like to wear clothes with buttons on them. She pretends to read certain books that she has memorized (One Hungry Monster, Brown Bear, Mouse Paint). We've started playing "Don't Smile!" a lot because she pretends to be grumpy when she secretly likes something.

We've been going swimming on Sundays after church. She likes to swim around in a floatie and isn't afraid of the water like she used to be. We even got her in the hot tub last week!

M: I know I can do everything by myself. I just know it!

M, after doing zipline: Dad, be brave.

[Comments] (1) Earth Creaks: Space Camp awakened a new fear in Maggie.

Me: Do you like our new house?
Maggie: Yes. But not really. I'm afraid it might fall down because of earth creaks.

Earth creaks. And she knows all about them. And how there are little ones in Utah that you can't feel but the ones in California are bigger.

[Comments] (1) Chadwick Family Funnies:

3/19: Dalton: Pizza!
Maggie: I smell pizza. Yuck.
Dalton: No, pizza yum. *microwave beeps* Pizza ready! I have some, too.

(Maggie actually does not like pizza. We thought for a long time that she didn't like Swiss cheese, but apparently she doesn't like "squished" (melted) cheese.)

3/19: Maggie: Dalton are stink and cute.

4/23: Maggie, with Rachel in the room: When is she leaving Mommy?
Me: 3 days.
Maggie: I like her!

Rachel is really good at pretending to talk on the phone. The kids thought it was hilarious and kept asking her to do it again. At one point Maggie whispered, "Aunt Rachel, do it funny!"

4/24: Me: I'm not laughing at you; I'm laughing with you!
Rachel: I wasn't laughing!
Me: You are now.

4/26: Maggie: Are we going home or to Daddy's house?

4/26: Maggie: Boys don't get married.

5/4: Maggie, to Dalton: I have an idea! Let's whine about it.

5/9: Maggie, kind of out of nowhere: I understand, but I'm not going to listen to your words.

5/9: Dalton keeps bringing me playdough food and felt food meals, then insisting we pray before we pretend to eat it. He kept snatching the playdough bites away from me and saying "prayer" over and over until I figured out what he was saying.

Dalton loves eating ice cream cones. Not ice cream, ice cream cones. The yucky cake kind. He tries to bite it before eating all the ice cream on top.

Maggie's favorite rides at Disney are Star Tours and Soarin' Over California.

5/26: Dalton, in the car: Whee!
Maggie: No, "Whee" is for going up.
Dalton: no, down whee!
Maggie: No, whee up!

5/26: Me: You need to go to sleep when you go to bed. It's late.
Maggie: But I always stay awake for a little bit. Just for a little bit to talk to myself.

Maggie's pronunciation of the word "quiet" has evolved from "piet" to "pwiet."

5/29: I've been waking Maggie up to go potty before I go to bed. One night she started whispering loudly to me.
Maggie: Mom! What are you doing?!
Me: I'm taking you potty.
Maggie: Mom! Hedo! (Hello)

The kids think the opposite of "Never!" is "Yessir!"

Privateers: Dalton talked in his sleep quite a bit last night. One of the things I caught was "pirates". Maggie informed us that she had a dream about pirates in Utah, but she paused it because she had to wake up and start a day.

Maggie Sue: I guess the kids aren't as funny lately.

3/18: Wind, go make some arches and leave us alone!

Early March: Me: You're the one who was peeking when I said "no looking."
Maggie: I keep trying to do that but it's hard. I try and it keep not working!

4/20 (reading): Puh... Pop! Like "purple."

Maggie Turns 5: Happy Birthday to the silliest of silly girls! We had a great dinosaur party yesterday. Now she is off at Disney on Ice with her Daddy, the most exciting part of which was that she got to ride in the blue car! Let's celebrate with a round-up of the latest Maggie Quotes.

3/1: "On my next birthday that's a Lego birthday I'm going to order (invite) James to my party cause he love Legos. After that is my Princess birthday." (Since then, she's decided on a Superhero birthday for her 7th.)

3/1: Maggie thinks she's doing me a "flavor" by getting herself and Dalton a treat...

3/2: "Dalton's birthday is Draper what?"

3/3: Maggie just threatened to clobber me.

3/5: "Your tummy look a little big."

3/6 "Mommy, after lunch I want to play chores."

3/7: (at the bank) Don't forget to tell them two lollipops for your two kids!

3/7: When I get up can I be a mommy just like you?
Yes. When you're a mommy, I'll be a grandma.
I don't think so that's a good idea. How about two mommies?

3/7 M: Oh yeah, yeah yeah, I'm on a diet!
Dad: Do you know what "diet" means?
M: It means you don't eat so much food you're on a diet!

3/9: "Good. But I wonder if there's anymore presents." (There weren't. And she was mad. Sheesh.)

Party the 1st: We had a family birthday party for Maggie and Hannah tonight. As we headed home Maggie said, "I'm so happy! I got Legos just like I wanted." It doesn't take much to please her. Though, she did get some pretty awesome Lego sets (Lego Friends Olivia's House and Olivia's Inventor's Workshop). She is super excited for her birthday. She gets a mini party at school, a dinosaur party at home, and then on her birthday, a special date with Daddy to see Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice. I haven't actually told her she's going to Disney on Ice, though I showed her the flier. She's going to love it.

[Comments] (1) Maggie in February: I think kids get sillier as they get older. When does that stop? See Dalton's silliness this month here.

2/1: When he see his shadow, Pissmas will come.

2/8: Pretending to be a superhero, she called herself "Heroman." Superheros was kind of a theme around here this month.

2/13: Eating hummus: "It tastes kind of yuck but it's good.

2/22 Mommy. When I'm big and married and there's a baby in my tummy, is it a boy or a girl and what name can we call it?

What kind of store is that?
It's a boat store.
Is it for boats that are out of stamina?
... It's to buy a boat.
Why are they out of the water? Why you laughing???

When she pretends to serve me food at a restaurant, or be a librarian, she does voices. She just makes her voice a little deeper.

"Look what's in this book! It's a duck Buddha!"

Dessert = "bessert" - I love it!
Hood = "hoof"

She invented something called a "Gradual Seahorse." It looks a lot like a regular seahorse (and you can call it that, she allows). And it does a lot of the same things a seahorse does according to the 20 minute lecture I received on the topic.

She is still obsessed with her pretend dinosaur, Whatasaurus. He's as tall as six tall, tall, buildings in the whole world each stack on each other (Burj Khalifa). He has "all the things" (spikes, toe claw, hump on his head, etc.)

Two words/concepts Maggie has learned at school are "pattern" and "collection". Except when she says "collection" it sounds like "question."

M: Can you get me more sun seeds?
Me: They're sunflower seeds.
M: Can you get me more flower seeds?

Both of the kids, but especially Maggie loves to "play parade" with Daddy. As far as I can tell, this involves swinging the kids around, turning them upside down, and generally dancing about, with crazy music playing.

2/26: During a video chat with Aunt Rachel, Maggie went to get her US map puzzle. "Where's London on this map?"

2/27: Reading That's Not My Mermaid
M: That's a India one.
Me: Why? (Thinking because she's wearing bangles.)
M: She's brown.
D: Bangles!

[Comments] (1) Hello February 15th: Bless that we can put up our Easter decorations. Bless that the Easter Bunny will come on Easter. I think he will but we'll have to wait and see.

I'm not even sure we have any Easter decorations.

Someone Loves School: Bless Mommy and Daddy and Dalton not to miss me when I'm gone. Bless me to have fun. Bless all the things to not be tricky. Bless all the kids to not be noisy at school.

[Comments] (1) Maggie Mix:
Drip, tip, top, little rainbow shower...

Blocks are a kind of Legos.

I tried to explain some of the puns in When I See an Elephant Fly.
Maggie: My baseball flies. If I hit it very far. Snoopy doesn't fly, but he thinks he can.

The deacons came to collect Fast Offerings after church today. I had just been explaining to the kids that we are taking a long drive in the car to California. Maggie went to get her puzzle map of the US when the doorbell rang. I could hear her in the front room talking to the boys. "This is Utah and we're going all the way to California!" One of the boys asked "what's that one?" and she replied, "I don't know. I think it's Bangkok where we went in India." When I went in, she asked me what it was and after I informed her it was Texas, she proudly announced such to the boys.

This morning, the kids and I checked out all the rides at Disneyland and California Adventure. Maggie is tall enough for nearly all of them, and Dalton can now go on Gadget's Go-Coaster and Matterhorn. Maggie was especially excited about Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain (since it has dinosaur bones). She is not planning to go on Tower of Terror, and I'm not planning to take her! However, she says her favorite is the Redwood trails.

We were last at Disneyland (in California) a year and a half ago, so I was impressed when she said things like, "that's right next to Mickey Mouse's house" and "remember the dinosaurs on the train?"

[Comments] (1) All in One: Happy New Year. We're sick.

Yesterday we went to see Puss in Boots in 3D at the (not)Dollar Theater with Jamie and her kids. We had our New Year celebration at Jamie's house, with pizza benders and board games. We stayed much later than anticipated, and got home just before 11. Had a good time, though I didn't get my fill of Boggle. I think Dave has been practicing...

2011 Reading Synopsis: 131 books, 42,616 pages. (plus various unpublished books via Rachel)

And last but not least, more Maggie funnies:
I found my other antenna shoes! (tennis shoes?)
She's insisted on staying 4 forever until just a few days ago. Then she decided her birthday was in 9 days. And yesterday while getting her hair cut, she told the stylist her birthday was in 8 days. I hope she isn't disappointed next week! This might be because she said she can't go to Disneyland when she's four, but we're going next week whether she likes it or not.
While driving by a fancy school (that shall remain nameless), the kind where preschoolers wear uniforms, I asked Maggie if she wanted to go there. She replied very matter-of-factly, "That school not good enough for me."

Speaking of games and Maggie being hilarious, last night at the party she got really into Catch Phrase. After the group finished playing, she stood on the couch with the game in her hand and described various things, mostly animals and dinosaurs, for us to guess. Sometimes she took the first letter of the actual word on the Catch Phrase game to inspire her thinking. It was adorable and very clever.

Maggie at the Park: Maggie always says the most hilarious things when making new friends at the park. Today I got out my phone and took notes.

My middle name are Margaret Susan.
My last name are Sissy.
My grandpa can't walk. (I think the boy she was talking to was there with his grandpa.)
Charlie Brown died. It was a baby in my mommy's tummy and it died. It's ok, we're going to get a new one named Charlie Brown. (To this, the boy questioned giving the baby the same name.)
My friend Grandma June died. She was 99! (Maggie talks about Grandma June dying a lot.)
When asked how old Dalton was: He's 2. He had a birthday in India and he turned 2.

Also, a cat wandered over to the playground and Maggie said that his name was "Thuck." Maggie is not allowed to name any future pets we may get.

Riddle Her Silly: Rachel sent Dalton a book called The Dog Detectives: Lost in London for Christmas. The dogs have to find the 6 black ravens, and there are some riddles to solve along the way. I read the book to Maggie just now.

Susie: "I wear bark, grow leaves, and shade parks." What grows leaves?
Maggie: Water!
Susie: Um... yes...

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Maggie uses the words "ask" and "tell" incorrectly. Except, today she actually {accidentally} said something nice! "I will ask Kyli to give it back." I'm sure she really meant "tell." Sometimes she demands that I ask her something... and gets upset when I do.

I just finished making Santa videos for both of the kids. They are going to love it! Maggie is at such a magical age for Christmas. We did an elf hunt at Gardner Village earlier this week. One of the elves had binoculars, so I explained he was checking to see if the kids were being good girls and boys. I once mentioned an elf might be watching to see if she ate her dinner and not only have I had no problems since, she always begs to look out the window and see if we can find him! He's on the rooftops! He's making footprints in the yard! He's on his way to Colette's house!

Our kids really don't need any toys, but of course we bought more than we intended. They are going to love it on Christmas morning, though! Besides, I think that last Lego set was really more for John and I...

Leonard is coming in on Tuesday night. So glad I get to have my brother with us for Christmas! Besides, I told him, Christmas is more fun with kids around. Especially when his favorite niece loves dinosaurs and Legos just like him.

[Comments] (3) The Order of Things:
M: After Christmas comes Easter Beagle.

And, the kids were running around in circles chanting, "deep fat fry! deep fat fry!" after watching Garfield Thanksgiving. I love it!

[Comments] (1) Behind Christmas Joy:

John: Why are they singing, Maggie?
Maggie: Because there's no food and no presents and no decorations. And no table. And no Christmas tree. And no candy canes. And no bells.
John: And they're still happy?
Maggie: Yeah.
John: Why?
Maggie: Because... Mr. Grinch is coming back.

[Comments] (1) Praying for Revelation: The other night, Maggie asked prayed to know what color dinosaurs are.

