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26 Sep 2010, 16:14 p.m.

Why I Haven't Replied To You

Hi, reader. I wrote this in 2010 and it's now more than five years old. So it may be very out of date; the world, and I, have changed a lot since I wrote it! I'm keeping this up for historical archive purposes, but the me of today may 100% disagree with what I said then. I rarely edit posts after publishing them, but if I do, I usually leave a note in italics to mark the edit and the reason. If this post is particularly offensive or breaches someone's privacy, please contact me.

I haven't explicitly said this before, but: I'm spending a lot of my time taking care of my mother. Since my dad died this summer, she's needed a little looking-after. If I haven't responded to your message, that's why, and the situation will probably continue until early next year, at which point I hope to be a responsible member of the GNOME, geek feminist, and other communities again.

(I'm in New York City right now but plan on traveling a lot this fall to be with my mom.)


26 Sep 2010, 20:41 p.m.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

Good luck to you and your mother figuring out a solution that's great for both of you.

Thomas Thurman
26 Sep 2010, 22:29 p.m.

Good for you for not letting the urgent crowd out the important.