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23 May 2005, 14:44 p.m.

The Trendiest Thing Ever

Open-source Islam!

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09 May 2005, 9:44 a.m.

This Morning On Diversity BART

On my left, a woman read the New Testament on a PDA, probably a PalmPilot. On my right, a man with a yarmulke and a prayer shawl on his head strapped tefillin to his arms, …

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04 May 2005, 12:36 p.m.


At Sam Weller's bookstore in Salt Lake City, as I bought books to read on the train ride back home, I considered getting a copy of Pilgrim's Progress to read for the first time. Then …

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04 May 2005, 9:02 a.m.

This One Goes In the "Comedy" And "Religion" Categories

While in Utah, I got to meet many of Leonard's relatives, including the Omans. I got to tell them that I really enjoy Nate's posts on Times And Seasons. Today I read just such an …

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12 Apr 2005, 22:16 p.m.

The Title Is Much Dirtier Than The Reality

Bookslut needs columnists (check the left-hand sidebar). Many writers who read this journal would be ideal as Bookslut reviewers and columnists. Heck, Bookslut even accepted my review of Good Catholic Girls (the typos aren't mine).

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24 Mar 2005, 13:40 p.m.

Happy Purim!

I hope those of you who celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim have a good time. I remember evincing amazement when my freshman-year roommate told me she was supposed to booze till she didn't know …

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22 Mar 2005, 10:14 a.m.

We All Fall Down

"A woman's battle for the soul of Islam" and "A 'virtuous pagan' looks at the priesthood" make it seem that every week Salon interviews an interesting woman who's thinking about Abrahamic (Judeo-Christian-Muslim) faith. I think …

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11 Mar 2005, 15:48 p.m.

Question Marks

Unitarian Universalist jokes and a Satanism joke: "Satanism seems to be an elaborate prank designed to annoy Christians while having some good parties ... rather than a system one could practically live by." The classics …

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11 Mar 2005, 11:09 a.m.

Or Possibly Joke-hovah

Today's a really unusually wonderful day, weatherwise, in San Francisco. It just calls out for an earthquake from Jerkhovah. Leonard: "I'm still God, and I hate you!"

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08 Mar 2005, 16:31 p.m.

More Theology Comedy

I've never seen Dr. Who and yet all references to Daleks crack me up. Also Triffids. He'll say it for all of us. Calling Steve Schultz: this one mentions Ultraman!

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