Maggie's First Day of Preschool: So big! She said she was scared. Dalton and I went in with her, but it was so busy that she didn't even have time to be scared. She did what she was supposed to - write her name, wash her hands, glue a house on a paper - and then played with the dinosaurs the teacher had gotten out. By circle time, she was ignoring us, so we left.

This was pretty amazing. When we went to meet her teacher, Maggie wouldn't even go in the room, or let the teacher look at her.

Dalton and I ran some errands and I am amazed at how convenient things are in America. We'll see if I feel the same way after our trip to the DMV.

[Comments] (1) Evolution Schmevolution: Maggie is tearfully trying to convince me to ask Heavenly Father to fix the dinosaurs. She has such eloquent arguments as "If we just bring back the herbivores, they won't eat us" and "The plants will grow back."

[Comments] (2) How the World Works:
Maggie: We are going back to Utah, then in 21 days we're coming back to India!
Me: We're not coming back to India.
Maggie: But I like India!
Me: ...

[Comments] (2) The Truth Comes Out: We walked into church yesterday morning...
Maggie: Mommy! They don't have the TV!
Me: That's next week, sweetie
Maggie: But there's no TV!
Me: It's there. It's in the closet. They'll set it up next week. If you want, we can watch a video of the Prophet on the computer when we get home.
Maggie: So... I have to go to Primary today?

I don't know what Maggie has against Primary other than "I'm scared" and "People are mean" (which they're not). I told her I won't be going to Primary with her when we go home, and she's like, great! But in the meantime, she clings to me, won't sit down, sing, or say her scripture that she has perfectly memorized. Even though they give the kids chocolate bars for practicing the program. I think there might be a correlation between "Ethan and Maddie" leaving and her change in attitude. She brought up Ethan and Maddie after I told her she'd have her friends Ethan and James in her new class in Utah. Maybe she'll be ok once it's white people (who don't pinch).

Maggie: Dalton bite me!
Me: He bit you?
Maggie: No, he BITE me!

Maggiesaurus: Maggie was naming off the types of dinosaurs that came from some (imaginary) eggs, and I thought I'd write down all the dinosaurs she can identify. She had fun making the list with me.

  1. dimetrodon (not a dinosaur)
  2. stegosaurus
  3. triceratops
  4. ornithomimus
  5. tyrannosaurus rex
  6. allosaurus
  7. corithosaurus
  8. dilophosaurus
  9. spinosaurus
  10. plesiosaur (generic water reptile, not a dinosaur)
  11. plateosaurus
  12. iguanadon
  13. apatosaurus
  14. brachiosaurus
  15. giganotosaurus
  16. velociraptor
  17. styracosaurus
  18. kentrosaurus
  19. pterodactyl (pterosaur, not a dinosaur)
  20. pteranodon (pterosaur, not a dinosaur)
  21. quetzlecoatlus (pterosaur, not a dinosaur)
  22. argentinosaurus
  23. ankylosaurus
  24. confucisornis
  25. parasaurolophus
  26. pachycephelasaurus
  27. troodon
  28. gallimumus
  29. oviraptor
Not bad!

[Comments] (2) The Kiddos: Dalton had his first calimari in Kerala. He loved it and gobbled up the rest of the plate.

Maggie likes to make up new dinosaurs and describe them to us. Some of them include "Dinosaurasaurus", "Whatasaurus" and, my favorite, "Pteranodon Rex." She's quite a clever girl.

Dalton, somewhere, has learned the number 4 and started pointing it out everywhere. Meanwhile, Maggie has learned to add. I introduced the concept a while ago using some activities from the summer program I bought, and now she's got the concept down and loves to practice. She asks me addition questions all the time.

[Comments] (2) I Want to Be in Number 7: Leonard introduced me to a site called The Kid Should See This. Every day they post a video or two that is beyond the kiddie show scope, but not beyond the not-underestimated kid. We have really enjoyed watching most of the videos shared there. If you have kids, check it out.

Today we watched Louis Armstrong sing "When the Saints Go Marching In." Maggie wasn't terribly interested in the video, but she was very curious what the number was. "What number?" she kept asking. She also remembered that this song is played on one of the Meet the Sight Word DVDs.

You Know a Dinosaur Called...: I've convinced Maggie that a dinosaur with a toe claw on its head, actually has a head claw. I think the day is off to a good start.

[Comments] (3) "Trick or Lettuce!" and Other Fun: The only vegetable Dalton will eat is okra.

19 books read in August.

I heard screaming this afternoon. Dalton. Real crying, so I went to see what Maggie had done to him. He was stuck in the hiking carrier. I got him out, and realized he was holding all of his stuffed animals. Maggie was packing hers into the bag attached to the carrier. Apparently they were taking a trip!

"Mommy, do you think Heavenly Father can fix Grandma June?" Out of nowhere, in the car. By the time I was done explaining, she was telling me about the latest dinosaur place.

Appreciating What We Have: I can't forget when we visited a park in Hong Kong and Maggie said, "Wow! This park has grass!"

Nor when we checked into our hotel in Bangkok and she announced, "Look! The carpet goes all the way to the wall!"

It's the little things.

I Am Dinosaur, Hear Me Roar: Is "I'm a carnivore" a valid excuse for not eating her lettuce?

What about if she says it with a mouthful of carrot?

Pretend Gods: John and the kids are still not feeling great. John went to work late, we left Dalton home with Kannagi, and Jodi and I took Maggie to the ISKCON temple. I had a difficult time explaining some of it to Maggie, and ended up calling the idols "pretend gods". Then Maggie, being 4 and grumpy, yelled, "I don't want them to give flowers to the pretend gods!" Luckily, no one understood her, or heard her over the chanting.

In the car, Jodi and I read through some of the free literature we got and questioned Sandeep about it. I asked Sandeep who his family god was, then Maggie announced, "I don't have a god." I told her that our God is Heavenly Father, which she seemed to accept for a few minutes. Then, she decided, "Sandeep is my god!"

We went to lunch at UB City, where Maggie perked up. She ate some food, watched a cat eagerly, and begged to play in the fountain. Then, I broke my rule about never going to Kids Kemp again. We didn't have time to go to Commercial Street, so even though it is expensive and full of pushy salespeople, we ended up there. I pushed back and somehow we got out of there in 20 minutes with one shirt, which Jodi loves. Maggie was happy there. There was a dwarf in a SCARY clown outfit and mask handing out popcorn and cotton candy. She lounged on the couches and played with the salespeople. Amazing what a little popcorn will do.

When we got home, we walked down to the Fancy Shop to buy some bangles for Jodi and Kyli. Maggie whined the whole time. Only one more day left with Aunt Jodi!

Factoids: I bought Maggie two new books today - coloring books that also included "facts" about the animals. One was dot-to-dot birds with up to 70 dots to connect per bird - great counting practice. The other is "how to draw" dinosaurs. We spent much of Dalton's nap lying on the floor coloring.

The dinosaur book claims, "Pteranodon was the largest flying reptile. ... It didn't had teeth." [sic] It also contains the sentence "Baryonyx fish."

TII, and this book was published here.

[Comments] (2) There's a message in here somewhere: Maggie has started beginning each monologue with "Mommy! Listen to me." and ending with "Do you understand, Mommy?"

"Mommy! Listen to me. How about we get a leaf off a tree when it's little and we put it in a cup and when it gets big we eat it. Alright? You understand, Mommy? And we'll use the binoculars so the water doesn't get in our eyes and we see a thing. You try to catch a fish, then you catch a fish, when you get hungry, Mommy, I will give you a fish. You understand, Mommy? And when you see any fish in the water with the binoculars you will see when you see any fish and when you see a fish you try to catch a fish. When you didn't catch it they are too fast."


: Mom, you like to look at the Tomatoes?
Tomatoes? Does she mean the pizza sauce? Maybe the red nose? What tomatoes?
The tomatoes right there. Pointing at Mr. & Mrs. Potato/Tomato Head.

[Comments] (2) Kingdom, Phylum, Unicorn: "It's a kind of a place where giraffes and zebras live. And horsies. And unicorns. And ponies. And pegasuses. And unicorn pegasuses."

Oops: "Mom, we forgot to go to Bangkok."

I counted that 11 of my last 13 blog entries (now 12/14) were just anecdotes from the kids, so I figured I'll just keep it coming.

[Comments] (1) Dr. Seuss Funnies: A lot of times when I read rhyming books to Maggie, I leave off the last word for her to fill in. One of our bedtime stories tonight was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

All I like to do is hop
from finger top
to finger top one.

they walked all night
from near to far.
I would never walk.
I would take a auto.

Mommy Knows.: The kids got up at 6:15 today. I made them go back to bed. I told Maggie it was still night time and her shows weren't on yet. At 6:45 I finally got up with her and we turned on the TV. And she started crying because her show wasn't on!

Making English Muffins for breakfast.

Easter Egg + Dinosaurs = Fun: Mom! The parasaurolophus that says honk with a crest on its head is pasching! [hatching]

Dalton's First Sentence: Maggie has been playing "Birds" this week, moving on from "Horsies." This might have something to do with having watched Rio. Yesterday she was flapping around like a bird, so I picked her up and carried her airplane-style around the room.

Dalton, watching from the sidelines, said, "Da Da Tuh!" Which of course means, "Please carry me around like a bird after Maggie is finished" or "Dalton's turn!" It didn't sound like much, but I know that's what he said because the day before I said, "Dalton's turn?" and he repeated it back to me. He repeats everything. Be warned.

Secret Keeping Update: This is how it played out.

John: Did you buy me a tie?
Maggie: Yes.
John: What color is it?
Maggie: I'm not gonna tell you!

Also, she and John and blowing bursts of air at each other.
Maggie: Daddy, you poo in my mouth.

[Comments] (4) Secret Keeping: The kids and I picked out a Father's Day present for John today. I coached Maggie on not telling him what it was. Later, we practiced.

*knock knock*
Me: Maggie, it's me, Daddy! Did you buy me any presents while I was gone?
Maggie: Yes!
Me: What was it?
Maggie: I'm not going to tell you!
Me: What if I tickle you? *tickle* I'm going to tickle you until you tell me!
Maggie: It was a ______!
Me: You're not supposed to tell him! Let's try again.

*knock knock*
Me: Maggie, it's me, Daddy! Did you buy me any presents while I was gone?
Maggie: Yes!
Me: What was it?
Maggie: I'm not going to tell you!
Me: What if I tickle you? *tickle* I'm going to tickle you until you tell me! What was it?
Maggie: I dunno!
Me: What was it? *tickle*
Maggie: I dunno! It was a ______!
Me: *sigh*
Maggie: A ____________!!!

Now: Maggie: How about you pretend to be the Daddy. And I will be in the house.
We'll see how this goes.

*repeat to tickling*
Maggie: I'm not gonna tell you! *grabs a book off the bed* It was a book!
Me: You bought me a book?
Maggie: Yeah! A book. And a ________!
Me: Oh dear.
Maggie: A ______!!!!!

Babies and Kids:
Maggie: Dalton is a baby boy.
Me: What are you?
Maggie: I'm a kid girl.

I explained the word "birth" to her, and how it relates to "birthday" and being born.
Maggie, later: Being born is for kids and babies only.

[Comments] (1) Maggie on Using Flotation Devices: You stick your bum in and get it stuck and then you move and float and you just float.

More Quotes: Daddy: Want to go to a beach called Goa in 18 days?
Maggie: Daddy, you ever hear of a beach called Gondola? You have to ride on a swing. You can ride on a zebra. You can ride on a monkey. You can ride on a crocodile and it won't snap you.

I also saw a sign on a painted flyover that said, "Keep your city beautiful. Do not defecate the wall."

[Comments] (1) Mother's Day Quotes: I got sweet little cards and flowers for Mother's Day.

On the way out the door:
Maggie: I'm going to buy you flowers, Mommy!
John: Surprise!

When making the cards:
John: Let's write three reasons you love Mommy.
Maggie: I don't love Mommy. She's mean to me. She gives me time outs.

Would you like fat with that?: A few weeks ago, Kannagi called me as I was on my way home from shopping. "I can't understand what Maggie wants and she is crying," she said. She thought maybe Maggie wanted to bake the chapatti. She put Maggie on the phone.

"I want to eat butter with bacon!" Maggie cried. I burst out laughing and told Kannagi to give Maggie a roll with some butter to dip it in.

A few days before, we had pea soup with bacon and rolls, and Maggie just loved dipping her bacon in the butter for her roll. Yum.

Another Maggie Quote:
Me: What are you going to count to? (she counts while she stands up in the bath for me to wash her).
Maggie: Zero. Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Zero! ... Marse One!

