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03 Jan 2007, 7:34 a.m.

Night Of Sociability

Hi, reader. I wrote this in 2007 and it's now more than five years old. So it may be very out of date; the world, and I, have changed a lot since I wrote it! I'm keeping this up for historical archive purposes, but the me of today may 100% disagree with what I said then. I rarely edit posts after publishing them, but if I do, I usually leave a note in italics to mark the edit and the reason. If this post is particularly offensive or breaches someone's privacy, please contact me.

The NYC sci-fi/fantasy Meetup had a meetup last night and I went and had a great time. It was nice to exercise my conversational skills and share cultural touchstones with people I'd never met but got to know really fast. One of them laughed at ALL my jokes, which seals the deal.

Another participant was an anarchist bisexual polyamorous early-adopter abandoned-New-York-spelunking black-choker-wearing gal who looks like a female Zack Weinberg. I told her I'd been looking for her for a year, ever since I moved here. San Francisco hasn't abandoned me!