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Mon Aug 22 12:40:31 MST Seminary and Surgeries:

Last week I went to church on Wednesday to see the Bishop. He wasn't there, but I was caught by the stake seminary coordinator sis Hull. She asked me to teach home study seminary each Wednesdays because the other teacher just got a job and needed to travel on that day. I will also probably get a calling in the Young Men's (mutual is right after seminary). All of this fun is happening before they even have my records. I guess they trust me.

I also spent this morning with Bro. Hull-- who is an ENT (ear-nose-throat). I saw a neck dissection in order to remove a tumor of a middle aged gentleman. It was neat to see--I never realized that blood vessles were so durable (especially those really big ones). Dr. Jones was next door working on a toddler who had a pop-bottle rocket in the eye. The lens ruptured and the fragments were forced back on the retina. I guess that is a little lesson for parents--don't let kids aim firecrackers at each other; especially if they are 2 or 3 years old!

Last night the Joneses invited me to dinner. I helped put the horses in (they have about 30) and I mostly talked with the mother while helping out were I could. She is of Italian descent, and it was nice to get to know the family.

I am still missing Louise though, but every day is a day closer to us being together, as well as another day of progress and growth.


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