Later, I used "Minus one" (that's what they call the basement level here) in a sentence so she'd know the correct way to say it. Then we started calling it silly things and she said "Plus One!" I was very impressed that she put the "minus" and "plus" connection together.


restaurant menu = calendar
magnets = batteries
video = radio
bun (hairstyle) = gun
"let's look for a caterpillar coming out of a raccoon."
I have a good idea! or That's not a good idea.
Can I do a bad example?
She still says "ts" for combined consonants (truck = suck, drip = sip).
Her animals are always driving to the cabin, or taking a boat to Pondicherry beach, or flying to India or Hong Kong.
She loves to play "I'm gonna get you!" Dalton also loves this game.
Maggie knows all the words to the Primary songs they are learning this year.
She is getting so tall.

[Comments] (2) Spring Dragons: Earlier today, I was telling Maggie about how baby animals are born in the Spring and that's why eggs are a symbol of Spring. We drew some baby Spring animals to celebrate the point.

Now she is asking me, "what other animals are in the Spring? Dragons?"
"No, not dragons. Dragonflies and butterflies."
"But dragons lay eggs!"

[Comments] (1) : Maggie was in the bathtub just now when the power went out.
I went to her (in the pitch black) saying, "it's ok, I'm right here."
"Mom, don't open it."
"Open what?"
"Don't open the bathtub lid [drain] yet. I'm not done."

She loves to play "snuggle in the dark" which is a lot like snuggling. With the lights off. I think it's a subtle way of saying "I want to sleep in your bed tonight" but it hasn't worked yet.

Today I took her on a swimming play date. The play friends were babies the same age as Kyli. Maggie took over the floating seat and walked around the kiddie section wearing it. The water was cold, but felt good and it was nice to hang out with people.

We left Dalton at home asleep. While we were gone Kannagi made two batches of pretzels, chapati, roti, chicken biryani, and made rice and prepped vegetables for me to cook this weekend. She also cleaned the kitchen and entertained Dalton. Amazing.

Seeing Things: "Can you see a thing?" This is what Maggie says when it's dark. It's adorable. Our car windows are heavily tinted, so it's very difficult to see anything when we are in a car park. Yesterday I gave her toilet paper rolls and some red, orange, and yellow crepe paper to make a pretend fire with. She stuffed the orange paper in two toilet paper rolls and set them on my and John's nightstands. "Look mom, I gave you a fire so you can see a thing!"

Update: It appears that "I can't see a thing" is said in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

We picked John up from work and ate at Sunny's in Indiranagar. It was awesome. There weren't many other customers, and they had a baby seat that kept Dalton in one place. Our food was really good and the dessert was actually worth getting. Plus, it was great to spend time together. While waiting for the driver, we went into The Body Shop next door. Yum. We'll go there instead of to the spa next time we need pampering.

[Comments] (1) : Maggie and I made homemade rocks today. She is begging me to open the container of sand we brought up from the playground so she can make a pogo stick with it.

Excuse me, you just open the dirt for me? Cause I will put it in a cup and put water in it and stir it with a spoon. I will wuse this spoon to stir it. Let it tsy for a little minute to make a medium pogo stick. How you think of that you make a pogo stick, Mommy? Please open it? I need a wil bit cause I will put water and stir it and let it tsy for a minute.

[Comments] (1) Through Orange-Colored Glasses: Maggie and I buy a fuzzy drink - orange Fanta - at the store, and open it in the car.

Hmm. This reminds me of The Ranch. Grandma and Grandpa always gave us orange soda and Mug rootbeer.
Man, we were spoiled grandkids.
Remember when being given soda was all it took to be spoiled?
I guess it still is at our house.

I lean over in the car and give Maggie another drink of orange Fanta. Time to make a new memory.

[Comments] (1) Spotlight: Maggie was the Spotlight in Primary today. I quizzed her to get the info.

Favorite Color: Red, Orange and Grey
Favorite Scripture: 1 Nephi 3:7 (I extrapolated a bit with this.)
Favorite Primary Song: "Hello, Mama Stay" (Hello, Namaste), since this is the only one she remembers singing in Primary yet. But after I pointed out it was any of the songs in the Children's Songbook, she picked The Oxcart.
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Favorite Activity: Play and help Mom and Dad
Least favorite thing: Nothing.

Kerri made a big 8x10 picture of Maggie with a puzzle over it. The kids got to remove puzzle pieces with songs, and guess the clues to see who it was. Even though it was obvious (to the adults) that it was one of the white kids, it was the dress that gave it away. Maggie herself sat there so sweetly listening to clues about herself. Three favorite colors the same as her? Likes The Oxcart just like her?? It was the first spotlight, or she might have figured it out earlier.

Kerri and I both got teary-eyed when she was reading the rest of the clues about Maggie.

[Comments] (3) Flying Elephants: Maggie is very concerned about getting her Elefun game home. "My blue elephant won't fit on the airplane," she said. "Yes it will. We'll put it in a suitcase in the airplane's tummy." "I will hold it on my lap."

Again, today, she detailed her plan. "Daddy will help me fold up the trunk. I will put the trunk off and put all the butterflies away. We'll put it in the suitcase. Then we can play it with Hannah and James. I will tell [ask] James what he got for Christmas, and Hannah too."

Also today she asked, "When is Colette coming on an airplane to India?"

Speaking of flying elephants, Maggie drew the cutest picture the other day. I drew a circus scene for her to fill in. I left a space in the roof of one of the train cars. I pointed it out to her and asked "what do you think goes in this car with a hole in the roof?" She drew 6 or 7 elephants. The one in the car with the hole was Dumbo's mommy. Her trunk went out of the hole in the roof, around the circus grounds, and back to wrap around Dumbo in the next car over and over again. "She's snuggling him," she said.

Leave Me Alone: Today we went to Cubbon Park and visited the children's park there. We were the only white people.

Oh, let me interrupt this post with a white people joke. The other day we were going to a grocery store in the vicinity of this park (a tourist area) and I said, "hey, look a white person!" Maggie jumped up and said, "where? Where??" When I finished laughing, I asked, "Maggie, what color are you?" "Pink," she answered. Of course.

Back to my post. We have really cute kids and everyone loves to see them, talk to them, touch them, hold them etc. Not really a huge deal, and we knew this would happen ahead of time. Everyone here, especially young men, loves our kids. Dalton bears the brunt of it, but since I am often holding him in the sling, Maggie gets her fair share of attention.

Maggie has started yelling, "No!" if someone approaches her. I don't think she minds talking to people, shaking their hands or whatever, but she's been pinched on the cheeks a few too many times. Dalton, on the other hand, LOVES the attention. He is usually happy to go to anyone who wants to hold him - for a minute at least. The sling helps here; it's a lot harder to take him from me if he's in the sling and I'm holding on tight. Saying "no" doesn't work, though Maggie has demonstrated that yelling it does.

Neither of them minds posing for pictures. Oh, and Dalton has started waving to everyone who looks at him. He can just tell when he is the object of attention, and he turns and waves his adorable baby wave. Sometimes he will bury his head against me, but it's so cute that he's hiding that he gets "awwws" of attention and turns right back out to acknowledge them.

Maggie is not entirely unfriendly. As John wrote, she made friends with a gaggle of boys on a school trip. They all passed the playground where we were and waved from the train yelling "Hi, Maggie!"

How Do You Think?: This is a question Maggie has been asking a lot lately. She means "what do you think?" as in "what is your opinion about this?" and asks it whenever she shows off a piece of artwork, a Lego creation, or something else clever that she's made.

Hello, Namaste, We Welcome You Today: Today was Maggie's first day in Primary. She did really well! She sat on a big chair and sang songs. She even got a little note pinned on her dress saying she is assigned to say the closing prayer next week.

They had singing time and sharing time first with all the kids. Then they had a five minute break, during which all the kids were given a candy bar. After the break they had their classes. There are only two classes. They delivered Maggie to Relief Society after, along with a laminated ring of the scriptures for this year's theme and another piece of candy. I heard they don't know how to teach to kids very well in our branch, but the candy seems to be a good start, for Maggie at least.

Word from the Wise: "You's not an elephant," Maggie just said to me. Indeed.

Maggieisms: Lots more silly stuff Maggie has been saying lately. She calls the remote "the camote", she still says "wi-bit" instead of "a little bit" and she has started making up her own signs for things stating, "this is Mr. Potato Head" or "This is chair". She also pointed out that the colors on the candy corn skirts are not in the correct order (I knew they were wrong at the time, but I had more orange fabric).

Daddy: Who loves you?
Maggie: Mommy.
Daddy: Does Daddy love you?
Maggie: Yes.
Daddy: Who loves you more?
Maggie: Collette.

Jill came over on Friday and we made decorative bat pillows for Halloween.
Maggie: Aunt Jill, what are you going to be for Halloween?
Jill: I'm going to be a witch.
Me: She just called you Aunt Jill
Jill: That's ok. It's going to be a long time before I hear that again.

The example above illustrates one of Maggie's recent obsessions - asking people what they're going to be for Halloween. She has temporarily set that aside for making Aunt Erin a pretend birthday cake (chocolate, with a candle), but now that the birthday party is over, I have a feeling the Halloween costuming will resume.

[Comments] (4) Conversations:
Maggie: *examines her bib*
Me: Aunt Sharon made that bib. Jill's mommy. She made it when you were born.
Maggie: What happened to her?
Me: Nothing.
Maggie: Did she die?
Me: No.
Maggie: Did your mommy die? Your mommy named Grandma die?
Me: Yes, she did.
Maggie: I don't want her to die!
Me: Me neither!
Maggie: *starts pretending to cry*

Also, I watched the first 20 minutes of General Conference with her on my lap. Later in the day she suggested, "Let's watch the Prophet Show."

[Comments] (2) Maggie in the Sky with Pluto: While browsing the children's non-fiction section of the library for dinosaur books, Maggie saw one about planets. It appeared to be the only space book remotely at her level, so we got it. While reading this morning, she says, "Let's buy me some rings so I can go up in the sky like Saturn." Dream on, little girl. The dino obsession continues to be in full swing. "Mom, where's my parasaurolophus?"

Poor John is very ill. He has an ear infection that gave him vertigo which made him nauseous which made him throw up so much he got dehydrated and his muscles seized up. I took him to instacare and they gave him an IV and prescriptions for anti-nausea and anti-dizziness. He is slowly recovering. They said it could be 2 weeks.

[Comments] (1) Kid Updates: Dalton: has two teeth on the bottom; pulled up in his crib for the first time yesterday (pack-n-play, with nothing to grab onto); stumbles along while pushing a stool (does that count as cruising?); is generally adorable. He eats just about anything I put in front of him, has the sweetest smile. He causes more trouble than Maggie did - tries to climb up and down the stairs, gets into everything, and he LOVES to chew on electrical cords. Eye color still TBD.

Maggie: Says "piet" for "quiet", "banquet" for "blanket", "pack" for "quack", "now" instead of "then" or "next", "last night" for anything that happened in the past ("remember I did [cute thing] last night?") and "bis a minute" (which you can hear in the video of Dalton walking behind the stool.

A is for Popsicle: The other day I thought I heard Maggie say, "Do you see a small opening?" Kind of an odd thing for a three year old to ask. The third time she said it, I realized it was probably from a show, and finally remembered it from Finding Nemo.

Me, Reading My Gospel ABCs: A is for Apostle.
Maggie: A is for a popsapicle.
Me: Hee! Tell Aunt Rachel what A is for.
Rachel: A4? It's like regular paper, but a little longer and skinnier.
Me: Are you talking to me?

[Comments] (1) Camp In: We went to the cabin and stayed the night with some friends. It snowed (!) but we still had a great time. Maggie fell asleep in the car on the way home. When I tried to get her out of her seat, she pushed me away and said, "No, Colette!"

She calls me "Mommy Sue" now.

John posted this on his blog, but it bears repeating:
Maggie: Who's at the door?
John: It's nobody.
Maggie: It's yes-body.

Big Sister: This morning Dalton woke up just after 7. Since that is too early, I usually let him babble in his crib until Maggie wakes up. A little while later I heard Maggie talking. Then I could hear her say, "We're going to Grandma Papa's cabin and I-a run! I love to go to the cabin!" over and over. Maggie doesn't usually talk to herself quite so loud and Dalton stopped fussing, so I wondered if John wasn't leaving for work until 7:30. I got up, washed my face and got dressed, then I went to get see what was up. Maggie had climbed into Dalton's crib and was telling him all about the cabin and he was quite enthralled with her description.

I'm Not Going!: Our trip to Bryce Canyon marks the occasion of Maggie figuring out this road trip tradition. We'd tried it before, with cute variations.

Dad, while driving over a bridge: I'm not go-ing!
Leonard, Susanna, and Rachel from the backseat: Oh, yes you a-re!

Me: I'm not go-ing!
Maggie: I'm not go-ing!

