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27 Mar 2009, 14:46 p.m.

Ada Lovelace Day, Belatedly

I am abashed and thankful that Rachel and Danny thought to mention me in speaking of women in tech on Ada Lovelace Day. I offer a sidelong glimpse into a short list of my influences …

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09 Mar 2009, 16:13 p.m.

Lego Learning

When I was rejecting submissions for Thoughtcrime Experiments, I told many writers that I'd give them suggestions for improvements if they wanted them. Some replied and took me up on the offer. Today I'm working …

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26 Feb 2009, 0:05 a.m.

Can I Be The Gardener From "Being There"?

Creating custom software, and perhaps client services in general, are more like agriculture than manufacturing. We aren't stamping out identical units and trying to increase "efficiency" by speeding up the process; we can't, because we …

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28 Jan 2009, 17:41 p.m.

Make It No

Martin, newborn pub brawler, finds that the ST:TNG episode "Tapestry" speaks to him. He calls the theme among these episodes obvious. I'm guessing he saw that they are about leadership/organizational behavior. And thus if I …

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28 Jan 2009, 14:14 p.m.


My experience at Seattle Mindcamp reminded me to refresh my GeekSpeakr speaker's profile and ensure I'm on lists of female and/or Asian-American tech speakers. I'm photogenic and I can organize Powerpoint Karaoke! What more could …

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04 Jan 2009, 16:28 p.m.

What I've Taken, And What I Have To Give

As of right now, I'm looking for new opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area, greater Boston, and here in NYC, starting in the next few months. I'm especially interested in tiny startups (let's say …

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18 Dec 2008, 6:38 a.m.

Gig-Hunting & Travel

My luck has turned. Last year around this time, my job search sputtered. Now, I've been consistently impressing possible bosses -- and, more excitingly, possible partners for cofound-y relationships. I have four strong leads in …

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25 Nov 2008, 1:45 a.m.

Some images, tweets, and documentation from Seattle MindCamp 2008

Please link to other relevant stuff in the comments! I learned about MindCamp sometime Friday, Nov. 20th, and devised the idea for my talk in about 5 minutes late Friday night while going to sleep …

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23 Nov 2008, 1:44 a.m.

Yay For HOWTOs

Am running You, Yes You, Can Do Standup Comedy. Going well! Then at 8 I run spar, then at 9 the political science talk. Which means Keynote time somewhere in the next 7 hours. I …

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16 Nov 2008, 11:15 a.m.

Rachel Chalmers, Will This Make You Laugh As It Made Me?

I had not considered the necessity of gathering ammunition to use against your own children. [Indra Nooyi on working motherhood - YouTube video]

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