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13 Nov 2008, 22:04 p.m.

Kickoff, With Elaboration Later

Next week I visit Portland and Seattle, to visit friends and to interview for jobs. I'm interested in startups there and in Boston, the SF Bay Area, and New York City. I want to help …

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09 Nov 2008, 20:57 p.m.

On Getting People Mad And Winning Anyway

The Obama 2008 campaign did many nontraditional things: running a black man, getting more of money and work out of volunteers, etc. The nontraditional refusals are intriguing. Obama's campaign did not splurge on tons of …

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26 Oct 2008, 13:54 p.m.

We Are The That Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Barack Obama's campaign's momentum (or Omentum if you will) causes me as a manager to marvel at the fusion of inspiration and discipline his organization manifests. Hmm, whodathunk a community organizer would know how to …

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11 Oct 2008, 20:55 p.m.

We Make The Subtext - The Text!*

Last night Hal [happy returns of the day, Hal!] told me a tale of a job-hunting workshop he attended wherein the leader told him, without irony, that he needed to pump more buzzwords into his …

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04 Oct 2008, 12:30 p.m.

Subjects And Objects In Geek Careers

I love reading Derek Lowe's In The Pipeline to glimpse the shape of the biochem industry: what's inherently hard, what's common, and what's revolutionary. The grammar is familiar if the nouns aren't. This came through …

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28 Sep 2008, 18:11 p.m.

Haze Outside, Malaise Inside

Seeing old friends makes me feel homesick. Going to more free culture events here may help. Also, distractions! Like HOWTO/memoir books about other professions! Zac Unger's Working Fire, about a guy who basically leaves academe …

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04 Sep 2008, 10:54 a.m.

Join Us [Me]

Anecdotally, it looks like a hot market for project managers, a.k.a. producers. Behavior, Alexei's firm PlayFirst, and Brendan's firm inDelible are looking.

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17 Aug 2008, 21:33 p.m.

Make The Eagle Bigger

You may have heard about information architect Sean Tevis running for state office in Kansas. He worked on the campaign logo himself. If you're looking for silly stories about the campaign trail, there you are. …

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03 Aug 2008, 22:33 p.m.


L. Sprague de Camp's entertaining Lest Darkness Fall moves really fast. This is probably true even if you haven't just read a 900-page Neal Stephenson novel. I nearly mentioned Lest Darkness Fall in my brain …

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09 Jul 2008, 13:38 p.m.

On Being A Manager

Man, I need to read my self-help books again.

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