Me: I'm not go-ing!
Maggie: You're not go-ing!

Me: I'm not go-ing!
Maggie: You are going.

Me: I'm not go-ing!
Maggie: Oh, yes you is!

Me: I'm not go-ing!
Maggie: Oh, yes you a-re!

HVRX and Maggieisms: Last night my aunt Sharon called and invited us to go on a homeschool field trip to the Heber Valley Railroad. We had to drive up there in a snowstorm, the railroad car wasn't heated, and we had to drag a crying Maggie onto the train, but other than that it was great! Maggie loved it, and got to meet the conductor. Also, since we were in the last car, we got to watch the engine back up and hook on when we turned around. Have I mentioned lately that Maggie thinks my cousin Sarah is awesome? Also, they have puppies at their house.

Maggie mixes up her prepositions. I made her some chocolate milk the other day.
Maggie: I need a new straw for Aunt Rachel. ... Mommy, I spilled! I hold it to two hands.

When playing with her cousins, she tends to call her daddy "Uncle John."

Pretend = "for a tend" as in "Just eat it for a tend."

Impossible = "a pasta bowl", and she uses it whenever she doesn't want to do something.

Mommy: Why is there toilet paper all over the floor?
Maggie: It's Easter eggs.
Mommy: Oh, well let's go find them.
Maggie: *Pretends to look* There's one! Here's one!
Mommy: Hey, I found too little ones! Let's go put them in our basket (ie. the trash can).

A Fishy Sort of Day: Today was Maggie's second (and last) private swimming lesson. She did so well! She only yelled a couple times, and ran over to me once. And we all had a good laugh when she climbed off my lap to get in the pool and had her swimming suit stuck in her bum.

The instructor says she could tell that she stays home - as in if she does go somewhere, it's with me. I remember when John and I were called to the nursery, we could see a difference between kids who's mothers worked and kids who had their moms with them 24/7 and consequently cried all through nursery. Now, Maggie is great in nursery, but this stay-at-home mom theory appears to apply to swimming as well. She said we just need to keep her exposed to swimming and situations where I'm not present and she'll do fine. Good thing our hotel in Bryce Canyon has a pool!

After her lesson, we went to the aquarium, which is nearby. They recently opened a new exhibit - penguins!! It is one of those exhibits with a glass wall next to the water, so you can see them diving and swimming. They were so playful. Maggie also got to touch a stingray again.

Third Time is Silly:
Maggie: Mommy, what's on your chin?
Me: What is it?
Maggie: It's an elephant!

I went out to Coldstone and to see New Moon at the dollar theatre with some girls in the ward last night. Hard to believe I stayed awake through a 9:20 movie. It was really fun to spend time with friends and take a break from the kids.

We are staying home today, except for playing outside in the SUNSHINE. Lots of snuggling and reading to ensue.

Swimming School Dropout: I took Maggie out of swimming lessons. She wouldn't participate or obey the teacher, and was distracting to the other kids. It was a waste of time for everyone involved. We're going to do a couple private lessons instead, so she can have the teachers full attention, and be made to do stuff. At least I got nearly a full refund, because the private lessons are expensive!

[Comments] (4) Maggie Quote Round-Up: More movie quotes (including frequent requests to sing "Woody's Round-Up":
To abiabie! and beyond! (Toy Story: it's "infinity", though she denies it if I correct her)
Don't you EVER run away to me again! (Monster's Inc.)
This works! (holding up something to her eye. This is one of Flik's inventions from A Bug's Life.)

She loves going places like the bank and the post office. The other day when we went to the post office to mail a package for Rachel's and Edd's birthdays, she ran in, looked around and said, "Where's Aunt Rachel? Where's Edd?" Not only that, but apparently a "stamp" is not a cute ink mouse you get on your hand like at the library, and she got mad when I said I didn't need any. She was quite disillusioned.

Maggie: What's on yours back?
Mommy: I don't know, what is it? (thinking it's a sticker or something)
Maggie: *climbs on* It's a Maggie!

Also (yeah I fell for it twice)
Maggie: What's on yours nose?
Mommy: I don't know, what is it? (thinking it's marker or a smudge)
Maggie: Glasses!

Bummy toes! (wanting a "bummy tumble" (tummy bubble) on her toes)
I'm just standing on my bed. I'm not jumping on it. (She really was)
She wants there to be a monster under her bed, but when I told her the crocodile (in her Peter Pan coloring book) was going to eat Captain Hook, she went across the room to direct my coloring so it wouldn't eat her.

She says "adain" for again, and uses a "s" sound (more like "ts") for just about any double consonant: tr, dr, sh, etc. So truck=suck, dream=seam, treat=seat.

And best of all, in the car: Those people don't know how to drive!

[Comments] (2) Birthday Girl, Big Girl: My baby girl turned 3 today. Time flies and all that. We had a party with some friends this afternoon. She got a coloring book, a Berenstain Bears book, a birthday cake playset, some green eggs and ham, and a little stuffed elephant.

After piano, I took her to dinner at Burger King. I haven't been there in years, but they had a great $1 menu, and a playplace and it is very near our house. However, Maggie wasn't tall enough to climb up the playplace by herself. John had to work today, unfortunately, but came home in time for bedtime snuggles and the reading of a new book from Aunt Rachel.

[Comments] (4) The Birthday Begins: Last night I decorated the kitchen and put out Maggie's presents to surprise her this morning. We decided to spread out the birthday celebration, since she is perfectly happy with just one present. We let her open one today. She got some car jammies that Daddy picked out. We went to Chuck E Cheese, and visited Grandma and Grandpa. More fun tomorrow!

Just Keep Swimming: Little Maggie Girl has been sick. She was only up for a few hours yesterday, then went to bed around 4:45. We were worried she'd wake up in the middle of the night, but she slept right through until 7:30 this morning (unlike some people). She was feeling and acting much better, and I don't think she has anything chlorine won't kill, so we went to swimming lessons.

She did better this time, though she cried more. She released the grip her prehensile toes had on me and did a few kicks, and she was perfectly happy to blow bubbles in the water. So, almost imperceptible improvement, but it's there.

We came home and watched Finding Nemo.

[Comments] (3) Miss Popular: We walked into Sacrament Meeting on Sunday to a chorus of "Hi, Maggie!" from several of her little nursery friends.

Dalton is 4 months old today, which means Maggie is 35. T minus 28 days until she turns 3. She wants money for her college fund, an aquarium membership, and anything that gets used up (in particular, will be used up before we move to India). Ok, maybe she doesn't; if you ask her, she wants a blue present with a cow in it, an "O"s party [Cheerios], and a yellow cake with red frosting. Where does she get this stuff?? So, Mommy knows best, and what I know is that we have way too many toys as it is and she won't know the difference and we're taking advantage of that. We're giving her swimming lessons and some treats.

Not Just for Reading: Maggie loves books. She carries around stacks of them. She takes them in the car with her. She is no longer allowed to sleep with them. She gets mad if we go to the library just for storytime and don't have time to read books. They're for more than just reading. They can be used for:

a stage - she stacks up books (all homemade by me and Rachel) and lines up her animals or her "big guys" on it.
butterfly wings - holds two books up behind her back. She also does this with the cushion from the toy box.
a duck mouth. "Pack!"
a brush or comb. "All girls who like to brush and comb should have a pet like this at home."
scissors, with which she "fixes" things like my pants.
a tail. She put a book on the stool behind Grandma June and announced that Grandma had a tail. Luckily, Grandma found it funny, too.

And, Maggie is wearing jeans today for the first time in about 6 months.

: Maggie woke up this morning screaming for me to come back and put her seat belt on. She must just be having weird dreams lately.

I had a weird dream, too. It was about rescue crews trying to get to a Jeep that had driven off the road. Perhaps related to the Jeep I saw spin out of control on the freeway yesterday. I wonder how one loses control of a car in broad daylight and perfectly fine weather. Luckily, she stopped the car ok, and all the kids in the backseat were wearing seatbelts.

Dark?: Every night, before Maggie can go to sleep, she has to look out her window to see if it's "morning, gark, or nighttime." She says "g" instead of "d" pretty frequently, as in "goggie". Silly girl.

UPDATE: Maggie woke up at 6 am (severely disrupting my post-Dalton-feeding sleep cycle) crying, "Come back, Mommy! Morning, gark, or nighttime!" When I went into her room, she was out of it, and slurring her words, but finally peeked out of her blinds and was satisfied and went back to sleep.

Baby Girl: Silly Maggie all over the place.

The cuckoo clocks are coming! Hide on [under] my chair. They're getting out [of] the way!
Ta dum!
Look, he's little! (She says this about Dalton all the time)
I no can't reach/do it. (Standard do-it-for-me) Also, she's been quoting movies a lot lately.
"Everybody knows your name, Woody!" (Toy Story 2)
"Look, Barbie! An ugly man doll." (Toy Story 2)
"Help! P-P-Piglet. (Me)." (The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh)
"Here! A Magic [invisible] Feather! Now you can fly!" (Dumbo) She calls Lightning McQueen "Lightning a Peen".

And I think I already mentioned that she now tells people her name is "Maggie Sue."

She is being a darling older sister and loves getting toys for Dalton to play with. She just said "he needs his star" and went upstairs to get it for him.

"Ok, boy, go get it!"
"Um, I don't think Dalton's quite ready for that."

[Comments] (1) Follow the Smoothie:
*singing songs*
Mommy: Which prophet do you want to sing about?
Maggie: Boba?
Mommy: Jonah? Noah?
Maggie: No, boba!

She's also started saying "in a week" to mean later.
Mommy: Do you need to go potty?
Maggie: No, not yet. In a week.

I showed Maggie how if you clap loudly Dalton's bouncer music will turn on. The next thing I knew she was trying it out by shouting "Go!" Poor Dalton thought she was yelling at him, not the bouncer, and got so sad.

No, Thanks: (Maggie's latest saying)

I am a little weary of Christmasness so refer to John's blog for part two of the Christmas rundown. I did finally get around to posting pictures. Now you can share in our 25 days of Christmasy goodness. Enjoy.

Yesterday Susan babysat while John took me to The Harvest restaurant at Thanksgiving Point. It was delicious. Instead of getting expensive dessert, we went to the candy shoppe and bought our favorites. It was a great date.

We are home sick from church today. I guess between being sick and having sick kids, I am too tired to enjoy any more holiday.

On Christmas Eve we went to the mall to enjoy the shopping/holiday frenzy. We paid $1.50 for Maggie to ride the carousel and walked around. They have a little dino play area. She climbed up on half an egg buried in the ground, put her fists to her mouth and started making trumpeting noises. An angel!, she says. Now she goes around tooting her horn and pretending to be the Angel Moroni.

To Maggie, With Love:
Maggie, "reading" a Christmas card from Grandma June: And a really, really, big present....

Tantrum Time: Maggie has been throwing a lot of tantrums lately. A lot of times it's because I can't give her attention when she wants it, and a lot of times it's because she needs a wipe. Today she got mad at a playdate because I made her say please for a wipe. She wouldn't put her coat and gloves on and screamed the whole way home (3 blocks). Then she got mad that I wouldn't hold her (and push the stroller uphill at the same time). She screamed in her bed for 1/2 hour, then asked nicely for a wipe and chocolate milk (which I wouldn't give her, so she settled for apple juice) and went to sleep. Not even going to the aquarium with Colette would break her grumpiness, so she gets a nap instead. This is her third nap this week (and fourth tantrum). The doctor says to ignore, and don't give in or reward with treats.

Dalton is also asleep, miraculously not in my arms, so I'm off to do some sewing projects. I'm not in much of a mood to make anything for Maggie, but that's all that's left.

[Comments] (3) Oh Dear: Maggie has started saying, "Oh bother!"

[Comments] (2) Chadwick Family Funnies: And yet even more Maggie adorableness:

She wants to "fly on Dumbo" - after seeing a banner ad for Disneyland, and playing with a Dumbo token from Disney Sorry. We finally borrowed the movie from John's parents so she can know what she's talking about.

Everytime Santa is mentioned she says, "he brings me presents!" I asked what she wants in her present and she said, "a car with guys". That's the only real answer we've gotten from her. She usually says "yellow."

She called John "Daddy Sue" in response to his "Maggie Sue."

I'm hungry for treats!

Things are "bery bery" such as "Mommy's shoes are bery bery big" and "this potty is bery bery dirty", neither of which are true.

She announces "I don't like that!" I'm pretty sure she got that from me, as that's what I say when she kicks me or something.

She says "first" and "just" all the time, and not usually correctly. "Pooh wants honey first." Her sentences make more sense without the "first" tacked onto the end of all of them.

When she doesn't know an answer, or is making something up, she says "mommy". For example, "Up on the housetop reindeer mommy", just to be silly.

[Comments] (1) Chadwick Family Funnies: Maggie silliness upload.

