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08 Mar 2006, 15:00 p.m.

Of Course

Hi, reader. I wrote this in 2006 and it's now more than five years old. So it may be very out of date; the world, and I, have changed a lot since I wrote it! I'm keeping this up for historical archive purposes, but the me of today may 100% disagree with what I said then. I rarely edit posts after publishing them, but if I do, I usually leave a note in italics to mark the edit and the reason. If this post is particularly offensive or breaches someone's privacy, please contact me.

Wikipedia explains the history of Amar Chitra Katha.

It's possible to buy all of ACK. The official ACK site in India charges 9097 rupees (about USD$205) for the whole set of 244, plus overseas shipping. DesiKnowledge in the US charges $423 (plus shipping I assume) but only has 235 of the books.

I already have a bunch of the comics, but many of my copies are falling apart, I don't have (for example) the biographies of Einstein, Jesus, and Kalpana Chawla. So I should just make a list of the ones I'm missing and ask my parents to send or bring them to me. Ordering the entire run of ACK online smacks of decadence. Doesn't it?