A random entry from No Day But Today

[Comments] (4) update: Well this weekend proved to be a random one. I'm busy trying to get all of my homework done before I go to New Mexico for the USU(WAC)bb tournament this week, and I need a break so....On March 2nd I turned 24 years old. Not really sure how I feel about it, but so far it has been ok. I started the day on 2 hours of sleep after having clinical the night before, and getting caught in a blizzard on the way home, to go to another clinical. So now when people ask what i did for my birthday i can say i gave a suppository, and pulled outa catheter. My family came up on my birthday, and then yesterday i had a blast going to the basketball game, and then my roommates threw me and 80's rock themed birthday party. I had an electric guitar shaped cake with neon pink frosting...it was pretty cool. Kind of interesting to get all of my friends together at once, but we had a good time. That morning was a bit rough, when I got a call from my friend Kris, that David Haws had finally passed away. it took it a lot harder then I thought, and tomorrow I am skipping school to go to the funeral in Murray. It will be a good day I hope. Other than all that life is good, super busy cause i work every Sat-Wednesday 2-10p.m. and then have clinicals Thursday 2-11p.m., and friday morning 6-2p.m.so I am burning myself out but next month will be a lot better i hope!


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