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Baby Maggie Steps: After dealing with Mom's (50) scrapbooks, I've decided that I'm just going to make one scrapbook and my kids can fight over the pages. We have all the pictures digitally, so hopefully it won't be a big deal. Since Maggie technically doesn't have a baby book, here is the list I've kept of all her baby firsts and accomplishments

First smile: 5 weeks
Spontaneous smile: 5/13/07
Makes Razz sound: 5/17/07
Rolls over - back to front: 6/17/07
Sits alone (no hands even! at the beach): 7/12/07
Solid food: 8/20/07
Rolls onto back: 8/27/07
Stands holding onto crib: 8/31/07
Crawling: 10/16/07
Pulls up in crib: 10/16/07
Says "Dada": 7.5 months
Climbs stairs: 8 months
Waves bye-bye: 8 months
Stands alone: 1/19/08
Claps hands: 2/14/08
Walk between furniture and parent: 2/14/08
Climb down stairs: 4/7/08
First tooth: 4/6/08
Walks well: 13 months
First word ("Bubbles", after a couple weeks in nursery): 18 months
2 word phrases: 22 months

[Comments] (5) CHA Recap: Awesome stuff:

1. Staying at the Hilton.
2. Being in Southern California.
3. Flying JetBlue
4. Eating at Cheesecake Factory - twice.
5. Eating authentic Mexican food (even if we had to walk a mile into "un-Disneyfied" Anaheim to get it.
6. Staying up until midnight giggling every night.
7. Yanking old Bazzill color swatches out of the swatch books.
8. Meeting Lisa and Jen from the Coordinates Collections Design Team.
9. Getting lots of free stuff - and not keeping most of it. I'm very proud of myself for fitting everything I brought back into a Making Memories paper holder.
10. Being inspired.
11. Snuggling with Maggie, who seems to have grown and gotten smarter in the four days I was gone.
12. Taking a 2 hour nap.
13. Coming home.

Not so awesome: the 40 degree weather swing on the way home. And I am still exhausted.

I am now ready to start putting my life together, hopefully before the hundreds of products we ordered start rolling in to be put in the store.

Fall Crop: Coordinates Collections is having a Fall Crop this weekend. The challenges will be up tonight and you have until Sunday to enter your projects. There are lots of awesome prizes up for grabs, so be sure to check it out. I actually planned ahead of time and got pictures printed, so I will definitely be scrapping this weekend.

In unrelated news, Rachel will be visiting next week and I can't wait!!

[Comments] (1) Crafty Mom: I have been scrapbooking a lot lately, during Maggie's naps and while she plays sweetly on the floor next to me. You can see the finished product in my scrapbooking gallery on the Coordinates Collections website (That's Jamie's website where I help run contests, etc on the Message Board; links at the top of my page).

Also, here is a dress I made for Maggie. This is the first real item of clothing I've made, and also the first new thing I've tried without Mom to call for advice. The plus side of not having Mom means that I do have her sewing machine, which makes life much easier. We went to the fabric store last Saturday so John could pick out the fabric I make the next dress out of. Maggie is going to be so cutely outfitted... when she grows into them. All the cute patterns were toddler-sized!

[Comments] (2) : I went to a little dinner party last night with the other girls in the ward who are married to accountants. It was a lot of fun. I am really enjoying our ward and all the friends I've made. Except that there was only one other non-pregnant person there, with her little boy. I brought Fudge Sheet Cake, except I forgot to bake it in a sheet pan. Yum.

Since John got home so late last night (9:30, poor guy), I was also able to finish a layout I've been planning for weeks in my head. I made this for John for Valentine's day and you can see it in my gallery once it is posted. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to put on it yet, but I have a secret plan to have some pictures taken of us tomorrow, and I am determined to get some digital photos printed next week.

[Comments] (3) : Whew, I had such a long weekend I don't even know where to begin. In fact, it was so long that it's Thursday and still feels like Monday. I went with Jamie and her friend Tina (from her ward). We met Elayne there, a girl Jamie met online and always stays with. We had two adjoining rooms at Treasure Island.

Vegas was awesome (not the city itself, but the things I did). I didn't like that I had to spend so much money eating out, even considering I just had snacks for two breakfasts and two lunches. But I had a fun time with Jamie and her friends. We walked down the strip to watch the different free shows, ate crepes at The Paris hotel. FYI, the Sirens of TI show is not kid or average-person friendly. It was very trashy and I don't recommend it. Sunday afternoon we went to a class and made a cute file folder mini-book.

