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13 Jul 2006, 7:53 a.m.

The Cangelosi Cards

Hi, reader. I wrote this in 2006 and it's now more than five years old. So it may be very out of date; the world, and I, have changed a lot since I wrote it! I'm keeping this up for historical archive purposes, but the me of today may 100% disagree with what I said then. I rarely edit posts after publishing them, but if I do, I usually leave a note in italics to mark the edit and the reason. If this post is particularly offensive or breaches someone's privacy, please contact me.

The other night, as I do almost every month, I shanghaied Fog Creek people into coming with me to the New York Tech Meetup, where people making cool tech show it off, people in the audience ask incisive questions, tech and business people network, and Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman shows how inexplicable he is.

After the meetup, some of us adjourned to a post-meetup meetup at a nearby bar, the Pine Tree Lodge on 35th Street near 1st Avenue. There, we heard the most tremendously wonderful music I've heard in months. The Cangelosi Cards play O Brother, Where Art Thou-style music. They went for hours and all of it was magical. They'll be at the Pine Tree Lodge this coming Tuesday as well, the 18th. The Cangelosi Cards seem to have no web presence aside from their temporary association with harmonica player Miguel Weissman, and the Pine Tree Lodge has a basically useless web site, so it still feels indie to know about these folks. Go.