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18 Apr 2010, 23:16 p.m.

A Few Tech-ish-Related Observations

New Work City is a Manhattan coworking space/group that charges $25 for a desk for a day. Floatleft: an international two-woman Drupal consulting firm that provides web development services to NGOs and nonprofits. Neat! A …

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07 Apr 2010, 14:49 p.m.

Yahoo! Labs Research Presentations, February 2010

Two months ago, Maritza Johnson organized a trip to the NYC Yahoo! research labs for Columbia's Women in Computer Science. As a Columbia alumna, I snuck in. (Something like fifteen or twenty high-powered CS undergrads …

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31 Mar 2010, 1:41 a.m.

GNOME Video Site, Mysterious Bugzilla Upgrade Patron, Mallard, Acire/Quickly, An Interview & A Goodbye

I'm an editor and the release coordinator for GNOME Journal, which just released its 19th issue. This issue has six articles: Will Kahn-Greene introduces the GNOME Miro community, a website that brings GNOME-related videos to …

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28 Mar 2010, 11:41 a.m.

Angie Martin

Last week, bloggers commemmorated the annual Ada Lovelace Day. It's a day to honor influential and inspirational women in technology and science. To quote one participant,We are not Unicorns. We are everywhere. But our history …

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14 Mar 2010, 22:18 p.m.


About eleven years ago, I saw a link from Slashdot to a geek humor site called Segfault. I started reading it, then started reading the homepage of one of the editors. Leonard Richardson. He posted …

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14 Mar 2010, 15:20 p.m.

QuahogCon and Open Source Bridge

In the US style, the date is now 3/14, which makes it Pi Day. Happy Pi Day! (I'll have to remember to celebrate Mole Day on 23 October; I always forget, despite Mr. Marson's success …

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05 Feb 2010, 22:48 p.m.

Another Change

I'm no longer working with Collabora Ltd. In the first several months after I joined Collabora in April 2009, I served as lead project manager, got the new website up, and started putting some new …

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03 Feb 2010, 15:18 p.m.

Change of Plans

Image nicked from Leo Antunes. (I thought about creating some sort of Belgian-waffle-with-a-NO-sign-on-it but this services.) I'm not going to FOSDEM this year; change of plans. Perhaps next year.

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26 Jan 2010, 17:11 p.m.

Tacky, Metacity, Encryption, tp-qt4, and Maemo

A few things Collabora folks have been working on recently (along with the constant stream of Telepathy-related releases): Daf Harries released tacky, a simple python-based paste web app. Basically it's like a simpler version of …

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24 Jan 2010, 10:06 a.m.

Upcoming FOSDEM & UK Travel

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting, the first weekend in February. (Something like twenty of my Collabora colleagues will be there, including some I've never met before.) I've …

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