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04 Jun 2004, 14:44 p.m.

How Could I Have Missed This?

Josh Kornbluth interviews Richard Yancey (Love And Taxes monologuist and Confessions ex-tax-collector, respectively). I guess the answer is that I missed it because I only bothered to register at the Washington Post two weeks ago.

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04 Jun 2004, 9:38 a.m.

"Scum-Sucking Bottom Feeders"

The writer of a letter to the editor used this epithet, which doesn't quite work, in my view. Jon Stewart has had the hilarious David Cross and the "Talking Points Memorized" Thomas Friedman on The …

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01 Jun 2004, 16:27 p.m.

Life, Drugs, And

On Wednesday I performed stand-up comedy for a SAGE Scholars graduation ceremony/fundraiser. I did okay. They loved the immigrant jokes, not so much the satirical opening (clichéd quotes and axioms). I'd say that no one …

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27 May 2004, 12:48 p.m.

She Said Yes

"Told that a banner would take two days to print, Mike grabbed some colored file folders and improvised a simple sign. The next day, as he crossed the stage, he kneeled and held it up …

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18 May 2004, 13:52 p.m.

Bobby Flay, Tina Fey, Liza Dei

Happy 34th birthday to Tina Fey!

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09 May 2004, 8:26 a.m.

You're Not Scottish, Stop Macking On Me

Friday and Saturday had comedy stuff. Evidently people do not know who Robert Rubin is. Also, evidently there are unfunny male comics who will awkwardly try to pick up any given non-white-haired woman, regardless of …

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07 May 2004, 8:33 a.m.

I Be Walkin' Down The Street (to the Marsh's Mock Cafe)

I'm doing stand-up again. SAGE, a nice-sounding UC Berkeley mentorship program, asked me to do a $50/head fundraiser on the 26th, so between now and then I'm hitting area open mics (info may be out-of-date). …

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30 Mar 2004, 18:12 p.m.

Me, to Leonard

"I have to consider how to frame this so that you're always wrong."

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08 Jan 2004, 16:49 p.m.

Out Of Context Theater

"steve schultz's blog showed me the light. i now go out to wrestling parasite goth punk raves dressed as a schoolgirl."

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23 Dec 2003, 12:05 p.m.

Jennifer Government's Sister

Yesterday I came across Cynthia Ngo.

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