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Thursday the Twenty-fifth of March
() 'Return of the Spam' is a pretty bad title: If you have any sense, you've already read it, but I link for posterity: Checkerboard Nightmare reminds us that hey, there are two sides to the story.

Also, I really want to get my own copy of the algorithm that produced Dappers U. Trafficking (a Victorian opium dealer?), Lionel Dejesus (Lebowskian: "Nobody f***s with Dejesus!"), piggy reznor (which makes me picture a leather-clad pink stuffed animal, among worse things), weedbub weedbub (which stands on its own), and of course Waveform D. Conquistador, Quantum Hero!
everyday people can turn to millionaires
For what? Scorn?
From nothing to wealth in 90 days
"First, get nothing."
Here You Go Xorph earth
That's awfully nice of you, but where am I going to put it?
Pirates of the Caribbean DVD is waiting for you.
It could strike at any moment!
Re: XHQCOHU, spanish boot hindered
Actually, I think it just did!
Kooagsto my brother was raving about this, so i tried it
Wait, how often does he rave? Was he raving when he mentioned "Kooagsto?"
Re: XUD, of soviet life
In Soviet Russia, UDX!
What are the washing instructions? Xorph! New sooft shopcenter!
So we're... washing a mall? I guess? Maybe on Delicates?
Look at photos of people in your area looking for a date
"No, you can't talk to them. We just put the pictures up to taunt you."
want that dream job? get a dimploma.
This reminds me of my old scheme to set up a cheap school in the Bahamas and issue Doctorates of Nedicine.
Biggest meediation site on net, Xorph!
M0RTGAGE RATES H1T R0CK BOTTOM!! .. .... qprdgkzgfn66
Ah, yet another Dead Spammer. I think he was standing under the mortgage rates.
(9)Hundred per-cent proven to increase your size(36)
I like my size 36 already, thank you very much!
Xorph president
Absolutely! (Too bad this came from Nitwit O. Dunlap.)
Muscle strength, reverse your age with HGH
So I'd be -22? Or 1/22? I can never remember how this works.
The CD Satan Doesn't Want You to Listen To
Oh, no, it's a Chicago CD. He just really hates Chicago.
Hypnotic Sessions on MP3 - Depression, Self-Esteem, Motivation and more
Sweet! I've been looking for a way to increase my depression.
More from the Dip Universe.
Truth in advertising?
News: smart sp@m and virus control is here
Hint: If you have to mangle the word "spam" in your own marketing, you're probably doing it wrong.
Explore PRO- Super ViagTra! :-) A subaltern eupepsy tiddler.
I... is that what it really does? Because I'm not sure I want my... eupepsy... tiddled. Really.
Paypal payment for ebay auctions
In other news, food for eating.
fwd:Xorph Farmgirls with Huge Horse Penis brown space
See, that last bit makes it artsy.
Seersucker chiming fantasts bono?


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