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14 Jan 2010, 14:49 p.m.

Some Recent Collabora Open Source Development

Has it been three months since I provided a snapshot of Collaborans' open source work? Too long! Here's a taste of our work from the end of 2009 & the start of this year (and …

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19 Dec 2009, 18:54 p.m.

Everything I Knew (About Battery Care) Was Wrong

Today I learned that I've been working from an obsolete understanding of how to keep my cellphone and laptop batteries from losing gobs of capacity over time. A simplistic summary follows for your benefit. The …

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23 Nov 2009, 17:03 p.m.

Can't Play Tour Guide Without A Map

GNOME Journal just published my Telepathy overview, and my colleague Danielle Madeley's "Telepathy, Empathy and Mission Control 5 in GNOME 2.28". I'm not a developer, but I can at least help create accessible documentation. Telepathy …

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10 Nov 2009, 12:26 p.m.

Here It Comes

The Queen has approved Leonard's dependent partner's visa, so it's now official: in about a month, we'll be moving to Cambridge, England, so I can work side-by-side with colleagues at Collabora headquarters. Many more details …

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20 Oct 2009, 17:51 p.m.

Collabora Open Source Development Overview, 4-20 October 2009

Collabora, my company, does open source development. We don't just build on top of open source frameworks; every day, Collabora developers are hacking in the open on multiple projects. I decided to blog about some …

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08 Oct 2009, 23:44 p.m.

An Oversimplified Cliffs Notes To Telepathy

Lots of people have never heard of my company or its projects -- even fairly plugged-in geeks often say "who?" or say "Oh yeah, the Subversion people." (No, that's Collabnet, where Leonard used to work.) …

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25 Sep 2009, 8:49 a.m.

We Already Know The Title Of His Management Tips Book

I used to watch Project Runway identifying with the contestants. Now I watch and think, "Tim Gunn is really good at phrasing criticism in a way that's likely to get across to the designer. I …

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08 Sep 2009, 11:24 a.m.

Three Great Marketing Moves

Leonard and I attended a preview screening of the Coen Brothers' film The Man Who Wasn't There and got a promotional comb. We still have and use it, several moves later. I was chary of …

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03 Sep 2009, 17:30 p.m.


I'm in Boston for a couple of days, co-working with my colleague Andres Salomon, a.k.a. dilinger. He's been hacking on oFono on Collabora's dime, and last night's 0.4 release included work by Andres to add …

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29 Aug 2009, 21:22 p.m.

Blog Move And Thunderbird Tip

I've now moved from my old webspace at the Open Computing Facility (at the University of California at Berkeley) to space on a server that Leonard controls. So this is a test post to mark …

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