The CHA show was great too. The first day we gathered catalogs and then stayed up all night matching papers. On day two I got to roam around and make some of the free stuff. I made several mini-books (mini-books are the "thing" right now, but I think they are stupid. John says, "do people just have piles of mini-books on their coffee tables?" I mean one or two is ok.... anyway) some cards and other misc items. I got free adhesives and inks and some papers and a massage. I had a lot of fun wandering around and making free stuff. The cutest thing I made was a composition book covered with strips of patterned paper. I love the papers I used and it also has some cute stickers on it.

We stayed up very late finishing the kits we were planning and went back to the show on Wednesday to drop off orders. I snuck in a few more card making sessions. I didn't get home until about 6 on Wednesday because I had to do a bit more work at Jamie's house.

It feels so good to be home! Well, right now I'm at work, but you know what I mean. I missed my husband. I am very tired, from the late nights and early mornings. Happy for a two-day work week. Tonight is shopping, laundry and I promised John a real dinner and a hot tub visit.

Vegas, Baby!: We are having about as much fun as married women in their mid-30s (I can't have more fun than the rest of them), three Mormons and a Lutheran, can have in Vegas. Yes, that's right: we went to a scrapbooking convention.

Spent all day on our feet gathering catalogs. Tonight we must plan the April kit. Tomorrow I am free to do all the make-and-takes. There was a lot of really awesome stuff I can make for free. I've already collected quite a few free goodies. I'm very excited to spend all day doing that tomorrow!

Anyway, back to work! I miss my hubby.

Vegas, here I come: I am going to the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) trade show in Las Vegas this next week with Jamie. I am so excited! I've never been to anything like this and it sounds like a lot of fun. It will be a lot of work, not to mention workout, but fun. We are leaving Saturday morning and I'll be back Wednesday night (because I have to do work at Jamie's when I get back). Things are slow at work today. I am going to attempt to donate blood at a drive across the street this afternoon.

[Comments] (4) Sunday: John has been studying all day, so I got to spend the entire day scrapbooking! I finished four pages of the Chadwick Family Disneyland trip. They aren't that great considering how long I spent on them, but I had a fun day. And I am getting better at taking digital pictures.

John and I went for another walk on the beach pathway. We like to look at all the beach houses and pretend we have $3.5 million. We walked nearly the entire distance between Newport and Balboa piers and back. Our beach has so much character.

Also, our Primary lesson went much better this week. Our class was rearranged (there are two CTR 6 classes) so it was smaller, calmer and I was better prepared. It wasn't perfect but I am feeling much more confident after today. The children were also better behaved during Sharing Time.

Scrap Ahoy: I put a link to my scrapbook gallery on my main page. Now that we have a digital camera I can update it more often. I have been "collecting" paper and embellishments from Jamie's kit club long enough! Time to start using them.

[Comments] (2) : The foam at JoAnns was green, so I ended out with 2 yards of "costume felt". I don't think I needed the whole two yards, but at 70% off I paid less than $2 so I can hardly complain. I made a tunic-shaped thing (ok I cut a hole for my head in the middle of a rectangular piece of felt), but I am debating making Swiss-cheese holes because the felt is very orange. It's more like Kraft Singles colored, so maybe I will wrap myself in plastic. I also made a little headscarf out of an extra piece. It's actually kind of cute. You know, for a bright orange piece of felt tied to my head.

After over a year and five tries, I have finally finished my scrapbook page of Grandpa's funeral. I kept having a hard time when I sat down to do it and I'd end up staring into space. Or I'd want it to be perfect and put it off so I could get the right supplies. Anyway, it's done. I'm not 100% happy with it, but it tells the story I want it to.

[Comments] (4) : Since Sumana asked, I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about Jamie's business. Basically what she designs a different coordinating kit of scrapbooking supplies for every month and sends them all over the world. Her partner does the same so there are two main kits every month. There are also mini-kits and other supplies you can buy from her store. Here is the website if you'd like to look at some of the examples.

What I do is stuff the kits, label and box the international shipments and take them to the post office. Starting next month I'll also get to help with invoicing and domestic shipping. Since I love having a nice, tidy task to sit down and do, and John gets home several hours after me each day, this is a great job for me. Another great side effect is that it's a great excuse for John to play with his best buddy, Tyler. And I love working with Jamie. And I get paid. And I get free scrapbook stuff once in a while.

