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25 Jun 2003, 11:23 a.m.


Premise 1: I can't stand most "reality" TV shows, in concept or in execution. Premise 2: I saw "Last Comic Standing" (an NBC game show/soap opera/stand-up showcase) last night and enjoyed it. Conclusion: I enjoy …

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17 Jun 2003, 15:40 p.m.

A PBS Memory

Square One TV. Mathnet. Detectives Monday and Frankly receive a ransom note for a ridiculously nonround amount, such as $27,854.49. Monday: This is so strange. Why didn't they ask for more? Frankly: Or less?

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16 Jun 2003, 9:25 a.m.

Shazia Mirza makes me wish I was Muslim so I…

Shazia Mirza makes me wish I was Muslim so I could be cutting-edge. She has had several death threats. Recently, on tour in Odense, Denmark, Mirza was told that fundamentalists had let it be known …

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15 Jun 2003, 8:54 a.m.

"Wow! Has nobody ever told you how boring that is?"

Leonard gets right to my heart by dissecting the upcoming Transformers movie with reference to John Rawls, X-Men, motivation, and picoleers. It's hilarious and you should read it.

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12 Jun 2003, 17:00 p.m.

In Soviet Slassia

Lenin/Stalin slash fiction. Bonus sequel idea: "Hotsy Trotsky."

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09 Jun 2003, 15:33 p.m.

Spam Subject Line Inadvertently Reflects Reality

"Simulate your love life!"

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04 Jun 2003, 11:52 a.m.

Don't Mess With Texas

Katharine Mieszkowski chews on tacks. She's hard as nails! Well, tacks. Maybe now that I've mentioned her here, she'll go to lunch with me. Update: Mission accomplished!

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30 May 2003, 15:51 p.m.

Hail To the Grief

Leonard made up a Salon Premium theme song last night and I've been humming it ever since. It's quite catchy. It goes like this: Salon Premium Salon Premium If you need help call Sumana at …

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29 May 2003, 22:09 p.m.

I Expound, Leonard Distills

"What if Data was gay?" "They'd do an episode about it! It would be called Data's Gay!"

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29 May 2003, 15:11 p.m.

I can't help it. I must tell you about…

I can't help it. I must tell you about Aston Martin or whatever his name is. Kutcher finds life in L.A. a goof. Give your keys to a stranger for valet parking?! "Back where I …

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