A random entry from Spam As Folk Art

Monday the Twenty-fifth of October

Dont Blame Ur Bro Being So Small, Try This Out moonglade
But we're pixies; we're supposed to be this small.
particle accelerator cigars from 5304
I'll take a dozen, and a couple of those high-energy lighters.
Ebony Horne cheap erection tool!
Cheap and painful!
Do you want put hand to p.ussy?
Or would you rather be able to draw on three thousand years of pornography?
Is GOLD ready to EXPLODE?
Is this another SECRET CODE, boss?
You can do it! cold cash From Home
Yes - freezer compartment, vacuum-pack wallet - but why would I do it?
It's me, Spider HY6710 from AOL
Quick, to the ice-filled bathtub!
Here's what you're looking for..............lecher
Hey, I heard that.


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