So go to her website and check it out. They also have newsletters with ideas of what to do with the kits and anyone can post things they've made. It's really pretty cool, and there are lots of cute scrapbooking supplies and papers every month.

Machine Wash Cold: Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Line-dry in shade. Dry immediately to avoid bleeding.

So reads the tag on my new bathing suit. What do they think I'm going to be doing with it?

John made four wonderful scrapbook pages yesterday. He made two graduation pages and two pages of the Holbrook (Susan's family) and Richardson farms. They are so cute! He used these antiquey stickers and paper for the farms with some old pictures I had, and some pictures of old stuff we recently took in Lehi. John is a much better scrapbooker than I'll ever be.

[Comments] (9) Bookworm: Last night I finished reading The Work and the Glory. I was so proud of myself I counted up all the pages- 5,261 pages in 9 books. John is already encouraging me to read other serieses, I think partly to discourage me from reading Harry Potter for what he claims is the 7th time, but I think I am going to take a break from reading for a while. I think I will get ahead on my crocheting and card-making and scrapbooking for now.

When I get into reading, all I do is read. When we were first married John thought I didn't like reading because I never did, but I've gotten into it since then and proved him wrong. I think it's been about a year. I've read seven Chronicles of Narnia, five Harry Potter, eleven Series of Unfortunate Events, The Lord of the Rings, about ten novels about the Amish, two movie-ized books after seeing the movie, The Book of Mormon and nine The Work and the Glory. And about 50 magazines.

If there are 5,261 pages to read in a series, I don't do much else in my spare time until I've read 5,261 pages. I need a break.

[Comments] (2) Still Almost: I continue to be "almost done" with our wedding scrapbook. I spent the morning cutting up leftover picture of the two of us to say "John & Susie", but now I'm not sure what to do with the page. My fat alphabet stencils match my picture cutouts well, so I will use those, but I can't decide if patterned paper will make it too busy or not.

This is, by the way, the LAST page for the book. I have two pages left for John's old book (Disneyland!), then I will be caught up to about August 10. Luckily most everything else that will need scrapbooking is still on my camera.

I have been meaning to mention for the past 8 1/2 months that the walls where I work are plastic. Not in my building, but in the bathrooms and on the units, the school etc.

Adventures in Scrapbooking: Today was the first trial of our Relief Society's Scrapbook Club. There were only two other girls on such short notice but it was really fun, plus John got to study while I was out of the house. I am working on finishing up John's old stuff and I am almost done with out wedding book. One more page. Finally. I haven't gotten around to using the cute things I bought with my Christmas gift certificate, but I am looking forward to it.

[Comments] (3) : Last night we saw a comparably bad movie, Cold Sassy Tree. No plot, random people dying... John said it reminded him of Gone with the Wind.

In unrelated news, I managed to run a mile without stopping today. Ok, you can stop laughing now.

[Comments] (4) : It's only the third day of class and already John has tons of homework. Of course, he has to get up to his usual three days ahead. I have been scrapbooking like mad. Yesterday I finally got the last of my wedding pictures and I am finishing up that book. I'm working on pages 9 and 10 this week. I really am pumping them out. Almost done!!!!

: I worked a large part of the day on scrapbooking, while John did xTax. I finished up organizing pictures from our wedding, two pages left to work on, and then just California pictures. I also put all of the pages I've done so far in my book (although I ran out of pages). It's exciting to have an actual book now.

John and I went to Coldstone and had a (buy nine get tenth) free ice cream and walked around the mall window shopping and getting Christmas ideas for each other.

[Comments] (1) An Entry about Scrapbooking: Today I finished two more pages. These were lovely lavender and deep purple pages with pictures from our Utah open house (that project is now done). John and I went through his mission scrapbook and he showed me things he liked about scrapbooking, so I am trying to add a little of *his* way into our book.

Next up: Our first apartment pages, to tide me over until we get the rest of our California reception and temple pictures. Should be soon now.

This weekend we're going to use gift certificates I got for my birthday to go to a movie in the *expensive* theatres, and are having a sleepover with Traffic, since our family birthday party is on Sunday.

I had to write this entry to show that I do more than cook. =)

: I have learned how to crochet and gotten a good start on scrapbooking our wedding pictures.


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