Ghostie store = grocery store. She wasn't saying it wrong, she really thought I called it the ghostie store.

Just a minute, it's my turn!

Maggie: I'm bowling.
Me: Oh, are you winning?
Maggie: No, I'm bowling.

Dalton got a Winnie-the-Pooh book as a gift from the Relief Society. I made the mistake of reading it to Maggie word for word. On the Winter page, there is a picture of a sled. Piglet says "Pooh, I have a puzzle for you - a poozle." The next day Maggie was flipping through the book looking for the "poozle" - apparently that's what a sled is really called.

Maggie knows a lot of Primary songs and goes around singing them. It's awfully cute. John was a little confused one day on the way to church when she was singing "going to nursery to feel the Holy Spirit", a phrase she picked up from "I Love to See the Temple."

I've also heard her say "one two three four five six seven eight nine ten name of Jesus Christ Amen."

Also, Sumana was singing to Dalton "Go to sleep, go to sleep, or we'll sell you on eBay" when I complained, "eBay sucks. We could sell him on Etsy, he's handmade."

Chadwick Family Funnies: Yesterday at Walmart, Maggie picked up a cantaloupe and asked if we could get a "buffalo".

Me: Where does Mickey Mouse live?
Maggie: India?

Crafty and Sly: Being a parent is the most fulfilling thing in my life right now. Maybe that isn't saying much, but I love watching Maggie grow and learn new things every day. (Yesterday she learned the word "facebook"...) She makes me laugh out loud, and is silly on purpose, and is So. Incredibly. Smart.

One of the great things about having kids is that making toys is so much fun! It's very rewarding to make something both useful and fun. I just finished Maggie's quiet book. It isn't spectacular and it was a lot of work, but she loves it.

Speaking of crafting, apparently me and my craftiness was the topic of conversation during Relief Society a few weeks ago. I was able to get the fourth person who mentioned it to me, Jenny, to tell me what really happened. The lesson was on talents and Jana raised her hand and said how I can make something from nothing and several other girls chimed in about my craft blog. This was before I gave Jana her baby gift made from scraps. Is this what I get for being friends with the Relief Society President?

Little Snot: I canceled today's fun thing to do (storytime at Colette's library) so we don't get our friends all sick, especially Madeline. I just renewed my aquarium pass last week, so I'm going to take Maggie there instead. We're also going to "the circle store" - Target - to combine manufacturer and store coupons on diapers. John and I realized that a $4 pair of brown leggings would extend the wear of three of her dresses considerably, so I hope they still have them. And speaking of Maggie clothes, I'm proud to say I got her wearing two new-to-her items of clothing today. Quite an accomplishment.

Me: Let me clean your face, you have boogers on it.
Maggie: Like Ember.
Me: Like Ember what?
Maggie: Polka dots! [Freckles]

"One, two, three, set, go!" *throws fisher-price rooster across table*

Amen!: Maggie really loves to sing. One of her favorite activities is to sit at the piano (or dance around the room) with me or John while we play her favorite Primary songs. She knows the words to so many of them and I love hearing her sing along. The past two days, she's been singing some song that has a long of "Jesus Christ Amen" in it. I don't know if she is just talking to herself or if she is singing "A Prayer Song", which I've sung to her a few times.

After Sacrament meeting on Sunday, John and I were talking to the couple behind us and Maggie started yelling "It's time for nursery!" at the top of her lungs. That girl loves nursery.

She just went upstairs to get a diaper all by herself. I love that she can do stuff like that for me! She is potty trained, but still poops in a diaper.

She is playing with her "guys" - Fisher Price little people. "This guy eating dinner. Where's the chicken? After dinner we're going shopping! Going to buy a yellow table." (We bought a yellow table at IKEA last week.) I think she is also singing "In the Leafy Treetops".

Chadwick Girls: I took Maggie over to visit Ember on her birthday this afternoon. She drew a picture of some fish for Ember: ovals and diamonds with dots for eyes. Maggie wanted me to leave. "Mommy, go doctor!" she said. On the way home she asked for more. "More what?" "More see Aunt Erin?"

Yesterday we went to a dinner at the rehab place Dad is in. Maggie got to spend some quality time rolling on the grass with Hannah. She just about learned how to somersault. That girl is so lucky to have such fun cousins who adore her.

A New Generation: of Tummy Bubbles.

"Ai a ubble bummy please!"

Love Bug: John got home a few minutes after I put Maggie in bed last night. He peeked in to say goodnight, but unfortunately didn't get to spend any time with her yesterday.

This morning I woke up to, "Daddy! Daddy! Daaaa-ddddy!" and I went in to see her.

Maggie: No, just Daddy!
Me: Daddy's at work.
Maggie: Go find him?
Me: We can't go find him, he's working.
Maggie: Mommy go to work.

Poor little bug misses her daddy, and poor daddy misses his little bug. 5 more days!

We had piano lessons today; I love that Maggie loves her babysitter, a 12-year old girl in the ward who walks up after school. It makes me happy to hear her giggling all the way downstairs. When she left today we watched her walk down the street. As soon as she was out of sight, Maggie started asking to walk to McKell's house.

No More Uncle Coco: Maggie and I went to the cabin with Jodi and Franco today, since John had to go into work. She's really missed her grandpa, and had the best time rolling cars on the floor with him. We also had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows. I love to hear Maggie learn how to more correctly pronounce words she already knows (she knows tons of words, but her pronunciation isn't that great). "Cabin" and "Franco" are two of her newest ones.

When we were sitting outside eating s'mores, she went around picking up little sticks and sticking them under people's bums or next to them. Very nice of her to share and it made us all laugh.

Also, she has started saying "Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you!" and "Thank you Mommy, I love you!" Not sure where she got that, but it sure is cute!!

A Prayer by Maggie: [translation:] Heavenly Father. Thank you. Bless us. Ma mo ma mo etc. Amen.

I have no idea what the ma mo part is. She is so proud of herself when she says the prayer though.

A B C D E F... W!: Maggie has discovered that it's funny to sing the wrong words to the ABC song.

Grandma Rosie Face: I was looking at the pictures I took of Maggie in her Lucy Dress and kept thinking she looked a lot like her 2nd cousin, Leah. When I told Rachel, we decided it was a Grandma Rosie face. I didn't post all the pictures, but she looks like that in the other ones too.

I buv you!: On Monday morning, Maggie and I paid a short visit to Grandma June. As we were saying goodbye I said, "love you" to Grandma, and Maggie said, "I buv you!" so cute. Her first spontaneous "I love you."

Obedience School: I think Maggie has been spending too much time with Jetta and Jazzy. The other night I went into her room when she was screaming. I thought she was saying "sick" - a good reason to be screaming in the night, and also Colette had just been to the ER. Nope. She was telling me firmly to "Sit!"

[Comments] (1) Happy Anniversary, Part 2: Thanks to Jodi and Franco for watching Maggie for us on Saturday. We went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and had take-out lunch from Ruby River. Maggie went to the park, drove a beep-beep at the grocery store, and watched some Snoopy shows. She was asking today when Mommy and Daddy are going bye-bye again; she sure had a lot of fun.

I am pretty sure that Maggie had roseola when she was sick last week. 3 days of fever, followed by a rash on her tummy for less than a day. She was pretty irritable with the fever. Now her irritability has turned into something... irate.

She's been waking up screaming inconsolably, for 10 to 45 minutes. Usually, it's when she is ready to wake up anyway, either in the morning, or after nap. But last night she was up in the middle of the night, and today she was screaming before her nap. Not sure what's going on. We are experimenting with less sugar, and praying for more patience.

[Comments] (1) Sentenced: When she isn't repeating everything I say, Maggie has been using a lot of sentences lately. Sometimes I'm surprised at what she puts into a sentence, rather than just use the nouns and adjectives. Two things she said (over and over) that made me laugh: "Daddy is working." and "This is Ember's."

Also, trying to work on saying "please." She is horribly demanding sometimes.
Maggie: Daddy home! (wants me to sing "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home")
Me: "Daddy home" what?
Maggie: Daddy home song

Speaking of demanding, Maggie occasionally wants to know things like "Where is Maggie's horsie?", "Where is Maggie's green boat?", and somewhat more normally "Where Maggie's Lightning McQueen shoes?" She doesn't try to grab or ask for stuff in the store, even when we go in the toy aisles luckily. Ok, one exception is "at ink" - chocolate milk. I'm so glad she doesn't watch TV, I can picture her falling for every commercial.

Big Girl: Miss Margaret has been an excellent potty training pupil. It's been 6 days and she is asking to go potty and hasn't had an accident in a couple days, despite our busy weekend. She needs to wear a diaper at night and during naps. And to poop in. But we're not worried about that yet. We also used a pull-up during church, which turned out to be a good thing: there was a line for the nursery potty and we both had to hurry to class, so she eventually went in her pull-up during nursery.

I bought some training pants, and I've just put her in those. Most of the time they absorbed her accidents just fine. I am kind of anti-pull-ups because it's the same difference as a diaper, only they cost more. They only reason we have some is because I traded Maggie's uneaten baby food for a nearly full package a few months ago.

Also, Maggie has cut two new teeth, the first since January. We're up to 12 now. John pointed out today that we're likely to have two children teething at the same time. But at least we won't have two in diapers!

: John is out of town. We are doing potty training. It's going ok. Maggie is eating a popsicle she just earned by peeing in the toilet. I just want to write that down so I remember success the next time she pees 2 minutes after I take her off the potty.

[Comments] (3) Things Maggie Says: "Horsie braids": I asked Maggie if she wanted pigtails or ponytails and she asked for "neigh neigh". Since braiding her hair keeps it out of her face best, I like to do it most. So we've started calling them horsie braids, so she'll ask for them. This reminds me that I called half-ponytails "birdie tails" when requesting them from Mom.

"Time to go!": Maggie now announces when she is done being somewhere. A few weeks ago, she was saying this in Sacrament Meeting before the meeting had even started. She also used it to tell me she was done going down waterslides at the water park the other day.

":Almost home": She says this when we get off the freeway to get to our house, or otherwise get near our house. Sometimes she also says "Almost to Ma Papa's".

"Mommy Daddy temple, Maggie temple": She says this when she gets a view of the Draper Temple while we wait to turn onto the highway. And any other time a temple is mentioned.

She also repeats just about anything I say. If I answer a question, she'll repeat what I say. "Where Aunt O-ey (Jodi) go?" "She's waiting at Aunt Jamie's for Uncle Franco to come get her." "Wait at Aunt Ee's, Coco come get her."

Maggie loves to play with my bobbins and spools of different colored thread. She likes to line them up, and if you look carefully in the picture, you'll see that the three with holes are on one end, and the two without thread are rejected (one is in the Fisher Price car). She is very organized when playing with her toys.

Quick Brag: Someone at church was impressed with Maggie's number-knowing. I think he was visiting and stayed in nursery with his kid. He said hi to Maggie and then said to me "she knows all her numbers! What a smart girl." Yes, she is! We're learning 21-30 right now.

Also, I posted some videos of her singing the ABCs. She let me take lots of videos of her, because she likes to watch them after.

Red Doggie: The ward playgroup went to the fire station today. Maggie was saying "no fire truck" all morning, and pretended to be shy for a few minutes after we got there. But once they turned on a cartoon about an escape plan, she got very into it. She wanted to volunteer when the firefighter asked for helpers. When they made pretend smoke and crawled under it, she went right along with everyone. She wanted a turn to hold the sledgehammer and turn the nozzle on and off. And she really wanted to have a turn getting inside the fire engine. She's been talking about it ever since we got home. Jana sent me some pictures she took of Maggie.

[Comments] (1) Maggie's First Hair Cut: This morning Maggie went to Aunt Erin's house, had fun playing with the dogs, and brought home a Princess chair. I went to the doctor. He said with the second baby I'll have more and earlier aches, pains, and cramps. I guess that explains why I've had more and earlier aches, pains, and cramps with the second baby.

Also, I gave Maggie her first hair cut a couple days ago. I trimmed about 3 inches of straggliness off the back of her hair. It makes her hair look more full, and it curls up on the ends really cute. ETA: pictures here.

Chadwick Family Funnies: Yellowstone Version: Here's a collection on funny things that came out of Maggie's mouth (over and over) during our trip.

