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[Comments] (3) which is worse?: I'm sick again. So is Dalton. I've missed two days of work and today Dalton and I stayed home from church. We took a nice warm bath in our swimming pool that fits in our shower, I pushed him in the stroller around the complex a few times, we watched Toy Story 3, and then he went down for a nap while I did the dishes and read my scriptures. Then when Susie and Maggie came home I took a nap.

I'm tired of being sick, but it's the new norm for me. The chest pain is still hanging around, and it's now been over two months of fun. So I have pretty much forgotten what it's like to actually feel good. I guess now I know how my dad feels, and how my mother-in-law felt before she passed away. It really is the pits, to not feel well.

This evening the YM President, EQ President, Branch Second Counsellor, and Executive Secretary all came to give me a blessing. I didn't expect such an entourage. The Branch Second Counsellor has been in Colombia since February-ish and this is the first time I've seen him. He was supposed to stay there until December but his wife is expecting so she couldn't join him so they finally sent him home.

I asked him how is Colombia. He said the people and climate were nice, that the Amazon scenery outside the city is great, but no one speaks English and the food is too bland. He brought his own spices.

I wonder which is worse. Bland food, when you like spice, or spicy food, when you like bland. Spicy food is hard because if it's too spicy you can't taste it anyway, so it's similar to bland food in that respect. I think it's too hard to say which is worse.

He said people there make something similar to a tortilla and put cheese on it and eat it. Too bland? Sounds like heaven to me! How can cheese be too bland?


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