A random entry from Sunny 9

Rant and Rave: Just like Sumana, I really hate it when people invade my sonic space. Especially since I have a neighbor that loves to blare his rap music to share with the whole neighborhood. Case in point, yesterday morning at 7:15 AM, bass starts, weed whacker turns on. Kristen has a hard time getting back to sleep on one of the only days Lily decides to sleep in till 9:30 (probably b/c of her sleep deprivation while family was in town, and she was in tow.) I mean who mows their lawn at 7:15 AM on a Monday morning while blasting rap music. Hello? Do you have no respect at all? Even when it started raining on him and he had to stop his yard work he still kept the music on. Finally I went out there to see if I could see him and ask him to turn his music down, but it was coming from the back yard and I couldn't see him. Oddly enough, he turned his music off literally one minute later around 9:00. It put me in an irritable mood.

I can't wait to move out of this house. Those neighbors have been blasting their music for too long. When I was pregnant and exhausted on Sundays I would try to take a nap, and sometimes they would turn on their music and prevent me from sleeping. And it is something about rap that travels so far, I think it is the loud bass.


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