*elephant trumpet* while pointing at Daddy's PJ pants = grey. I guess I said, "grey like an elephant" a few too many times.
Singing ABC song, with no tune. I hope she isn't tone deaf. After Z she sings something that sounds like "Mama ABCs".
"Da Da Doo!": Horses say "neigh"; Ducks say "quack"; people and inanimate objects say "da da doo!" This happened a while ago while Ember was babysitting Maggie, but got excessive during the trip. The kids thought it was hilarious!
"Oh no!": Two predictable times she said this were when Justin pretended to be a raven, and when the bison were rolling on the grass. It is so cute that we bought a postcard of the bison rolling so we can recreate it.
"baby buffalo bunning": This is how Maggie describes what she saw when some baby bison were chasing each other. She often uses "b" for "r".
"Bicky Boss" = Mickey Mouse: Got really tired of listening to that CD.
"Bussy Boom" = "The Bearenstain Bears and the Messy Room": Took me a long time to figure that one out.
"Beaning" = "raining": Usually followed by "Umbrella" which sounds a lot like how she says "banana". We saw a lot of rain.
"There goes Uncle Brook"/"Where Uncle Brook go?": We caravan-ed behind Brook, and heard this at least 50 times a day. She also learned that Uncle Brook has a U on his car, and Uncle Dave has a Y.
"iking!" = "hiking": Maggie loves her hiking carrier. "Ma ai" = "Grandma's car": The one day we didn't drive in Grandma's car, Maggie asked about it all day.
"Montana: You can't afford it." On a sign when we first entered the state. It actually said "drunk driving" in the shape of the state, or something, but this is how we all interpreted it.

And some interesting interpretations during a game of Catchphrase:
Susie: stick = something you hit someone with.
Justin: fishbowl = place where aquatic life lives.

Getting to Know You: Maggie is starting to remember her Auntie Rachel. Yesterday when the computer signaled an incoming call, she ran into the room saying "Rachel, Rachel!" which sounds a lot like "baseball". Then, in the middle of our video chat/peek-a-boo game, she started Meow-ing. Rachel went to get Nimbus, who turned up his nose and stalked out to the windowsill.

Perhaps the gifts are helping.

Maggie: Can count to twenty. Has gone from saying "okay" to "mm-hmm" to nodding her head emphatically. Calls blankets "eepies", as in "sleepy". Doesn't like to wear pants. Calls cars "beep beeps". Says "Oh Nooo!" instead of uh-oh now. Holds the camera up to her face and says "one two three". Is obsessed with bugs. Likes to lie in bed, possibly due to teething. She's had her hand in her mouth for the past three or four days.

: On the way to the Lehi Cemetery I insisted on being let out so I could show Maggie some lambs. We fed them grass through the fence and walked the rest of the way to the cemetery (like 100 yards). Lambs! So cute! The only thing cuter is watching Maggie feed them grass. I just asked Maggie to say "lambs". She said, "pams. Where Ma go?" Just like she did when we were feeding the lambs and Grandma drove off.

Happy Teeth: We took Maggie to the dentist for the first time today - just to see what the haps is, since she isn't on our insurance yet and only has 10 teeth. She watched John for a while, then went in her own chair and let the dentist look in her mouth. Sort of. She thinks her tongue is a tooth so she kept sticking it out. She got a pink bug, a crayon toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Overall a good experience. At this rate we will never have to buy toothbrushes or toothpaste, because our dentist gives us a full-size one!

Also, I've never had to sit down in the waiting room. If you're looking for a dentist in the Draper area, we've got the guy for you.

[Comments] (1) Dictation: Maggie got a hand-me-down MagnaDoodle from Ember. She likes to say words or names for us to write on it. Usually it's something like "Maggie. Daddy. Mommy. Colette. Baby." In that order. Yesterday she also wanted "James" written, after having a playdate with him. Now she wants me to draw her a kite.

Maggie used to say "okay" when I guessed correctly what she was trying to tell me (or something else acceptable). Now she says "mm-hmm", occasionally accompanied with a nod of her little head. John theorized that she picked it up from watching My Neighbor Totoro.

Also, we checked out a few books about using the potty from the library. Maggie calls them "poopy books". ETA: She stepped on a pile of library books, slid a little, and said "Uh-oh poopy!"

[Comments] (1) And so it begins: I bought Maggie a potty seat at Target today. She calls it her purple potty. She and Piglet both got stickers for sitting on the potty, but Maggie was chanting "no pee-pee" the whole time she sat there.

Maggie has learned how to say her name and now refers to herself in the third person. "No, Maggie's juice!" etc.

I found a paint-with-water Pooh book - Easter themed, even - while getting out games for the Chadwick Girl's Night on Saturday. Maggie sat at the kitchen table and colored a picture while I did the dishes today. She really enjoyed it. I hope that stuff isn't toxic...

[Comments] (1) More about Maggie: Two cute things Maggie has been saying lately: "okay!" and "gawck" (broken). A lot of things she says sound like letters of the alphabet put together. For example, ice cream is "S M" and she says "O N" for snowman. And I love when she says "E ba" for zebra. She does her ABC puzzle about 10 times a day.

She woke up this morning asking for eggs. I'm pretty sure she meant the Cadbury kind, but I microwaved her a chicken egg, cut it into strips and gave her some ketchup to dip it in. She ate the whole thing. She will eat just about anything if she can dip it.

Maggie: No stripes!
Me: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *tickle tickle tickle*
Maggie: *giggle giggle giggle* No stripes!
Me: I'll let you wash your hands.
Maggie: Wash hands! *lets me put shirt on her*

Best Dr. Appt Ever: Maggie had her 2-year check up today. We had a busy morning full of errand-running, but I made time to tell her what would happen at the doctor. I didn't mention shots, so luckily she didn't need any. Anyway, she is big enough now to stand on the scale, and have her height measured standing. I think that made all the difference. She started to cry when I took her shoes off, but I reminded her they were just going to see how big she was and she was fine. She is 23.5 lbs and 33" tall.

She was really good while the doctor talked to me, repeating words she heard. Apparently, 2 year olds only have to know 20 words to be normal! Maggie must know well over 100. The doctor listen to her heart, and looked at her tummy and in her ears. Then he backed off and she said "eyes! eyes!" I had told her he was going to look in her eyes and she thought he forgot. Then she just sat there like a princess the whole time and didn't cry once.

Afterward, I took her to Coldstone for her free birthday ice cream. And maybe a bit of a bribe.

[Comments] (1) She gets it from her Mom: Miss Maggie has been a clumsy fool over the past 24 hours. She started out with various unknown bruises on her legs and has since added scrapes from tripping on the sidewalk, a nasty bruise on her tummy from falling off the chair, about 10 table-head bonks, and a scratch on her nose from pulling a carton of applesauce off the shelf at the grocery store. I've never seen someone hit their head on the table so much.

At Two: Maggie is: well-behaved, calm, a good helper, sweet, intelligent, cute, quick-learning, happy, talkative, coy, friendly, and cautious.

Maggie loves: bubbles, Popcorn Popping, E-I-E-I-O, Piglet, her family, animals, treats, books, playing cars with Grandpa, walks, the park, singing, and Frosty Returns.

Maggie knows: the ABCs, how to count to 12 (not just reciting the numbers, but she can actually count and tell you how many there are of something), and about 50 sight words.

Maggie says: Where X go?, especially while hiding X; that she's 2 (or sometimes 8) holding up 2 fingers; "bye-bye Mama/Daddy" to get rid of us (if she wants to hide, take a nap, or make a dirty diaper); random words she recognizes.

Maggie doesn't like: getting her hair washed, being scolded, not having the blankie cover her toes.

Maggie can't: jump, undress, or count to one (if you ask her how many noses she has, she will count hers, yours, and any other noses nearby).

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

[Comments] (2) Birthday=2: Yesterday was our family party for Feb/March birthdays (Dave, Hannah and Maggie). We gave Maggie a dress, two PJs, a sweatshirt and a felt watermelon and two popsicles. Everyone else gave her... a slide! Since they all went in on it we were able to get her a big, nice one. It was big enough that even two of her cousins could go on it. It's a big hit already.

We also set up Maggie's new bed yesterday ("bye bye crib!"). Unfortunately, the headboard was cracked so I have to exchange it for a new one. We went cold turkey into the big girl bed, which might have been mean since she didn't get a nap yesterday. She fell asleep after John lay with her for 45 minutes, and slept through the night... mostly. I went in when she woke up at 4 and found her curled up on the floor asking for her pillow. ... I don't know if she'd just then fallen out, been lying there for a while, if she'd gotten out, or if she even knew she was lying on the floor. I put her back in bed and gave her a drink and she woke up at 8:30 saying, "bye bye crib! Purple sheets!"

I taught Maggie to say "2!" when I ask how old she'll be on her birthday. Now whenever someone says "birthday" she says "2!" and tries to hold up 2 fingers.

Baby Maggie Steps: After dealing with Mom's (50) scrapbooks, I've decided that I'm just going to make one scrapbook and my kids can fight over the pages. We have all the pictures digitally, so hopefully it won't be a big deal. Since Maggie technically doesn't have a baby book, here is the list I've kept of all her baby firsts and accomplishments

First smile: 5 weeks
Spontaneous smile: 5/13/07
Makes Razz sound: 5/17/07
Rolls over - back to front: 6/17/07
Sits alone (no hands even! at the beach): 7/12/07
Solid food: 8/20/07
Rolls onto back: 8/27/07
Stands holding onto crib: 8/31/07
Crawling: 10/16/07
Pulls up in crib: 10/16/07
Says "Dada": 7.5 months
Climbs stairs: 8 months
Waves bye-bye: 8 months
Stands alone: 1/19/08
Claps hands: 2/14/08
Walk between furniture and parent: 2/14/08
Climb down stairs: 4/7/08
First tooth: 4/6/08
Walks well: 13 months
First word ("Bubbles", after a couple weeks in nursery): 18 months
2 word phrases: 22 months

[Comments] (3) Back Seat Sewist: I did some sewing today. I mended some of John's clothes, and made some felt food items for Someone's upcoming birthday. I have one more to make, and I will post pictures tomorrow. Maggie has taken to standing behind me while I sew and saying "uh-oh!" every time I stop the machine.

[Comments] (2) Counting Sheep: When I need Maggie to be patient for just a minute I sometimes tell her to count to ten. That used to distract her for a minute or so, long enough for me to finish what I'm doing and give her my full attention. Now she just says, "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10" and I get about 3 seconds to finish what I'm doing.

Also, she can apparently count to 12, though we're not sure where she learned it from.

[Comments] (1) Maggie Braggy: My post last night has disappeared into cyber-space so here you go again:

John is out of town. Maggie and I went to see Grandma June. Me: We're going to McDonald's. Maggie: E-I-E-I-O! Even Grandma thought it was funny.

Maggie is "reading" words all over the place, words you don't notice are there until she starts saying letters out loud. Like "A-D-T" (security sticker on our windows) or "g-e-r-b-e-r" on her sippy cups. On the way into Wal-Mart today she spelled "Food Center." She's also learned several sight words; her favorite is "my".

She now has eight teeth, three of which are molars.

[Comments] (3) : Maggie has started "reading" words by spelling them out. She sounds like she's in a spelling bee. Seriously.

For me?: Today we had a birthday party for John's brother Nathan. We drew their name for Christmas and Maggie has been carrying their wrapped gift (a card game called Fluxx) around the house for weeks. At the party, she tried to open it. Then she started pulling tissue paper out of all the gifts in bags. Luckily, the next party will be for her. Not that she will feel much guilt in opening Hannah's presents as well.

[Comments] (1) Merry Christmas, Everyone: We will be spending Christmas (and probably the day after) at Primary Children's hospital. Maggie has RSV and is a poor thing all hooked up to "toobs" (as her Granny would have said). Hopefully she'll be good as new and can enjoy opening her gifties a few days late.

So Cute: Maggie pointing to the ABC page in chicka Chicka Boom Boom, saying "Mama", and signing "sing".

Word Girl: Maggie's starting to pick up words all over the place. Last night while trick -or-treating she pointed at the umbrella and I told her what it was and she started saying "lella!"

We borrowed Meet the Numbers from the library to take to Park City and Maggie's picked up the numbers really fast. I got out her foam numbers to play with in her bath yesterday and today she grabbed the eight out of the bucket and said, "eight!" Seriously! I love these DVDs - Maggie also learned her colors from them. I requested Meet the Shapes from the library, although she kind of already knows them.

Speaking of speaking, Maggie apparently made up a sign for "sorry" - she puts her hand on the back of her neck. Not sure where it came from, but she does it whenever we ask her to say she's sorry. Also, "Aunt Jodi"="sss" ???, "shh"="binky" (because she only allowed it when she sleeps) and Thursday she said "Tuh" twice when I mentioned Colette. ETA: I don't know if I've previously mentioned that fish say "glub glub" or "wubwubwub" and kitties say "mmmm!"

No More Two-Teeth: Maggie officially cut her third tooth yesterday. Yes, it's true. My 18 month old has three teeth.

She also learned two words (besides "dada" and "bye-bye" (which sounds suspiciously like "dada")): "bubbles" and "no". She just says "no" because it's fun to say not because she doesn't want to do anything. So far.

