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Sumana Harihareswara's Talks & Presentations

I'm Sumana (pronunciation), the founder of Changeset Consulting, and I frequently write and speak on open source, management, and other topics. I also perform stand-up comedy specifically written for tech audiences, and speak on podcasts and panels.

Invite me to speak. I am available in person starting in August 2021, and for virtual events starting in November 2020. Except in extreme circumstances, I need five months' notice to deliver a talk, and a month's notice to speak on a podcast or panel.



Technology conference to be named soon, early 2020, on "How To Get A Project Unstuck -- And Fixing The Skill Gaps That Got Us Here".

Below is a list of some of the public talks and presentations I've given, with links to audio and video recordings, notes, slides, and transcripts.

Keynote addresses

Other conference talks and presentations

Technology & adjacent topics

Fandom & adjacent topics

Podcasts and interviews

Stand-up comedy

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