A random entry from Sunny 9

[Comments] (2) Helping hand: Ever since Lily was mobile I have not known the luxury of having "my things". Everything was fair game if she could lift it, climb to it, or get into it. I became the master baby proofer shortly after we moved into our house. At 10 months she was already into much mischief. I used to envy my friends or SIL who could just leave a basket of diapers and wipes in the corner or on an end table, not to mention having Desitin in those baskets. Lily was just not the type of girl to let things go unnoticed, ie in good condition.

Yet, lately she has been so helpful. I have been able to leave Gunnar's diapers in a basket on the floor and she doesn't mess with them anymore. She even goes and gets me a diaper or the wipes if I ask her too. She has been very responsive to cleaning up toys now too. She doesn't complain (yet) and if I tell her to get all her kitchen food and dishes, she will gather them all and put them away. Soon she will be doing real dishes.

Here's to having my life a little bit easier. Thanks, Lily for being a good helper!


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