Other fun Maggie facts: She is obsessed with stop signs and points them out everywhere she goes. Sometimes when she is crying and I can't figure out why, it's because her shoe is coming off.

[Comments] (3) Clothes-A-Phobic Update: I forgot to mention that Maggie also has a problem when I wear new clothes. I have a grey sweater I wear 250 days a year (but not the past 100) and Maggie freaked out when I put it on a few days ago.

John thinks maybe Maggie is just a hand-me-down snob. I bought her some pink elephant pajamas and a kitty Halloween shirt at Target yesterday, and she was perfectly happy to wear the new shirt with some new black pants today.

[Comments] (6) New-Clothes-a-Phobic: Maggie has developed a phobia of new clothes. At first I thought it was just new shoes (and who can blame her after comfy Robeez?). Then I thought maybe it was clothes Rachel sent her, or clothes that I made her. Then we broke out the next wave of hand-me-downs and she hates nearly everything.

The good news is she gets over it, one item at a time. I counted eight times that she wore her pink Croc knock-offs ($5 at Wal-Mart) before she didn't cry when I put them on. She didn't complain the third time she wore the candy corn pants, and for the most part she's stopped randomly complaining about what she's wearing hours after I put it on her.

I mentioned it to the doctor (who had never heard of such a thing) and he agrees that I should keep doing what I'm doing - distraction and "you're wearing it anyway." I should mention that I'm pretty sure it's not a texture thing. Same comfy pants in a different color = scary.

[Comments] (1) Sweet 18: Our little precious turned 18 months this week. We celebrated (along with my birthday and, vicariously, Sumana's) by lunching with Aunt Anne and Aunt Sharon at Gardner Village. It was wonderful to see both of them.

We went to the pediatrician today. The office ladies loved my purse and Maggie's candy corn pants. Maggie loved the turtles and fish, but that's about it. She was 20 lb 10 oz (5%) and got two shots - hopefully now she is flu-proof because last year was awful.

After the doctor we went to JoAnn and the nearby grocery store (to pick up some loss leaders and Eclair Cake ingredients). I bought 1/4 yard of 8 different colors of felt and JoAnn. I don't know if I will bother making fake food for her, she is enjoying playing with the felt as is. She also loves the embroidery thread I bought. They were out of white t-shirt knit, so my experimental Maggie-long-sleeved-shirt-making will have to wait. Jodi is coming over to scrapbook tonight, so I had to put my sewing machine away anyway.

That Girl Sure Knows Her Colors: I had a temple recommend interview with the Stake President last night. He said to Maggie, "you have such big, beautiful brown eyes!" Maggie looked at him for a split second, then pointed to her brown pants.

: Maggie learned how to do "Ring Around the Rosies" by herself today. We did it in Cuddle Time last week, and after doing it once with me today she caught on. So cute.

I am getting ready to go to Chicago for CHA with Jamie later this week. A new state to visit, if we don't have major air travel trouble. I'm so excited; I love CHA.

Handy Maggie: Maggie has become obsessed with light fixtures. Everywhere we go she looks up and notices them and points. She just noticed the one in the stairwell. "Look, Mom! A light!" Wow.

[Comments] (2) I think she's trying to tell me something: I realized this week that Maggie has been signing "drink" to me for some time now; she just kind of made up her own sign for it. She's probably thinking, "Mom, what's your problem? I am saying 'drink'."

Also, on Monday I was scrapbooking and I heard her dirtying her diaper. Having already changed three diapers that day, I decided to wait a bit and make sure she was done. Next thing I know, Maggie is standing next to me with two diapers and a tube of A&D. So cute and helpful! Later that day she was playing on the porch while I worked in the yard, and wanted in the front door. I let her in, then spent a minute cleaning up before I headed inside. Maggie was there to greet me with a handful of diapers. (Yes, 5 dirty diapers, and I don't think that was the end of it either.) Even though there are plenty of times Maggie is screaming or pointing and I have no idea why, it's wonderful to see her new communication skills and independence bloom.

We had the best time today at Colette's grandma's house. They had set up a Little Tikes slide into the wading pool, so Maggie was perfectly happy to get in the pool - she loves slides. She spent a couple hours playing outside with Colette's cousins. Colette was a little more timid of the water, but eventually got in. In addition to the other kids, and slide and pool, they had a baby swing, a Cozy Coupe and Popsicles, so Maggie was in heaven. I wish I'd taken my camera.

I was a little sad to think that Colette's oldest cousin is the same age as Maggie's youngest. Maggie sure enjoyed playing with a bunch of kids more her age. I guess nursery will be good for her.

Also, Rachel made me happy today by showing my scrapbook gallery to a friend who loves to scrapbook.

Fifteen Month Maggie:
Weight: 19 lb 8 oz., Height: 29 inches (both around 5th%)
Words she can say: Dada, bye-bye, mama, woof, *elephant trumpet*, doggie, moo
Words she has said: gramma, kitty, duck
Signs she can do: more, all done, drink, eat, sleepy
Favorite Book: ABC book I made her
Favorite Show: The Wiggles
Favorite Foods: cheese, pizza
Favorite Flower: dandelions, or anything in the next yard down
Favorite Stuffed Animal: Piglet
Favorite Toy: farm and animals

Maggie can: walk (two speeds: plodding and “escape!”), climb onto a small chair, feed herself using her fingers or a fork, drink from a cup, climb up and down stairs, point to her head, hair, teeth, nose, ears, tummy and toes, go down the slide by herself, scribble, help clean up, open cupboards and drawers, ride her car.
Good girl: throws things in the trash, hangs up her towel, puts dirty laundry in the basket, puts books and bath toys away.
Naughty girl: Climbs out of high chair, throws food on the floor, slaps, doesn’t respond to “come here”
Sensitive girl: Cries when told “no.”
Cute girl: Talks on the “phone” (or calculator) to Grandma and Daddy; “reads” books; points to airplanes, the moon and hand gliders; loves to see flowers, dogs, and cars on walks; gives kisses; snuggles her stuffed animals; likes baths.

[Comments] (1) Kicking the Habit: It's been two weeks since we took away Maggie's pacifier during the day. That means one kit-packing extravaganza at Jamie's house, going to church twice, two trips to the grocery store, and countless rides in the car. Success! It wasn't as difficult as I was afraid it might be. In fact, other than having to give her a cheesestick at the grocery store, I didn't have much trouble at all. She fell asleep in the car without it three or four times.

I guess I am mostly afraid of making her go to sleep in her crib without it. We can put that off for a while yet.

1-2-3 Game: A little game Maggie loves to play: Count to three and then do something exciting like "drop" her, throw her in the air, tickle her, give her a tummy bubble etc. She giggles the whole time, even if you trick her and just count to three without doing anything after.

[Comments] (5) : I've been trying to teach Maggie a few signs over the past two weeks. I think she understands them, but won't do them herself yet. I noticed that when I sign or say "sleep", she puts her finger to her mouth and blows on it. We figured out this is from a Wiggles song. "Now your bear's asleep, Shh, Shh, Shh."

Rachel: she is growing so fat

The daffodils are popping up everywhere, so pretty and yellow, making me miss Mom and wish I had planted some bulbs last fall. I definitely plan on doing so this year.

[Comments] (3) "She's Teething": We've been jokingly blaming every whimper of Maggie's on "teething" since it became evident everything we thought was "teething" wasn't. Apparently, when she cried all night on Sunday, we were wrong. Now Maggie has a little tooth showing! She takes after the Chadwick side with the late teething, that's for sure.

Today Maggie decided maybe walking could be a viable means of transportation, and not just a way of getting her parents to cheer for her. She wandered around the scrapbook room, dragging and tripping over her blankie.

Ember's 12th piano lesson was this afternoon and we finished her first set of books. She's really gotten quite good.

Brag: Maggie and I were reading some stories (she loves books) and I said, "where's the doggie?" and pointed to it, and she reached over and pointed to a dog on the opposite page. Now, that's not so impressive seeing as she loves dogs, sees them all the time in the neighborhood, dogsat Jazmine etc. But on the next page I said, "where's the piggy?" and she pointed to the pig. The pig was sitting at a table with all the villagers, btw, this wasn't a simple little picture book.

I was telling Jamie about some of the recipes I've tried recently and she pointed out, "you never follow the recipe!" That's why there's always the real version and the Susie version. The Susie version is faster, cheaper and healthier (see Sweet Green Bean Bundles).

[Comments] (1) Tiny Big Girl: We just got home from Maggie's one-year checkup and the grocery store. Maggie had to have three shots, and she started bawling when she saw the nurse in the grocery store after! Poor thing. She's taking a nap now.

In accordance with her new tradition of hardly gaining any weight, Maggie now weighs 17.5 pounds and is 27.25 inches long. She remains in the 10th percentile there, but moved up to the 90th in her head circumference.

[Comments] (3) You're Only One Once: Today is my baby's first birthday! We had Tyler, Tasha and Colette over for dinner and I made Indian Butter chicken and Pear Walnut Muffins for dessert. John and I got Maggie some Wiggles DVDs and a Pooh board book. Colette gave her a box of yummy banana cookies. Last week, Maggie got some onesies, a cute outfit, a book, crayons, snacks and baby food. Brook and Erin brought her a stuffed Pooh from Disneyworld; Ember remembered that Maggie didn't have a Pooh. Grandma June gave her a card with $5.

Maggie decided today was a good day to take some real steps on her own. So Big!

[Comments] (2) My Vacuum, My Friend: Today is Monday. Maggie loves Mondays. Besides the free lunch at IHOP with great-grandma, Monday is vacuuming day! Maggie thinks the vacuum is a weekly play date, or possibly a pet or sibling. She follows it around, pokes its buttons, pulls herself up on it, giggles at it, and gives it toys. The last time I vacuumed the playroom she was setting toys on top of the vacuum for it to play with. She also sneaks into the closet to play with it.

[Comments] (5) : Maggie has started only taking one nap each day. It happened pretty suddenly and I didn't think it would be for several months (since I read that Gunnar is just starting to do that). I am in denial and put her in her crib some times that she never falls asleep. She is usually content to play in her crib for 1/2 hour rather than sleep. Luckily she is pretty independent throughout the day and let's me get stuff done.

Maggie also is taking a few steps like such a big girl.

Today I had someone come adjust our furnace and water heater, and Maggie and I went to Wal-Mart for groceries and an oil change. We were all done and home by noon. Still to come: cleaning the floor and an experimental dinner recipe.

Maggie Grows: Little Maggie started really standing up on her own today and has been taking steps between furniture. Erin said she was clapping her hands too, while she was watching her during Ember's piano lesson. Ember is getting really good on the piano. She is a fast learner and I'm so proud of her.

John came home with chocolate-covered caramels and mint-covered Oreos for me for Valentine's Day. How spoiled am I?

: Maggie, who is now an expert at cruising, has started walking a bit holding on to my hands. She'll only do it a few times a day, but it gets her excited.

[Comments] (2) How the Giraffe Got His Spots: Since John's office is moving he has been working from home the past two days. Since it wasn't too cold, we zipped off yesterday to get our family membership to the Hogle Zoo. Some of the animals weren't out in the cold (the elephants and rhinos), but all the kitties were out and playful in the snow, and the monkeys (which were inside) were happy to see some company. We also went in the giraffe barn and saw the new baby. One of the giraffes came over to check us out. John could have reached up and patted its nose, he was so close.

Maggie is now required to go 8 hours at night without being fed. She does this very well, but that isn't to say she doesn't wake up crying at night for other reasons. However, other than a few peeps at 10:30, she slept for 9:45 hours last night. Good Girl.

I was invited to a Recipe Swap with some girls in the ward. It was a lot of fun and I got a few cool new recipes. It was nice to feel included.

[Comments] (2) Monkey Trap: A while ago, while sitting in the cart at Target, Maggie dropped her pacifier on a box in the cart. She reached back to get it, then found she couldn't get her hand back through. Maggie, being smarter than a monkey (and also being in a grocery cart and not a box) reached her other hand around to get it out. Such a smart girl! We spent the whole day at Jamie's and she was really good.

[Comments] (1) : Yesterday I took Maggie to John's parents to hang out. Jodi came by after work too. Maggie was so good, let people hold her and play with her. Makes me happy. It's nice to take a bathroom break and not hear her scream the whole time.

[Comments] (1) Baby Jesus is on the Advent Calendar: A storm is blowing in and Leonard's plane is delayed an hour. The good news is, it's Christmas Eve! We've had exciting festivities the past few days. Rachel came for a short but nice visit. We exchanged gifts with her, and also let her open her stocking. Maggie had lots of fun playing with her Auntie Rachel.

Saturday morning was Grandma June's 90th birthday party. It was pretty nice, and I think she really enjoyed it. She has giant, old pictures of all of her grandchildren in her TV room. They took a new one of all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren who were present (the Chadwicks rather poorly represented).

