A random entry from Spam As Folk Art

Monday the Thirtieth of October
() From Brendan's Uncle John:
* Claim Your Complimentary Gril!
       Yowza! (huh? ahem...) I see now that it says gril.

* Enjoy 350 Delicious Recipes Prepared in Under 30 Minutes
       Five-second meals! That's what I call fast food!

* Does your girl like surprises?
        Not really, but my gril does.

* Want A Personal Navigator?
       Hmm. Does he look like Race Bannon?

* Unbelievable Mortgages for Americans
       Maybe the Albanians will fall for it.

* Suprise for your woman...
       Get her a new gril!

* FreeStoreClub
       Used by a Wal-Mart greeter before his incarceration.


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