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Thank You, Williams: The cutest little town in Coconino County... Williams, Arizona was so great that Wally decided to stay a couple extra days, and Maggie and I decided to drive back. 😬 Wally ran off from the train station Friday night, and was missing for a few days. The Grand Canyon Railway staff were so great about helping us look, and when I went into the hotel to leave my info, the front desk woman posted on the local Facebook group for me. When I checked with the Williams police department, the dispatcher said she had been out looking the night before. Northern Arizona animal search and rescue volunteers organized efforts. Most importantly, a kind gentleman, spotted Wally, tried to catch him, and passed his location on to us and the police department, ultimately leading Maggie and I to the place where we miraculously found him, trapped in an excavator storage yard half a mile further down. We had to feed him a pile of stale French fries and dig a hole under the fence with our bare hands in the dark, and after an hour, he scooted under and hopped into the car. We then had hotel trouble because we had just checked into a place that didn’t allow pets. Bonus points to La Quinta for being pet friendly - even to our filthy double rescue.

Aww, He Did Something!: When we first got Wally, Sienna and Arthur acknowledged every thing he did as ultra cute. Now we all do it. Aww, he shaked! Aww, he stretched! Aww, he itched! (Itching is when he rubs his head in a pile of clothes.

Wally’s Awesome Qualities: A text about Maggie after a young women’s zoom game:

Maggie was adorable tonight. She suggested we do “Wally’s awesome qualities” as a category for the game we were playing. She suggested “fluffy ears,” “sniffy nose,” “pettable tummy,” “shakey paw” were among the adorable highlights.

Support Human: John’s sister Jodi commented on Wally and Maggie’s relationship: “You didn’t get Maggie a dog. You got that dog a support person.”

Walrus Pup: Arthur: What’s Wally’s nickname
Me: Walrus
Arthur, two weeks later still: Hi Walrus!

Dog Treats: Wally is a great dog. He is so shy that he spent the first three weeks mostly hanging out on Maggie’s bed, and still prefers to hide out there. But he’s started following us around the house a little and begging for car rides and sitting under the table while we eat.

I noticed he came downstairs while I was cleaning up after dinner.
Me: Good thing we don’t have to worry about Way eating that goldfish (cracker on the floor).
*walks over to the sink and back*
Wally: *Eats goldfish cracker as I’m turning around*
Me: Huh.


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