Last night we had dinner with Maggie's Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Jamie. After a couple hours she warmed up to everyone and started crawling over to and voluntarily touching people! She even let Grandma pick her up without screaming.

Today we went to the grocery store. I am on a budget. But it doesn't start until January. We bought Maggie a cheaper brand of baby food, and also some stuff for me to make her some. She is starting to eat more table foods too, like bananas, cereal, and other fruits. She is growing more and more into a little girl and becoming less like a baby. I put her hair in pigtails (to try to combat the mullet effect...) for church yesterday. She was just so adorable! I love watching her actually play with some of her toys, or turning pages in a book. John brought home a logo-ed maraca from work which she loves playing with. Of course mostly she just likes to chew on stuff.

Playing Favorites: Maggie has gotten into the habit of carrying things around in her mouth while she crawls. She has a few favorite things she likes to bring with her. She likes the Cars Sheriff cereal box car, the rooster from the "antique" Fisher Price set, and any of her chewtoys with a ring on them. She reminds me of the dog with the keys on Pirates of the Caribbean sometimes.

Little Maggie: Maggie had a 9 month appointment today. Nine months in, nine months out. Her last appointment was at 5 1/2 months and she has gained... ONE POUND! And one inch. She is at 15% and 10% and practically shrinking. The doctor said she probably works it all off running around all day.

The doctor spent a lot of time discussing Maggie's eating and sleeping habits with me, which I appreciated. It was very reassuring. When we got home I let Maggie suck on a cheese stick and try her sippy cup again.

[Comments] (3) Attainment: We have a sick baby at our house. She's been throwing up since last night. The doctor has not called me back, so apparently it is not life-threatening.

Other things Maggie has done today:
Pooped in the bathtub.
Crawled. Forward. ie. toward the pacifier. I was originally hoping Maggie wouldn't start crawling until after we moved so I wouldn't have to baby proof. She is so dang cute ambling along, though. I videotaped it and we almost cried watching it. *Proud Parent Moment*
Pulled herself to standing in her crib. The aforementioned doctor told me this would not happen until 9 months. Not! I moved the crib mattress down while John walked Maggie to sleep.

Maggie is getting really good at crawling: ...

Maggie the Witch of the East: I left Maggie playing nicely with her toys while I ate breakfast. On my way to get her I heard a little whimper. When I walked into her room she was lying on her back with her farm pulled on top of her.

[Comments] (1) Talk About Self-Soothing: Last night we got home from Disneyland at about 9:20. I fed her and put her in bed - she was already asleep and didn't want her pacifier. She woke up hungry at 5:10. When I went in her room, she was on her tummy, crying, with her pacifier in sideways.

Nice try, little one.

You Are So Beautiful: Having a baby is such a great conversation starter. People are always come up to us to talk to or about Maggie. We went to breakfast this morning and a lady came clear across the restaurant to see her. I think we had about 6 people come up to us at the farmer's market this week, and she is always making friends at Disneyland. So popular!

: We started Maggie eating rice cereal yesterday. She loves it, but it is a bit slow for her rumbly tumbly. She's been ready for solids for a while, sitting up so early, opening her mouth wide and grabbing our food when we eat. Such a big girl. John also got out the bag of 6-9 month hand-me-downs since she'd grown out of half of her sleepers. There is a dinosaur sleeper from Tyler that is So Cute. I didn't want to take it off of her this morning.

We also think Maggie may have rolled onto her back last night, but neither of us saw her do it and she won't do it again.

[Comments] (1) Slurp: Little Maggie drank from a cup at lunch today. I've given her water from a cup a few times at home, just a little sip at a time. We were having lunch with some of my former coworkers and she drank drank drank from a cup of water without spilling any. Such a big girl!

[Comments] (3) : Maggie and I spent the morning at the beach with some people from church. I sat down on a blanket and sat Maggie between my legs.

Girl: How old is she? Me: 4 months. Girl: Wow, four months and she can already sit on her own! Me: Oh, she can't quite - hey, she's sitting on her own!

And so she was. Look, she's doing it right now! I can hardly believe it.

[Comments] (2) : Maggie rolled over onto her tummy last night. I was reading Corderoy to her and she rolled right over. Not so helpless anymore. I guess no more unattended naps on the bed or leaving her on the changing table. Happy Father's Day!

[Comments] (2) Burrito Filling: The last two nights, instead of kicking the covers off, Beet has been scooting herself out of her cocoon, leaving behind a little burrito shell. It is cold so I'm hoping she just does it in her waking moments before we hear her.

She is getting immunizations today. I hope my heart can take it. John wanted me to go to work for him, but I reminded him of what my job entails today. He said he would take her to get ice cream instead. So he is at work. Poor Beet - and no little sister to cry for her!

[Comments] (4) Smiley Face: This weekend Maggie started making real smiles and is so adorable. I can usually get her to do it by poking her nose. She also has been making lots of little "aah"s. She loves to do it while propelling herself across her tummy time mat. Right now she is lying on my lap and we are making faces at each other.

Turtle Beet: I love when Maggie stretches out her little neck. I can't see it most of the time so it makes her look like a little turtle.

Family Resemblance: We got out my baby book last night to see if Maggie looks like baby Susie did. She looks much more like a baby Rachel. Before you think it's her hair, you should know that Rachel had very blonde hair when she was young,

: My little baby is already 4 days old! We have survived two nights at home, but she is a very good baby so far. It isn't too hard to feed her, and she only cries when she is hungry or naked. The rest of the time is sleep, sleep, sleep and stare lovingly at her daddy.

Rachel and I both think Maggie looks like her great-grandma Rosalie. She possibly has a little squished Benson big toe.

[Comments] (2) Home: Our little family is home from the hospital and all settled in.

Margaret Susan was born in the wee hours of March 9th. She is a long skinny thing with lots of dark hair, a good sucking reflex and a great deal of charm.

I ended up being induced a day early because the little one stopped moving around and responding very well. Labor was very slow at first, but picked up quickly and seemed to go by really quickly overall. I only had to push for an hour, including the time I spent not pushing because the doctor wasn't there yet, and she kind of *popped* out, startling everyone. I did get an epidural, which I recommend. I should have gotten it earlier, but I thought I wouldn't be able to feel anything, so I put it off and got other drugs which made me sick.

Rachel has been very helpful (She just walked in with my prescription painkillers, so I have to be nice to her). She was there when Beet was born and stayed two nights at the hospital with me so John could get a few last nights of good sleep. She knows all about labor, childbirth and nursing now, so she will be an expert when she gets to have her own.

John is, as I suspected, the world's cutest daddy. He snuggles his little Maggie, calls her "sweetest", and sings cute little made-up songs to her. It is so precious to see how much he loves his little princess.

[Comments] (6) Good news!!: Baby beet was born this morning at 1:44, weighing 7 lbs 4 onces. Mother & baby are both doing well and the consensus seems to be she is the most adorable baby ever.


[Comments] (2) Too Healthy: Took Beet to the hospital again today. They didn't even do an ultrasound because her fluid level was so good last time. I didn't have to stay as long this time, and I brought John's Sudoku book, so it wasn't as boring. Luckily, since I didn't get a room with an ocean view. The nurse was more personable and helpful than my doctor has ever been. 5 days after my baby is due is probably a little late to decide I don't like my doctor. She (the nurse) said she was sorry she couldn't send me down to the labor unit. I think an overdue pregnant woman is the only sane person who wishes she were in pain.

On Saturday John and I ran errands and went for a lovely walk at Crystal Cove State Park. We got to look in the tidepools and see little creatures. John bought me the comfiest pants at Costco. They were 1/3 the price of the ugly, less comfy ones at Target.

I finished my quilt today. I also finished the sewing part of the Beet announcements I am making, so now I can put my sewing machine away. This is the first time I've ever used my machine on paper; I'm sure Mom is turning in her grave.

: I took Beet to the hospital for a nonstress test since she is overdue. It took forever - she was moving around the whole time so they couldn't get a resting heartrate. Wild Child, the nurse called her. She is perfectly fine and I have to go back on Monday. I hope to be at the hospital again before that!

John and I went to Corner Bakery for dinner. Our gift card had $15 more than we thought on it. We also went to See's to get his pound of chocolates (we ate mine already). Poor John is tired of working long hard hours and being underappreciated. I'd better go give him a footrub.

: The other day I noticed Beet jumping at a loud noise for the first time. I was playing Boggle by myself and I shook up the letter dice right in front of my tummy. Don't go feeling sorry for her - she kept me up all night. First she was wiggling like crazy, then worrying me because she stopped wiggling!

[Comments] (3) Beet's Room: Here is a picture of Beet's crib that John put together, with her cute Winnie-the-Pooh bedding. I should take a picture of her whole cute room, but you're lucky to be getting this much.

[Comments] (2) : Having a fun weekend. Jamie is here and I am going to CHA with her the next two days. Right now we are just relaxing and having a good evening.

Yesterday the ward threw me a little shower. We got lots of cute clothes, including a beautiful sweater knitted by the mom of one of our primary kids. Another lady made us a receiving blanket out of the same fabric as my ducky PJs Mom (Anne) made me (only pink)! And someone embroidered "Princess Chadwick" on some burpcloths. I am really excited to dress Beet in her new church dress and her little green sweater that matches perfectly.

Surprise!: I went with my department to lunch today, thinking it was to complain about things, but turns out it was cause they love me! This does explain why they insisted I pick the place and kept asking me what we were going to order...

Anyway, Maggie got some fun presents. Andrea bought her several adorable outfits, Cheryl got her a Winnie-the-Pooh plastic "book" that plays music and talks and a yellow duckie towel/clothes set ("you're having a girl?" she says), Annie and Victoria gave her a bouncer and a play mat for tummy time. Such fun toys, I can't wait to use them.

Last night Noelle and I went to an Enrichment activity to learn how to give boy haircuts. I learned some good techniques, but John likes his hair too short to use them. Beet was once again spoiled with two little outfits from a lady who can't make it to the shower tomorrow. I think pretty much all we need at this point is clothes. And diapers. And a baby.

Poor Rachel is home stranded today because her car is being fixed. I've talked to her three times, trying to help her find the crockpot, teaching her how to make tortillas, and lamenting the poorness of the tortilla turnout.

[Comments] (1) Baby Shower: Wherein Beet more fully establishes herself in the world.

This weekend Pat and Shannon threw me a lovely shower in Bakersfield. All the girls in the family came, except for Tina who was very sick. Even Aunt Lou and Melissa drove down. Most everyone else was from 2nd ward. As I said, it was very lovely. We had the cutest (and yummiest) Pooh-decorated cake, and little pink chinese take-out containers for favors, and played non-cheesy games and had lunch and pink lemonade.

And I got to open presents! Beet got lots of winnie-the-pooh things (she doesn't know it yet, but she loves Pooh). John had fun putting her new bedding on the crib and hanging up the little mobile. He put Pooh and Tigger all cute in the crib, and hung the Pooh blankets on our blanket stand. I took pictures, maybe John will upload them for me!

We also got lots of fun little outfits and practical things. We actually have some (too big) diapers in the house now, and maybe enough clothes to keep her from being naked. Rachel bought us a chic diaper bag in a non-girly pattern. So basically Shannon and Pat spoiled me as much as possible, with some help from the ward and some friends.

Rachel had to work Saturday night, so John and I went and hung around the bookstore for an hour and a half. We bought a birthday present for Hannah. Then we spent quality time with the pathetic kitties - you would think Rachel never petted them. I only have four weeks of work left!

: Still in Utah, still having a fun time with the family. Last night we had a baby shower at Grandma June's. We had yummy taco salad, and I ate about 10 cream puffs. My nieces were there all cute and handing me presents. I got lots of cute pink clothes and blankets. Susan gave me the blanket John's Grandma Chadwick made for his blessing and Jamie bought us an adorable little blessing dress with little booties.

Ashley made the invitations and also some announcements for us with a "beet" theme. And Linda made some little onesies that say "Baby Beet". She'll never shake the nickname now!

[Comments] (3) Baby Girl: Getting even more excited for our new little addition. We spent the weekend in Bakersfield with Rachel doing practically nothing. We went to Target and looked around at baby stuff. I can't wait to put some of those ruffle-butt tights on my little girl!

[Comments] (2) Beet: We have given our baby the nickname "Beet". This originally came from a Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon we saw on our cruise to the Mexican Riviera. It was a retelling of Cinderella; the evil stepsisters had awful names like Frunella and Griseldahide; Cinderella was called Beet and she was completely adorable.

If we find out we are having a boy, Beet will get a new nickname. If it's a girl, it'll probably stick forever (much to the dismay of my mother-in-law). Rachel has survived 20 years of being the Woot; I think our baby can withstand being Beet.


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