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10 Dec 2015, 9:55 a.m.

On Meditation And Other Training Exercises

Last night, as I do most Wednesday nights, I went to my local mindfulness meditation group. It was a very distracted meditation for me, and as we ended, a voice in me judged, failure. And …

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21 Feb 2015, 11:37 a.m.

New Loves And New Joys

Over the last several years I've started getting into hobbies, skills, or activities that I had assumed I would not like or wouldn't get, or that I had dismissed due to initial impressions, such as …

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13 Jan 2015, 14:39 p.m.

Unlocking The Funhouse (Mirror)

In technology (as in many communities), capitalism makes it hard for us to understand what we're good at. A few source texts, and then a sketch of some contours. The "No true Scotsman" fallacy. Shweta …

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16 Aug 2014, 22:24 p.m.

Choosing to Leave, Stay, or Listen

I've recently been thinking about the power not to care -- the power to dismiss, to decide that someone else's opinion doesn't matter to you, and act accordingly, to act entitled. I've been thinking about …

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26 Jan 2014, 20:42 p.m.


It is easier for me to write a confrontational email in which I will disappoint someone than for me to open up a coding problem that I fear I will fail at. With the former, …

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18 Jan 2014, 13:59 p.m.

Cleaning My Virtual Room

In late December 2013, my personal email inbox got to over six thousand emails. Many of them had been there for years. I was using nearly no filtering, and so there was important stuff in …

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04 Nov 2013, 8:30 a.m.


It's autumn. I spent a bunch of September in San Francisco, trying to tie up loose ends at work so I could go on my sabbatical with a free heart. My notebook says things like: …

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02 Nov 2013, 14:25 p.m.


I recently came across Lauren Bacon's "The Accidental Boss: Making Peace with Power" again, and it reminded me: We don't talk enough about power. We don't talk enough about how hard it is to transition …

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28 Oct 2013, 23:59 p.m.

On Ability

Someone discovered "that the addition of 'Harry' to almost any Plato quote makes it seem legitimately like a nugget of wisdom out of the mouth of Albus Dumbledore." This reminded me to look up my …

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28 Aug 2013, 11:50 a.m.

Place And Perspective

Telecommuters already know this. It's the first thing they tell you. The power of place. Don't work from the same couch or bed where you watch TV, relax, or sleep. Train your brain to associate …

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